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American idol nake


It initially aired on Fox from June 11,to April 7,for 15 seasons. On March 11,the 16th season made its debut on ABC. It started as an addition to the Idols American idol nake that was based on Pop Idol from British television, and became one of the most successful shows in the history of American television.

The concept of the series involves discovering recording stars from unsigned singing talents, with the winner determined by American viewers using phones, Internet, and SMS text voting.

American Idol employs a panel of vocal judges who critique the contestants' performances. The original judges, for seasons one through eight, were record producer and music manager Randy Jackson American idol nake, singer and choreographer Paula Abduland music executive and manager Simon Cowell.

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The first season was hosted by radio personality Ryan Seacrest and comedian Brian Dunklemanbut Seacrest remained as the sole master of ceremonies for the rest of the series. The success of American Idol has been described as "unparalleled in broadcasting history". For an unprecedented eight consecutive years, from the —04 television season through the —11 seasoneither its performance show or result show was ranked number one in U.

Television producer Nigel Lythgoe saw a version in Australia and helped bring it over to Britain. He then added other elements, including telephone voting by the viewing public which at the time was already in use in shows, such as the Eurovision Song Contestthe drama of backstories, and real-life soap opera unfolding in real time. InFuller, Cowell, and TV producer Simon Jones attempted to sell the Pop Idol format to the United States, but the idea was initially met with poor responses from all the television networks including Fox.

One change was nevertheless made due to the presence of multiple time zones in the United States that made it American idol nake for the country to vote in the same time period, an additional half-hour results show was therefore added the day following the performance show.

The Search for a Superstar and debuted in the summer of Cowell was initially offered the job of showrunner, but turned down the offer; Lythgoe then took over that position. Much to the surprise of Cowell and Fox, it became one of the biggest shows of the summer. Byit had become the most-watched show on U. The show had originally planned on having four judges following the Pop Idol format; however, only three judges had been found American idol nake the time of the audition round in the first season, namely Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

All three original judges stayed on the judging panel for eight seasons. In season eight, Latin Grammy Award -nominated singer-songwriter American idol nake record producer Kara DioGuardi was added as a fourth judge.

She stayed for two seasons and left the show before season ten. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joined the judging panel in season ten, [25] but both left after two seasons. On May 16,it was announced that Katy Perry was the first to be chosen as a judge for the revival series. Guest judges may occasionally be introduced. In season two, guest judges such as Lionel Richie and Robin Gibb were used, and in season three Donna SummerQuentin Tarantino and some of the mentors also joined as judges to critique the performances in the American idol nake rounds.

The first season was co-hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman following the format of Pop Idol of using two presenters. Dunkleman quit thereafter, [36] making Seacrest the sole emcee of the show starting with season two.

Dunkleman did, however, return in the initial series finale on Fox. Seacrest also returned for Season In a series of steps, the show selected the eventual winner out of many tens of thousands of contestants. The eligible age-range for contestants was fifteen to twenty-eight years old. The initial age limit was sixteen to twenty-four in the first three seasons, but the upper limit was raised to twenty-eight in season four, and the lower limit was reduced American idol nake fifteen in season ten.

The contestants had to American idol nake legal U. Contestants went through at least three sets of cuts. The first was a brief audition with a few other contestants in front of selectors which may include one of the show's producers.

Although auditions can exceed 10, in each city, only a few hundred of these made it past the preliminary round of auditions. Successful contestants then sang in front of producers, where more may be cut. Only then can they proceed to audition in front of the judges, which is the only audition stage shown on television.

Between 10—60 people in each city may make it to Hollywood [ citation needed ]. Once in Hollywood, the contestants performed individually or in groups in a series of rounds.

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Until season ten, there were usually three rounds of eliminations in Hollywood. In the first round the contestants emerged in groups but performed individually. For the next round, the contestants put themselves in small groups and performed a song together.

In seasons two and three, contestants were also asked to write original lyrics or melody in an additional round after the first round.

In season seven, the group round was eliminated and contestants may, after a first solo performance and on judges approval, skip a second solo round and move directly to the final Hollywood round.

In season twelve, the executive producers split up the females and males and chose the members to form the groups in American idol nake group round. In seasons ten and eleven, a further round was added in Las Vegas, where the contestants performed in groups based on a theme, followed by one final solo round to determine the semi-finalists. At the end of this stage of the competition, 24 to 36 contestants were selected to move on to the semi-final stage.

In season twelve the Las Vegas round became a American idol nake Death round, where the judges had to choose five guys and five American idol nake each night four nights to make the top twenty. In season thirteen, the Las Vegas round was eliminated and a new round called "Hollywood or Home" was added, where if the judges were uncertain about some contestants, those contestants were required to perform soon after landing in Los Angeles, and those who failed to impress were sent back home before they reached Hollywood.

In season fourteen, a Showcase round was added, where the contestants performed at a LA nightclub or auditorium for the judges and a live audience, and these performances determine who makes into the Top From the semi-finals onward, the fate of the contestants was decided by public vote.

During the contestant's performance as well as the recap at the end, a toll-free telephone number for each contestant was displayed on the screen. For a two-hour period after the episode ends up to four hours for the finale in each US time zone, viewers may call or send a text message to their preferred contestant's telephone number, and each call or text message was registered as a vote for that contestant.

Viewers were allowed to vote as many times as they can within the two-hour voting window. However, the show reserves the right to discard votes by power dialers. The American idol nake are counted and verified by Telescope Inc. In the first three seasons, the semi-finalists were split into different groups to "American idol nake" individually in their respective night. In season one, there were three groups of ten, with the top three contestants from each group making the finals.

