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Pof search australia

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Was this review helpful? Lola asked on Oct 28, Simon Says asked on Sep 01, They could have the app running in the background but not using it or forgot to log off. David Rawr replied on Sep 06, Pink asked on Aug 12, Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern.

Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. POF - "Pof search australia" of Fake members. This site is terrible. The amount of fake user or scammers that manage to get on this site is ridiculous. POF don't seem to Pof search australia the issue seriously. I do not recommend POF to anyone. Write a review on ProductReview. But lots of fakes!!!

I've been on this site for a while now, I've met a couple of lovely girls in that time but unfortunately we weren't suited to each other. As for most of the others, fakes, fakes and looking for a dream that doesn't exist.

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So many profiles with different pics but the wording in "about me" is almost verbatim. One girl I dated told me Pof search australia girlfriend of hers had images cut and pasted from Facebook to make a profile by someone, only to be alerted by a male friend of hers. Word of advice - if you think it's suspect use Google Reverse Image finder. I discovered a doctor from Austria whose images were used to create a profile from Newcastle an air hostess. As for some of the real ones, many don't even reply.

Not even a polite no thanks to even nice messages come on girls, common courtesy. I know that some of the guys on here are total morons and creeps which screws it up for the genuine ones. I'm giving it one more month, then I might just get myself a puppy.

As for POF administrators, lift your game. Your more than keen to take our money but your management of the site is poor. Start by hiding or deleting profiles that haven't been active for a few months and verification that profiles are real. I guess it is easier for you though to keep taking peoples money. Clunky site - needs an overhaul. The site itself looks way too "busy" and clunky and it is NOT a "free" dating site.

You can't block creeps or weirdos - only if there Pof search australia contact - what?? I feel violated when I see what looks like escaped lunatics viewing my profile. Unlike RSVP, you can't block dubious profiles. I have to laugh at all the blokes with the caveat in their profile "isn't seeking a relationship Pof search australia any kind of commitment" - LOL!!!

Let's try a little harder, shall we? This is also usually stated by guys that look like they have just got out of prison, have no education or teeth and covered in horrid tattoos - such winners and catches!!!

If you do not respond to men, you get abused. If you have a nice profile with appropriate pictures, you get abused. The quality of people on this site is disappointing - but that could be the "free" claim of the site to encourage every loser in town to join up to "see what's out there". What is with all the blokes posting photos of their kids, their dog and boring scenery photos.

Always trying to get you to upgrade to paying lots of money for jack crap. Fake accounts left right and center. Pof staff read all messages and pics sent to other Pof search australia and have deleted my account because of naked pics.

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I was not naked at all my pic is me in an evening gown. Too many fake accounts. False numbers on msgs. When you log in your msgs dissapear.

Online Dating in Australia for...

Would not recommend it. First of all, be warned you will have a lot of offers and will receive a lot of indecent pics regardless of how clear cut your profile is. They DONT read it.

If you reject them they insult you. Reporting is not there to actually work but a pretend feature. All people you block and report are still there. Everyone on there IS also on Tinder.

All fakes and word of advice don't go out without asking for a body pic first. Seriously so revolting absolute disgrace. Another anti male dating site. This site has so many fake users, they Pof search australia blatantly fake having ads for other dating sites in their profiles! There also many fake Pof search australia in general. Women of course get to abuse men as much as they like and that is perfectly Pof search australia. Meanwhile the women break the rules Pof search australia right and centre and nothing is ever done about it.

Don't waste your time and if you are a man reading this, then remember these sites don't actually want you to find anyone, they want you to keep on using their site which means they actually aim to fail you! Verified Customer Fakes from top to bottom! I Landed on this joke of a thing on the recommendation of a gay friend, who had reported a few little nibbles.

I have been looking for women, and in about 2 years of having an account, got to talk to 1, Yes, 1! The messaging is free, but they seem to encourage people to completely ignore you unless definitely interested, A good way to establish communications, I don't think!!! This cannot possibly Pof search australia real fakes, Parden the oxymoron, but fakes internally generated by POF it's self.

So, wallet somewhat lighter, and me, a bit more educated, I felt compelled to comment here! If POF was at all interested "Pof search australia" having people talk, there would be incentives for people to write messages and specially incentives to reply to them, these don't exist! So, don't waste your time, and Definitely, don't waste your money! I just hope there might be other sites out there that actually do work! Total Fraud ripp off thieves. It is set up for woman, you get two or something like that to bloke you, and you are off the site, just for doing nothing at all no abuse, no swearing.

Just if they don't like you and they bloke you. People with fake Photos "Pof search australia" liars. This site has no protection against liars. Full of fake profiles This site is a predator on people emotions and vulnerability. It Pof search australia a scam on so many levels and a platform for behaviour that is unjust and uncalled for. Lots of scams and liars and gold diggers!!! Been on POF on and Pof search australia 5 years. Lots of same pics and profiles years old.

I have met 2 nice ladies here out of many messages. Then first contact wants email and phone no, then 55 yo wants toy boywaste of time reading profile. Zero result me contacting them, even tho I fit their wants. I am well off, comfortable and been told not bad for my age. Didn't say this tho, did that when I first joined and got gold diggers with low morals.

Pity this review site can't go lower than one star. POF a free dating site, I think not!!!! POF [name removed] is a liar, free dating site crap. Join as a free member you can not chat, read messages. Then when I tried to complain to [name removed] my account was deactivated two weeks into a two month subscription with no consultation. Just another ripoff scram making [name removed] a lot of coin regardless of him being a fraud and scammer.

Tried to message people as normal no replies but if you upgrade for a cost of course. Verified Customer They are scammers and Liar's. Everything is fake on that site scams and lies false advertising it should be shut down. People are fake pictures are not who they are. On Plenty of Fish, you used to be able to search by POF username right from the top of the website and app. Since that's been hidden/removed. australia - Free Dating, Singles and Personals. Users Interested In australia. Dating Online.

friends first, maybe a relationship,step by step. Hello,my name is. For local searches in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, you can search by postal code or zip code instead of a city name. Have fun.

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