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Female domination sketches


Women riding horses, enslaving people…. I found the image on a Twitter account, Bibliocuriosathat seems to feature lots of interesting art. A classical trope in painting, taken from Greek mythology. This article has a funny take on the topic. A prince wants to marry a princess from a neighboring Norse kingdom. They Female domination sketches to spend the night together to get to know each other.

As they are getting undressed, she gets a rope with weights attached in each end that she has hanging on the wall. She slaps him and starts painting on his stomach and talking about a custom they have of castrating reindeer. As she grabs a choke hold on his neck, she says that they women of her people chew the balls of the reindeer as a means of castration. She places little bites on her way down to his crotch.

He gets nervous; she laughs, and releases her hold on his neck. She starts riding Female domination sketches and slaps him. Female Domination in Mainstream Media.

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Women riding horses, enslaving people… Nice! Reblogged 3 days ago from femrace. Posted 3 days ago. Posted 4 days ago. Ana Alexander in Chemistry Reblogged 1 week ago from gifbeauty. Morpheus killed by the Bacchantes. Posted 2 weeks ago. Reblogged 3 weeks ago from kountesskitty. I recently passed over 1, followers! Thanks a lot, each one of you, and keep perving: Posted 1 month ago. Funny and sexy bondage scene from Vikings, S5E7. Repost Alejandra Benitez, a Venezuelan minister that was also a model and professional fencer.

Reblogged 1 month ago Female domination sketches growlbadkitty Originally from secretchaosstranger. Gal Gadot training in martial arts. A collection of pictures, drawings and writings on Female Domination, mainly taken from mainstream media. When compared to porn, depictions of FemDom in mainstream media are usually better filmed, acted and directed, and I find them more "classy".

I guess I am one Female domination sketches those guys who watches porn for the plot: My blog All of Tumblr. Femdom Art: female domination, sadism. Malesub: male Alex Székely Femdom Drawing.

Femdom Art: female domination, sadism....

Alex Szekeli Femdom Drawing. [Read more ]. Sep 27, Explore Ashara Dayne's board "Female Domination" on Pinterest. Female Supremacy celebrated in art drawings cartoons &doodles — Chastity.

Female Domination Drawings % 14...

I think it would be fair to say that the quality of Augustine's drawing is not his strong. than being turned into a simple background prop for the female dominant.

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