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What does heyyy mean from a girl


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The number of "y" matters when you get a "hey" message i. Does it have a crew cab? We also need to drop off my boyfriend at the airport on the way to Home Depot.

I recently bought a box truck with a lift gate, for recreational purposes. I know exactly what you mean. As soon as I got an SUV my circle of friends grew immediately, and all of the new arrivals were moving.

It means she would like...

It's obviously because I'm simply too brilliant and beautiful and men are obviously intimidated. Also "hey" followed by "so" means you're no longer going to get any multiple-y "hey"s from this number. I didn't even notice the hi part until after I read the comments. Heyyy doesn't mean much.

I text girls at random sometimes, then get a convo going and when I ask for the number I get the I have a boyfriend line.

So I was texting my...

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Want to add to the discussion? A girl has to have standards somewhere. I'm not exactly a good example of practicing this preaching. Does that translate the same?

So I was texting my girlfriend and she texted me heyyy I was confused so like a reasonable 19 year old I checked the internet and saw that it. Heyy, or other iterations of the English word "hey" with two or more Ys at the end, is an Internet slang term Quora – What does it mean when a girl texts “heyy”?. SHE WANTS THE DICK. "dad, this girl texted me hey, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Dad- "How many y's? me- "three, she said heyyy." Dad- it What does heyyy mean from a girl she WANTS THE.

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