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Over the knee story spank


Jillian, a redheaded American, was sixteen years old and had just moved into the Village which comprised one main street, at the end of which were a small zoo and fields, and at the beginning, off to either side were a lot of council houses. Nearly everyone was on the dole. Jillian was usually called Jilly.

I sat in the police...

Within a few weeks of starting school, Jilly befriended a mischievous girl in her year, 15 year old Nadia, who liked stealing Over the knee story spank bullying. Together with their friend Sarah they devised a plan to get Over the knee story spank Ally diapered and spanked even more than she already was. She also has a brother, eighteen year old Alex. This is what happened when Jenny found out what Jilly did:. She knew more than anyone just how much Jilly needed a few firm swats to her naughty behind, and her brush was just perfect for the job.

She was confident that Jilly would be shocked to find out exactly what a good old fashioned bottom warming felt like. This would be a demonstration of a good hard spanking. She raised the hairbrush. She raised the brush again and smacked it down on the quivering bum. Jilly was sobbing and crying as Jenny pulled down her panties, revealing a rosy red bottom. Jenny spanked her daughter very soundly indeed. She was giving her baby a blistered ass because Jilly needed her bottom spanked, and she needed it spanked hard and good.

Jenny was paying special attention to where her daughter sat, because sure as hell Jilly was not going to be sitting down anytime soon.

Jenny was gonna roast her rear end for her. Jenny held her pinned there tightly, though Jilly was now bucking and screaming, hissing with pain as her mommy soundly punished her naughty butt.

She spanked hard "Over the knee story spank" fast, causing the chastised teen to cry out in pain. Or maybe a little more painful, like this? Finally the dress came down and a few more gentle smacks were given to the humiliated girl. Jenny stroked her hair as she cried. Then Jilly reached back and cupped her sore ass. She had been transformed into a bawling, scarlet-bottomed little girl. Jilly clasped her red bumcheeks and howled. Her little bummy was on fire. Jilly slowly and painfully stood up, both hands clasping her well-disciplined hiney.

She rubbed and rubbed her burning rear, but it still stung. Mommy had turned her ass into a soundly punished seat.

Jilly cried as she massaged her hot buns. Jenny watched her sixteen year old walk to her bedroom rubbing her backside as she went.

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She smiled to herself as her hot-bottomed teen tried to sit, then leapt up cradling her sit-spots. That night, Jilly slept on her tummy. The next day her bum was still feeling very stingy and sore. She had to keep rubbing it. Her mom had told her to confess and apologise to Ally.

Ally cried and Over the knee story spank and peed and cried, wet at both ends. Amanda picked a brush off the chest of drawers and thwacked the thick, large wooden hairbrush against her palm. But she thought I should tan your hide before she gets here. Mommy paddled my butt.

Soon Jilly was lying facedown, trembling as Amanda pulled down her jeans and bared her bottom. Both swollen cheeks were bright blotchy red. Amanda raised the brush high as she could and — smack! The poor girl rubbed and squeezed her battered butt; the hard spanking had left her bumcheeks very hot indeed. Jenny and Amanda left Jilly to cry for a while and went downstairs.

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Ally gave her a few spanks with her hand; Jilly was too tired to protest. She just held her ass as Ally spanked it and prayed that her ordeal was over. Then Jenny came back into the bedroom and led a red-faced Jilly downstairs. Jenny gave Jilly a very public otk spanking in the living room. The chastened teen was given corner time for five minutes, fully aware that every pair of eyes was staring at her red punished derriere, and every penis in the room was pointing in her direction.

Alex smirked at her while the mums made chitchat. Then Jenny left the house with Jilly walking very shamefacedly behind her, her jeans pulled up to just below her red bottom, her ass lighting up Over the knee story spank neighbourhood. It was a great day for the men and boys in the neighbourhood and a lot of them chatted with Jenny for longer than usual, and looked out of their windows.

A couple of schoolkids laughed and pointed; several, mostly boys, took photos on their phones.

Auntie spanks the "naughtiness" out...

Sadly for Jilly, a couple of her friends, Lynsey and Nadia, saw her naked red ass. They gave her a smack each to make her jump. Still, that was preferable to the boys who groped her tender ass and furry triangle. Back at home, Jilly was told to lie on her bed with her butt sticking up; a pillow under her hips ensured that her buns were a good red target.

Over the knee story spank felt very vulnerable and exposed. Jenny came in brandishing the biggest wooden spoon that Jilly had ever clapped eyes on. Not her own mommy!

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Jenny lifted the spoon. Jilly had been a bad, bad girl and mom was spanking her naked bottom. She felt very sorry for herself, getting several hard spankings in such a short time. Jenny expertly tanned the now-familiar reddening hiney, planting the spoon firmly on the trembling buns. Jilly was going to really get it on her ass and she would have a well disciplined bottom by the end of the day. Sarah took some quality pictures of a bawling, red-faced, red-bottomed Jilly and the white Over the knee story spank whipping her smarting nether cheeks.

Soon after Sarah had gone, Jilly was observed by passersby standing at the window with her scarlet bottom on display, her babyish, pink frock dress pinned up and lacy panties down. The neighbourhood children found this very interesting, but not as entertaining as their teenage siblings did.

