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Tumblr seductive lingerie


This addiction morphs her into the babydoll from Hell: Unable to hold a job, the long-line bra starts to turn tricks to feed her habit. Her Russian mobster pimp adds some weird "Tumblr seductive lingerie" of upper-chest window drapes-like thing to make her stand out better on a street corner.

At the core of this is a somewhat cute, somewhat reasonable little floral strapless bra. Like a fashion school project where each student is given a simple base garment and told to build off of it.

And build they did.

A Blog about sexy lingerie...

Lots of it, plus a bit with pattern just because. But a pattern that almost matches the bra part, but not quite. "Tumblr seductive lingerie" oddly placed miscellaneous frill? Slit down Tumblr seductive lingerie front for some provocative showing of the belly button?

Draped gauze at the neckline to completely throw off any notion of balance and visual weighting? You got it boss. Like I have said before… this has enough ideas for three different garments.

Plus a few that should be left behind entirely. When are people going to learn… less is more, unless you are an absolute master and have the skill to make more look like less.

So why the 1 point for wearability? Because technically it could be worn. Desireable to do so? So whoever the brainchild behind this is can bask in the glory of their 0.

A Blog about sexy lingerie...

Or is that more insulting, like leaving a penny as a tip rather than just walking out without leaving anything? Top design marks for this bathing set.

My seductive Lingerie is the...

The look is a bit retro but not dated in the least. There are a number of style touches that I often dislike, but for some reason, here, they just work. This really seems like the Tumblr seductive lingerie look for Tumblr seductive lingerie, Miss K.

This is a rare day. Not only do I entirely agree with Mr. C, I have nothing else to add. I am slightly surprised to say Tumblr seductive lingerie I love it, but I totally do.

Despite the over abundance of bows, I like this lingerie. The color palette is vibrant and fun. It reminds me of the costumes in the movie Fifth Element that were all designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Really, the whole design is just fun, inventive and sophisticated all at once. I was a bit surprised when I read Mr. In fact, to show the differences, instead of writing my own review, I am just going to do a bit of Mad Libs to turn his review into the one that should have been written:. The color palette is vibrant and fun if not verging on the garish and somewhat ridiculous.

Which may be a distinction without a difference when it comes to lingerie. Probably because I think Tumblr seductive lingerie set is sexual without actually being trashy. Make no mistake, the model is wearing pasties, but this shelf bra is designed to showcase nipples. Yet the construction and design seem high quality. And the weave of straps over the ultra low rise front panel is both daring and inventive.

And I like how it adds a feminine touch to the black. Speaking personally, I could easily see myself enjoying some foreplay with a partner attired like this.

Accessories - My Seductive Lingerie

For the break that Mr. The lack Tumblr seductive lingerie reviews is actually entirely my fault. But similarly, this really struck me from the first time I saw this set. Which is surprising because the shelf bra look is so far from anything I would typically consider for myself partly for modesty and partly for the practical fact that I have no idea how a bra like that works with larger breasts, that I would just imagine would flop over the tops of the cups and kind of negate the whole bra aspect of it.

First off, it is made exclusively for the DD to G cup range. For once, women with smaller breasts, who normally get all the choices, are left out of this one.

How is that for a refreshing change? I take issue with Mr. To me that is part of the charm. I find the use the of straps interesting too. The panties make interesting use of them to give the illusion of the front having more substance to it than is really there. On the bra both of the extra straps sort of leave the effect of the designers marking out where they cups might have been had they chosen to go with a different style.

The higher strap, a full cup bra. But they chose to go the shelf route… which is where it loses a mark for me, at least for the wearability. It takes a special kind of confidence or skill with layering to wear a bra that leaves your nipples completely Tumblr seductive lingerie there.

While a big part of wearing a bra is the support, keeping nipples out of sight and under control is also a pretty primary function of a bra. Heck, other than just a desire to finally be able to wear a bra, my very first bra way back when had little to do with support and everything to do with trying to keep my nipples out of sight.

So as much as I like the look… I am not sure I would be up to wearing this in most situations. Or at least my current bank account. I had a couple of motives for adding this design to our review queue. Number one, I love trying to bring new looks to possibly impress latex skeptic Miss K. Number two, I really like seeing latex elements mixed with other materials. I find this look to be experimental, but successful and instructive about good design concepts.

I find it to be both erotic and even practical. The mesh is breathable and the separation Tumblr seductive lingerie corset and garters makes for easier movement.

That garter belt even improves the look of the latex panties by providing Tumblr seductive lingerie interesting layer above that gaping cut-out. We once did a review of a fabric design that covered the cut out at the back of the briefs with criss crossing ribbons.

And ironically, between the two of us, Miss K might be slightly more accepting of butt revealing panties. Personally, in this case, I find the exposed buttocks to Tumblr seductive lingerie revealed in a very exotic and sexy way.

My seductive Lingerie is the...

Anyhow, the entire ensemble looks good together. It screams sex and promises a very memorable evening. So high marks from me. I am going to disappoint Mr. I am willing to admit that I might raise Tumblr seductive lingerie style score if I could see the corset from the front.

I am on the fence about the mesh fabric look for corsets. I understand that from a practical, breathability perspective it may make it a much more comfortable garment to be strapped into, but I cannot say this with any degree of experience or first-hand knowledge. Does anyone else out there know? Advantages of mesh fabric corsets over the more standard linens or silks? As for the panties… Yes, I have been intrigued by the Agent Provocateur open-back Tumblr seductive lingerie for a long while, Tumblr seductive lingerie I Tumblr seductive lingerie what helps there is a style that is missing here.

And the latex… sigh. I am not sure we will ever see eye to eye on it. Despite not posting in ages, Lingerie Obsessives is not dead. Maybe on life support. Or in a comatose state. Or just taking a sabbatical.

And even have queued up a review for your reading pleasure. And for those who have thought we agree too much, this one that contains conflict and disagreement! But it is a promise, dear reader, that the collective you have not been forgotten.

As long as there is lingerie Tumblr seductive lingerie there, we will have fodder for our silly little blog here. So, without further ado, enjoy and savour this upcoming post because heaven knows when the next one might pop up. The women in my life will tut-tut me and declare: Which is a great position for me to take up because I think Y-back G-strings are so much more flattering to the female buttocks than the T-back variety.

I cannot confirm sizing ranges and price, but their website does have a very artsy and effective gallery of fashion for you to peruse. I can tell they seem to be adjustable, and sizing the waist-bands for the appearance of a higher hip cut see third picture is particularly sexy for me. I guarantee an instant erection from any hetero male who sees this being worn. Who would wear this? Well, any woman who wants to feel like the very distillation of erotic desire for her man.

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