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Dick also known as robin


Introduced inRobin has since become one of the most recognized DC characters ever made.

Richard John Grayson is a...

The superhero, unlike a lot of other comic book characters, has continued to evolve over time; not only becoming stronger and more skilled, but also maturing in a manner that is uncharacteristic for comic book characters. Dick also known as robin of the respective Robins have led pretty interesting lives prior to joining The Caped Crusader in his mission to save Gotham. Wayne's training, while making him highly skilled in various forms of combat, also made him unstable.

In fact, of all the Robins who worked alongside Batman, Damian Wayne and his amazing training may very well be the most formidable one. The comic retells the origin story of Dick Grayson and how he became Batman's sidekick Robin.

The costumes Robins have worn over time haven't varied much. Neither have the characters' builds and hairstyles, although each of them has brought something new to the table. Batman's sidekicks have also varied as greatly in personality as they have in their skills.

While Dick Grayson's acrobatic and leadership skills are his greatest weapons, he's also quite quick on his feet. Tim Drake is an excellent detective, in addition, his snooping and fighting skills are something to behold.

Jason Todd is a beast on the field, with his sharp aim and brute force putting others to shame. The League of Assassins trained Damian Wayne as an excellent fighter despite his young age of ten years old - skilled at martial arts and Dick also known as robin fighting, he is certainly one of a kind. Robin is a superhero identity that has been used by many male superheroes. In fact, the first four Robins in the New 52 DC continuity have been men, but outside of that, there have been two female Robins as well.

Dick Grayson's introduction in the Batman comics as Robin was a huge success - fans loved the Boy Wonder from the first issue he was featured in.

Nightwing is a fictional superhero...

After all, the sole purpose of the hero's creation was to improve viewership and attract younger readers. With Robin's introduction, DC's Batman comic sales doubled, but after Grayson left Batman to lead the Teen Titans, sales quickly started declining again.

From Robin To Nightwing: The...

Therefore, folks over at DC decided to bring in a new Robin. Jason Todd was introduced in and was pretty much identical to Dick Grayson - both had such similar back "Dick also known as robin" that comic book fans grew irritated.

Batman's various sidekicks have had their own love interests. Grayson is known for being a hit with the ladies thanks to his charm, wit, and athletic physique, but he's no stranger to falling in love. Grayson has also dated Zatanna in Young Justice. Considering that there have been multiple Robins Dick also known as robin the Batman universe, it makes sense that fans would often compare them to their older counterparts.

This inspired DC to come up with a storyline involving Joker that would help decide Todd's fate. Given how gloomy the current state of DC films is, it's almost impossible to remember a time when films about its superheroes were being optioned left and right. Batman, being such a iconic superhero, was constantly being considered for film adaptations.

After the relaunch known as...

Each respective Robin has had to deal with a lot from some of DC's most fearsome villains, while fighting alongside Batman.

They've also had multiple encounters with Batman's biggest nemesis, the Joker. One of the biggest twists in the Batman mythology was when the Joker actually killed Jason Todd. Another very interesting event took place in the popular animated series Batman Beyondin which the Joker kidnapped Dick also known as robin Tim Drake version Dick also known as robin Robin. When Batman finally found Drake, he was almost unrecognizable as he had become Joker's sidekick, Joker Jr.

This was first revealed in Detective Comicswhere Bruce told the young Dick Grayson of his own days in the red and gold costume.

Bruce also stated that he had been wearing the Robin "Dick also known as robin" before his parents got murdered, which really doesn't add up. Other than those moments, Bruce and Robin also switched costumes once to confuse an enemy.

Another time, when a witch cursed the Justice League by making them younger, Dick wore the Batsuit while Bruce was forced to wear Robin's costume. This makes it intriguing when certain scenes in the comics seem to suggest that their relationship is slightly different.

For example, older comics show Robin and Batman getting up from the same bed together, which is quite strange. The relationship between Robin and Batman has continued to raise eyebrows since the Boy Wonder was introduced.

And while the writers have made clear that the relationship between them is strictly platonic, fans have continued to read into it. Despite each Robin being very different in terms of personality and skill, they all had one similarity: All, except for Damian Wayne, that is. The League of Assassin trainee is unique as he is the only Robin to already be trained before he put his costume on, which means that the hero is also used to a certain type of martial arts. As a result, Damian carries a sword; a weapon that is the standard for all League of Assassins members.

His suit also has a hood attached, which distinguishes his costume from the other sidekicks of the Caped Crusader. The reason for this was that the Joker realized he was going to succumb to his cancer and wanted to go out with a bang. Robin may be the Batman's sidekick, but each version "Dick also known as robin" easily distinguishable from the others. From Grayson to Damian Wayne, Dick also known as robin respective versions of the character have proven their worth many times.

It is for this very reason that Robin's been chosen to lead other, often more well-known heroes. Young Justice also saw the character rise to the ranks of leader in the show's sophomore season after Aqualad left the team.

Those very characteristics make the character unappealing for the masses. Batman is considered far cooler than Robin and many fans even believe that the sidekick is simply an annoying distraction, rather than a useful addition to Batman's story. Perhaps reasons such as these make it less likely we'll see Robin in film adaptations more often.

The character was badly received in both Batman: A huge factor contributing to the character's absence from movies is him being considered "uncool". Being Batman's number two isn't an easy job. In a way, this trains the sidekicks to replace Batman when the need arises. Out of all the Robins, he's thought to be the natural successor to Wayne's superhero identity.

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In an episode, the series showed a villain going by the pseudonym of Nosyarg Kcid, which is basically Dick Grayson backwards. That is why all four of them know what an honor it would be to become Batman. He even manages to wound Damian Wayne, shooting him and leaving him severely injured. Ultimately, Grayson defeats Jason Todd and becomes the new Batman. It's crazy that Batman keeps allowing new Boy Wonders into his life given how many of them end up departing. Batman has essentially lost four Robins under five years, which is a frightening statistic.

He's essentially endangering their lives. What surprising things do you know about Teen Titans ' Robin? Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that "Dick also known as robin" want. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

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Website for moms seeking advice, Dick also known as robin, and entertainment. Richard John "Dick" Grayson was once Batman's first sidekick Robin, before going on to The youngest in a family of acrobats known as the "Flying Graysons," Dick Also, when he was up on the trapeze, he reminded his mother of a robin.

From Robin To Nightwing: The Evolution of Dick Grayson If we're going to talk about any character, we need to know who they are and what. It was also in this time that he realises there was so much more to the murders. Oct 9, Dick has been also known as Batman, Nightwing and the original Robin | See more ideas about Batman, Nightwing and Robin.