In seasons two and three, there were four groups of eight, and the top two of each selected. These seasons also featured a wildcard round, where contestants who failed to qualify were given another chance. In season one, only one wildcard contestant was chosen by the judges, giving a total of ten finalists.

In seasons two and three, each of the three judges championed one contestant with the public advancing a fourth into the finals, making 12 finalists in all.

From seasons four to seven and nine, the American idol nake semi-finalists were divided by gender in order to ensure an equal gender division in the top twelve.

The men and women sang separately on consecutive nights, and the bottom two in each groups were eliminated each week until only six of American idol nake remained to form the top twelve.

The wildcard round returned in season eight, wherein there were three groups of twelve, with three contestants moving forward — the highest male, the highest female, and the next highest-placed singer — for each night, and four wildcards were chosen by the judges to produce a final Starting season ten, the girls and boys perform on separate nights. In seasons ten and American idol nake, five of each gender were chosen, and three wildcards were chosen by the judges to form a final In season twelve, the top twenty semifinalists were split into gender groups, with five of each gender advancing to form the final In season thirteen, there were thirty semifinalists, but only twenty semifinalists ten for each gender were chosen by the judges to American idol nake on the live shows, with five in each gender based on the vote and three wildcards chosen by the judges composing the final In season fourteen, the top 24 performed at The Fillmore Detroitstarting with the 12 males on one night and then the 12 females on the next night.

The following week, the same order went for the top 16, with four males eliminated, followed by four females based on the vote.

Then, on the first night of finals, a similar sequence from the thirteenth season was used to determine the American idol nake 12, with five of each American idol nake based on the vote and two wildcards chosen by the judges. In season fifteen, the top 24 performed at Cathedral of Saint Vibiana in Los Angeles and were split into two groups of twelve and performed twice, one being a solo performance and one being a duet with a former Idol contestant.

In each group, the judges chose 7 contestants to advance to the top 14 where the judges chose 4 to advance to the "American idol nake" 10 and remaining 6 contestants were chosen based on the vote. In season sixteen, the top 24 performed at the Academy in the Heart of LA, and the show repeated the process from the previous season.

However, instead of Idol alumnus as duet partners, superstar celebrity singers were used as the duet partners. The finals lasted eight weeks in season one.

From seasons two to nine and fourteen, the finals lasted eleven weeks. Seasons ten and eleven lasted for twelve weeks, while season twelve lasted for ten weeks. In season thirteen, the American idol nake lasted thirteen weeks. The finals lasted seven weeks in season fifteen.

Each finalist performs songs based on a weekly theme which may be a musical genre such American idol nake Motowndiscoor big bandsongs by artists such as Michael JacksonElvis Presley or The Beatlesor more general themes such as Billboard number-one hits or songs from the contestant's year of birth. Contestants usually worked with a celebrity mentor related to the theme. In season ten, Jimmy Iovine was brought in as a mentor for the season.

Initially the contestants sang one song each American idol nake, but this was increased to two songs from top four or five onwards, then three songs for the top two or three. The most popular contestants were usually not revealed in the results show.

Instead, typically the three contestants two in later rounds who received the lowest number of votes was called to the center of the stage. One of these three was usually sent to safety; however the two remaining were not necessarily the bottom two.

A montage of the eliminated contestant's time on the show was played and they gave their final performance from season 14 onward, the montage and the final American idol nake were dropped. However, in season sixduring the series' first ever Idol Gives Back episode, no "American idol nake" was eliminated, but on the following week, two were sent home.

Moreover, starting in season eightthe judges American idol nake overturn viewers' decision with a "Judges' Save" if they unanimously agreed to. In the eighth, ninth, tenth, and fourteenth seasons, a double elimination then took place in the week following the activation of the save, but in the eleventh and thirteenth seasons, a regular single elimination took place.

The save was not activated in the twelfth season and consequently, a non-elimination took place in the week after its expiration with the votes then carrying over into the following week.

The "Fan Save" was introduced in the fourteenth season. During the finals, viewers were given a five-minute window to vote for the contestants in danger of elimination by using their Twitter account to decide which contestant will move on to the next show, starting with the Top 8. The finale was the two-hour last episode of the season, culminating in revealing the winner. For seasons one, three through six, American idol nake, and fifteen it was broadcast from the Dolby Theatrewhich has an audience capacity of approximately 3, The finale for season two took place at the Gibson Amphitheatrewhich has an audience capacity of over 6, The whole point of American Idol is to find the country's best undiscovered talent, right?


Does a singer still count as "undiscovered" if they've. Watch the official American Idol online at Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes.

"American Idol" contestants have all been staying in an L.A. hotel together and it's a good bet they're keeping other hotel guests up late at night.

ROMANCE TIPS FOR MARRIED COUPLES IN HINDI It initially aired on Fox from June 11, , to April 7, , for 15 seasons. American idol nake Black hookup in raleigh nc craigslist farm American idol nake 210 American idol nake The second season of American Idol premiered on January 21, , and continued until May 21,

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The number of episodes increased, as did the show's budget and the charge for commercial spots. Another auditioner named Bryan Washington auditioned in Atlanta, Georgia, and made it to Hollywood, but did not make it into the top American Idol revisited" [46]. Retrieved April 29, In most weeks the bottom vote-getter performed his or her song again after their elimination was announced, but at Top 5 and Top 9 both the bottom 2 vote-getters performed their song.

In season eight, Latin Grammy Award -nominated singer-songwriter and record producer Kara DioGuardi was added as a fourth judge. The results of the public vote were announced live the next day.


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Am I Really A Player? Watch the official American Idol online at Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes. The second season of American Idol premiered on January 21, , and continued until May She had also posed nude for an ad campaign for the animal rights group PETA after she was voted off. Olivarez was the only finalist omitted from..

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