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Shion uzuki bikini


Once more, I do not own Xenosaga.

Shion Uzuki (シオン・ウヅキ, Shion Uzuki)...

Hey that's not a bad idea. Think I'll send an Shion uzuki bikini to Namco. Allen had his head stuck in the refrigerator in the Elsa's kitchen, looking for an early morning snack. All he was able to find was freeze-dried this, frozen that, dehydrated something else. Don't they have anything quick and easy? The service bots haven't woke up yet, and I'm hungry now. He heard the door open behind him, but paid it no mind.

Xenosaga - Shion Uzuki -...

It sounded like she was trying to suppress a little laugh as she spoke. Wow, she has a cute little laugh, Allen "Shion uzuki bikini." She really should laugh more often. Allen finally pulled his head from the fridge and looked up.

Where are you two -- WHOA! Allen's sudden yell startled Shion, and she nearly dropped the whicker basket she was carrying. In all the time Allen and Shion had spent working together, he had only seen he out of uniform a handful of times.

She wasn't exactly anti-social, just focused on her project to the point of neglecting some other aspects of life. The last time he saw her out of her uniform was at the private beech at the Foundation he nearly had a heart attack when he saw her little black bikini, he recalled. Her Shion uzuki bikini was free of its typical braid, framing her face nicely.

And since when did the chief wear make up? A hint of blush, a touch of lipstick and eye shadow She was wearing a long, light-purple sundress that fell to mid-calf length. The hem of the dress was purposely uneven, longer in front and in back than on the sides, where it only reached her knees.

She was wearing a pair of matching sandals, and much to Allen's surprise was even wearing nail polish. She carried a large whicker picnic basket on one arm. Allen snapped his head and neck back up so fast, Shion briefly wondered if there would be any permanent damage. Say something clever, yet indifferent! Allen thought to himself frantically. He opened his mouth, but all he could manage was, "D-Did you say something, Chief? Allen shook a his head and hands furiously.

I mean, not really. I mean --what I mean is --" How can I get out of this one? Just let everyone know if they ask, alright? She turned to leave. Our report to Vector HQ isn't due for another two weeks. She turned sharply, her dress flaring Shion uzuki bikini around her legs. The door opened, she walked through, and it shut behind Shion uzuki bikini, leaving Allen to wonder what the heck had just happened.

Shion quickly headed to for the elevator, not wanting to bump into anyone else.

YESH. In this episode, we're...

When the door shut behind her, and it began to descend, she released a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. She glanced at her reflection in the glass of the door before her.

Even though she had spent a lot more time than usual on picking and dressing in this particular outfit, she was a little surprised by just how good she looked. A fact, she noted, which was definitely not lost on Allen. She was not what you would call a vain person, but it was nice to be noticed as a woman once in a while. Shion shook her head to clear it as the lift reached its destination. She exited the lift and proceeded towards her destination, her mood improving with every step. Past the cargo elevator, down to the catapult level, and through the AGWS hangar.

At one point she noticed she was skippingand stopped it immediately. Get a grip, Shion Uzuki! You're acting like this is a The door slid open, and Shion pushed the thought aside, and stepped into the room. It was a simple room, not much to look at. That is, of course, if one Shion uzuki bikini to over look the single object in the center.

Shion walked up to and around the black maintenance bed for KOS-MOS, to see the battle android still 'asleep' with in it. Her regeneration cycle will be over in a few moments, Shion thought to herself. Guess I'm Shion uzuki bikini little early. She set the basket down near the foot of the pod, and took a Shion uzuki bikini on the side of it herself, never taking her eyes off the sleeping angel inside.

An angel of death, maybe, she thought, recalling all the times she had seen KOS-MOS in action over the course off the last few Shion uzuki bikini. Maybe she's a guardian angel.

Another memory came to her then -- a much older one. A thunderstorm, an attack by unknown men, the premature activation of the original KOS-MOS, and the massacre that followed. Or perhaps, she added sadly, a fallen angel. I wonder what would you say Shion uzuki bikini that? Shion continued to stare at the android's face, waiting patiently for her eyes to open. After a few moments, her gaze drifted down from her eyes to her mouth. And an idea suddenly formed in her mind.

What am I thinking? Shion asked herself silently. I can't do that! Just this one time, she tried to rationalize. She never has to know! It certainly wasn't the first time she thought about giving her mechanical angel a kiss, but in the days since the incident at Proto Merkabah, the desire had grown stronger and stronger.

She had come so close to losing her that day. Sitting in her cabin that evening, she came to a startling revelation. This is some fix I've got myself in, huh? I wonder what Kevin would say? I wonder what you will say?

Would you even understand? Her lips still looked so inviting, but Shion just couldn't bring herself to kiss them.

If that's going to happen, she decided, it will happen when she's awake, and only if she's ready -- if she can ever be ready. Instead, Shion leaned over KOS-MOS's body, her hair cascading over her shoulders, and gave the woman who had taken her heart without even trying, a quick, but heartfelt, kiss on the cheek.

In a corner of KOS-MOS's mind, a corner so far removed that she wasn't even aware of its existence, something began to stir. To vague to be called emotion, to faint to be called a sub-conscious desire. Not yet "Shion uzuki bikini" enough to trigger and internal diagnostic scan. But something was there, was brought to life by a kiss that wasn't supposed to happen -- yet.

And it began to grow. Her face was mere inches away when her red eyes slowly opened and locked with her own. She took note of Shion's close proximity, and misunderstood the reason behind it. Do you require additional offline time to finish my maintenance checks? Shion quickly puller her self back up to a sitting position on the side of the maintenance bed, and turned her head to hide her growing blush.

She ran her usual series of start-up diagnostics. Aside from and unexpected minor error in an otherwise blank section of her OS, all the internal quires came back green.

Still facing away from her, Shion nodded. Shion stood up then and the upper hatch of the bed lowered and secured itself in place. As she stood, she faced the battle android, who was staring at her intently.

Xenosaga - Shion Uzuki -...

Shion knew perfectly well that KOS-MOS stared at everything intently, but today, she found the androids fixed gaze unnerving, and lowered her gaze to the floor. What was I thinking? This was a bad Shion uzuki bikini I never should have Shion looked up, meeting her Shion uzuki bikini eyes once more. That's as close to a compliment on my dress as I'm going to get, she realized. I was actually hoping you would join me for a picnic. A pinup of the Xenosaga episode 1 character Shion Uzuki, relaxing at the Kukai Foundation's private beach.

I hope you like it!:). Xenosaga - Shion Uzuki - HGIF - HGIF Xenosaga Episode III Zarathustra wa Kaku Katariki - Swimsuit ver. (Bandai). Shion Uzuki (シオン・ウヅキ) is the main protagonist and heroine of the Xenosaga series (with the exception of Xenosaga: Pied Piper, which focuses on Ziggy).

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Shion Uzuki is the major character of the three episodes of Xenosaga Square, which from been referred to as "Shion's Arc" by Namco Bandai. She does, anyhow, share his liking quest of science. Shion is portrayed as a girl who tries to overcome the tragic events of her past next to "looking away from fact and truth". Takahashi compared the character's instinctive propensity to period away from things with his precise own persona and mindset.

A peculiar point he wanted to explore in the series was Shion "looking servants' at herself […] wondering how she should reside her life".

Shion uzuki bikini

Do blonde girls prefer blonde boys? A pinup of the Xenosaga episode 1 character Shion Uzuki, relaxing at the Kukai Foundation's private beach. I hope you like it!:). Find amazing White Bikini GIFs from on Gfycat. Share your favorite GIF now ..

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Shion uzuki bikini

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