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Erich fromm the art of loving quotes

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Because, when it comes down to it, we have to admit that loving is not always easy. Few authors have taught us as Erich fromm the art of loving quotes as Fromm has about the art of loving. The teacher, poet and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hahn, once said that loving, without knowing how to love, hurts the person we love. The worst thing is that we often see love as something passive.

For many people a crush leads to infatuation, where one completely surrenders to the other person. When this happens there is no choice but to let ourselves be carried along, hoping that the love will be reciprocated, nurtured and confirmed by the other person.

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But we often find that what we receive in turn is devoid of energy, creativity, and not reciprocated. To love intelligently and fully is the result of a deliberate act, an intent that requires and, at the same time, demands excellence. If we just let ourselves go, acting passively and waiting for the other person to do and say everything, and also to reciprocate, then we will just Erich fromm the art of loving quotes up completely frustrated.

In the latter Fromm had already addressed different aspects of human nature and, because of this, felt the need to delve into the fascinating area of love, so basic and essential for every human being. Above all, Erich Fromm wanted to teach us that love is an art. It demands that we master both theory and practice, because, and this is important to remember, love is the only reason for our existence, it is what really gives our lives meaningas well as giving meaning to our society.

It may seem a somewhat bleak idea, however, but we have to take into account Erich fromm the art of loving quotes social context that Fromm lived in. After the end of the Second World War there was a great void of values, an existential crisis that forced many thinkers, philosophers and psychologists to rethink their ideas. Love was, and is, the engine that should encourage us to be better people.

In this way we will satisfy self-love firstand then be able to love the other person fully. This is something that requires true humility, courage, faith and discipline. We pointed this out at the start. Being in love should not be a passive act where we simply let go, without doing anything else. On the contrary, it is an act in where joy mixes with actions, willingness, and sharing.

I love you because you love me. You love me because I love you. I love you because I need you. I need you because I love you. It has more to do with the way in which people relate to their own society i.

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Fromm regards this type of love, Erich fromm the art of loving quotes is based on need, as rather pathological. It implies not looking after nor understanding ourselves. Something that is actually our responsibility. It speaks about intimacythat miracle that usually begins with attraction and that is consumed with a deeper encounter that transcends the skin and sexuality itself. We are talking about an emotional connection, discovering another person with all their nuances, virtues, flaws, and essence.

Something that Fromm wants us to understand in his book is that people see love as an object and not an ability. Loving is not something that is limited to the relationship we establish with our partnersour parents or our children.

However, as Fromm explains, in this modern culture we have commercialised everything in our eagerness to satisfy our own needsand that includes love. It is an degenerating process that ends up destroying our own identityand which consumes who we really are, along with our freedom and dignity. For Fromm there is a big difference between falling in love and staying in love. He thinks that if the relationship starts with sexual attraction which then leads very quickly to the act itself, then the bond the couple has is in danger.

This is a throwaway disposable love. Passion can appear, but this is easily clouded by distrust Erich fromm the art of loving quotes by not knowing the other person well enough. It is a love that never takes shape. On the other hand, whoever knows how to go beyond the initial sexual attraction and excitement, and who wants to, will try to create an true intimacy.

They will try to be like a craftsman, turning love into a real, mature, and courageous love. The art of loving is also an active and responsible attitude towards life and society itself.

Also, they close themselves off to the possibility…. Nor are we speaking of relationships that last only 48 hours and then dissolve never to return. We are talking about couples that only see…. I say it in the jargon that people use on the street, because….

A sensitive person has her own language: It is a very intimate perceptive language, in which the heart is always on edge and feeling vulnerable.

Nevertheless, something that sensitive people understand very well is that vulnerability…. Sapiosexuality is the term we use for people who see intelligence as the main factor in sexual attraction. Some of the mistakes we make when it comes to communication can intentionally get us into a lot of trouble. The way we communicate can even wreck our relationships with others, because it can give off an image of us that….

quotes from Erich Fromm: 'Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love. Above all, Erich Fromm wanted to teach us that love is an art. Let's see below which of Erich Fromm's quotes best summarize these ideas. 63 Mind-Opening Erich Fromm Quotes That Will Change The Way You See Yourself Only the really loving woman, the woman who is happier in giving than in.

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