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How does the joey hook up to the hopper


I currently have a DISH setup at home currently servicing our living room, two bedrooms and our kitchen. Our two bedrooms have two Wireless Joeys which allows us to connect to our TVs without the need to run coax cable everywhere.

The Wireless Joey does require...

But the mancave needed TV, especially with the kickoff literally of the football season. So, I figured I would get another Wireless Joey and hook it up in the cave. This is essentially a wireless router configured to exclusively connect with up to three Wireless Joeys.

The Wireless Joey does not...

"How does the joey hook up to the hopper" creates a secure, private network for the up to 3 Wireless Joeys to connect to using the There may be some one-time fees as well for the Hopper Wireless Access Point or other equipment.

I would contact DISH if you have questions on your particular setup. How does the joey hook up to the hopper will go through some on-screen setup that ensures your Hopper WAP is connected, activated and working. There are instructions that are pretty clear with photos to walk you through the process. The Wireless Hopper package comes with everything you need: Please the Wireless Joey in the location where you want it to be.

Since this runs off of WiFi, you will want to place it off of the ground. The higher up, the better. The same goes for the Hopper WAP. Be sure both are clear of obstacles or obstructions, much the same way you would treat a regular WiFi router. If they are, or they are obstructed in any way, you will have a bad wireless signal which translates to poorer TV reception. And after you link everything up, you can play around with positioning to get the best signal strength.

Then you plug in the Joey power supply. I took photos of my TV as I went along. They are shown below. First, you will see that the Wireless Access Point is not connected.

This is the easy connection linking part. Hopefully, the two devices will connect easily, If not, you will get some instructions on the screen on what to do to troubleshoot.

Record and watch TV on...

Mine connected on the first try. The Wireless Joey will then download a software update. The Wireless Joey may restart itself a few times as the software update is installed. Then you pair the Wireless Joey with the remote control it came with. This process as well is quite easy and you can follow the on-screen instructions.

Hopper host receivers connect to...

Press the SAT button on the remote and it should automatically connect. Then you can use the remote for the rest of the configurations. The next step is to set the resolution of the connected TV. I set mine to p or i since my TV is an HD one. Next the Wireless Joey goes through a connectivity test. How does the joey hook up to the hopper also tested the Internet connectivity which is important for doing some OnDemand movies and services like Pandora or Netflix.

It passed on this test. You are almost done! Next your Whole Home connectivity is confirmed and other linked devices within the Hopper network are displayed. You can then go directly into watching TV or items you have previously recorded and stored on your Hopper. The nice thing is, once you have linked your Wireless Joey with the Hopper WAP, you can unplug the Wireless Joey and move it around your home and get TV anywhere you have a relatively strong signal.

How To Set Up a...

Want to watch TV in the back yard with a projection screen? How does the joey hook up to the hopper to do assuming you have power. Need TV in a guest room for a couple of days, just move the Wireless Joey there and then move it back when you are done. All opinions within this article are my own and are typically not subject to the editorial review from any 3rd party.

More information can be found in my About page. DISH truly gives you a viewing experience just about anywhere you want within your home, cabled or wire-free, and even remotely. Gotta love those options! For the actual setup, I give the Wireless Joey pretty high marks.

Price point is reasonable and the features are just like any other DISH attached device with the added bonus of being able to put it just about anywhere. Summary DISH truly gives you a viewing experience just about anywhere you want within your home, cabled or wire-free, and even remotely.

February 22nd, by Michael Sheehan. Record and watch TV on up to 6 televisions. home that you want to watch and record HD programming, you will How does the joey hook up to the hopper a Joey, except for the TV that the Hopper is connected to. Do the Hoppers and Joeys have tuners?. Can't Connect to Internet · Slow Internet Speed · Certain Web Pages Do Not Load · Modem Won't Turn On Connecting your receiver to the internet gets you instant access to thousands of TV episodes and You can always connect an Ethernet cable from your modem or router directly to your Connect a Joey to Wi -Fi.

How do I Link My Joey to My Hopper (New Install). Solution Hopper / Joey Receiver Set Up · Programming Hopper Joey Remote to your TV.

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