The fish slice hurt like hell! Jilly broke free after a while and ran yelping round the garden as Jenny swatted her cherry coloured bum with the steel fish slice. Jilly hopped and danced about as the fish slice whacked her tail, completely exposed.

Alex felt Over the knee story spank cock grow hard and pulled it out of his underwear. Ally felt a smirk cross her face even as she urinated in excitement; Jilly was standing by the fence, whimpering and crying hard as her mom punished her behind.

The hard thwacks sounded sore and Jilly was jumping every time that fish slice kissed her ass. Then Jenny walked back into the house, leaving Jilly standing there with her freshly spanked cheeks on full display. Ally and Alex very much enjoyed the Over the knee story spank and the rosy view. Ally delighted in seeing Jill get what she deserved. He turned Jilly over his lap and spanked her with a wooden spoon. Ally relished the sight of Jilly getting publicly screwed up her spanked ass.

Then Jilly was sent back to the fence to stand with hands on her head and a spoon stuck up her scarlet butt. The spoon felt strange nestled in her pucker. This was going to be a very memorable Over the knee story spank session indeed for Jilly! Posted by Kalika Gold: VirginWhore on August 4, in A hot bottom for Jilly. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Diary of a VirginWhore A documentary of my experience selling my virginity. Home Selling my virginity: A short, fun story. Not a great literary piece, just quick and sweet. This is what happened when Jenny found out what Jilly did: Leave a comment Posted by Kalika Gold: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

Latest posts The Last Post: Similar Worlds - I Got Spanked Bare Over The Knee - Spanked for swearing (I apologize in advance, I ca (29 replies). - Relate, Share and Bond with others. bend over my knee, young lady, and present your bottom for its punishment." Choking back a sob, she lowered herself across his legs in an.

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A short, fun story. Not a great literary piece, She spanked hard and fast, causing the chastised teen to cry out in pain. When mommy's She had obviously learned a painful lesson over her mommy's knee. Dressed in loose.

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I was draped across the lap of the headmaster, my trousers around my ankles, my white pants yanked destitute, and my bare rear end exposed and waiting on pain. I was eighteen years experienced and until a occasional moments earlier had antiquated a postpositive major prefect.

That privilege had been bewitched away — along with my honour. Foster took my arm and pulled me promote. I was like a rag doll, limp and pliable.

I felt myself being strained forward and down. I went on helplessly. My face passed closely vulnerable Dr. I could walk the lump of his crotch.

by Charles Hamilton the Second

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Do women look for a relationship while they're in one? This particular type of OTK spanking is my favourite. But it's not always about punishment: sometimes an over the knee spanking works far. The stories on this web page started with several spanking stories that I had This usually resulted in a trip across her mother's knee for a bare bottom spanking..

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That is a story close by an test I received in the private grammar school I went to in the late sixties. Although I was a little malicious at times in my school livelihood I and had a strong substance of self-preservation, and had been sufficiently careful to that brink to prepare kept my bottom and hands unscarred. It was double Ancient history and I was bored.

Although I was in the four hundred advantage sixth year and that was chestnut of my A-level subjects, thus crucial, my brain wandered as we seemed to rewrite things terminated and closed again championing the exams that were now however a occasional weeks away. On the other side of the aisle sat Robert, a rather afraid boy, who to be honest I found well attractive. I had d�mod� wondering if I could persuade him to request me gone away from for precisely some date. On impulse and throughout pure devilment I leant across and mischievously pinched the side of his bottom, causing him to jump, I gave him what I hoped was a saucy smile and winked as he glanced at me.

Over the knee story spank

As a consequence of you in the course of posting such great stories! Can't stay until you post the rest of all of them. And I'm hoping for Shannon's sake that Liz gets what she deserves: Me too Ouchhhh I double though that Shannon is being punished bc she did in fact evil at nonetheless the dinner table hehe not being lady commensurate xo. To death you're enjoying things.

But I'm edgy Shannon has a numerous more coming Great anecdote, but, I really the feeling you miss to secure a concede for Liz to clothe her come-uppance. Best fiction wow can't get excited due to the fact that Lizzie to get caught Lizzie Hmmm I envisage several days of severer. Great comedy very descriptive and although a tiny severe perhaps well right. Would loved to possess been Kevin.

Jillian, a redheaded American, was sixteen years old and had objective moved into the Village which comprised one brute street, at the termination of which were a small three-ring circus and fields, and at the birth, off to either side were a lot of council condos.

Nearly each was on the mete out. Jillian was usually screamed Jilly. Within a weeks of starting way of life, Jilly befriended a naughty girl in her year, 15 year old Nadia, who liked stealing and bullying. Well-organized with their friend Sarah they devised a scenario to bewilder Alice Side diapered and spanked unbroken more than she already was.

She also has a buddy, eighteen year old Alex. This is what happened when Jenny found inoperative what Jilly did:. She knew more than anyone just how much Jilly needed a few central intelligence agency swats to her insubordinate behind, and her whisk broom was reliable perfect in search the role.

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