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Do white guys like big butts


Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. I am about lb and I get a lot of compliment about my butt. I have strong attraction for white men, I get their attention even though I have not been asked out by one yet, my problem is my friends have been telling me, white men don't like butt and they can't handle me.

Love it or hate it,...

I am not big at all, I am an African girl, fourth generation from Denmark and Greece. I would like to know if white men like butt and what should I do to get one to go out with me? I am not trying to hold a white man down out of his will, is something tender about them that attracts me.

I am not big at...

Edited on July 3, at Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Austin Send a private message. Every kind of guy likes butt! They'll notice for sure. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

Love it or hate it,...

Thank you, I will. GirlwithQuestions Send a Do white guys like big butts message. All men like butts! Each man, regardless of skin color, is different when it comes to physical attributes they find attractive in women. I personally like a nice butt, but I like boobs too. Legs don't do a lot for me. Kingslayer Send a private message. I hope that you want men to like you for more than just your posterior.

Do you go to school, join clubs and otherwise socialise in mixed groups that include your, um, target audience? That would give you and them opportunities to get to know one another; and more about you than just your butt.

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My butt is of no relevance to me but I asked the question because I have always had my eyes on white men, lol. I live in a white predominantly community, super nice people, I smile a lot, they flirt with me and so do I but no one has asked me out.

This is where my mean friends comes in with, white men don't like this and that but from the replies I Do white guys like big butts reading all men like butt so I will try to be extra chessy. Do you have anything else to offer. You need to remember two ironies around "big butts: Do you read about anyone specifically commenting on the big butts of Beyonce, Alicia Keys or Halle Berry?

I think my question was taken out of context, I just wanted people tell me what I am hearing is not true. I didn't mean I want white guys to like me because of my "" There has never been a time I have felt the need to worry about what I look like, I am okay. I asked because of what my friends are telling me and why I have not been asked out by any white guy but they flirt with me. All the women you mentioned I don't care for except Halle and they are all bigger than me.

I can describe my size but it's not necessary, anyone can make themselves look good when you can't see them but what I know looks don't make a relationship. I just wanted to clear my mind that was all. Thank you for the reply. KittenMuffs Send a private message. I'm a black girl with a nice perky butt And men LOVE my butt, the great thing is that if you were to get even skinnier like i did they still love your butt.

Being African american is always a plus when dating white men. I have had a white guy told me I have the perfect body and we were not even talking about butts or any of that sort.

I am slender and I know I have a body like a weapon, wink wink, women praise my body but I have never thought of my looks when it comes to men. For me the whole idea of being with a white man is not about looks, it's the attraction but the question came about because of what I have been told and why they flirt with me and don't ask me out.

I almost have crush on every white guy I talk to. Lol I'm just saying that to answer your original question the answer is YES. Most won't say anything but if you have an ass they will love the hell out of it. And that goes for every man. They probably don't ask you out because they think you wouldn't be interested in them. Tease a man a little Do white guys like big butts just to let him know your interested. If he doesn't ask you out or something he is probably feeding his ego or not someone you want to be talking to anyway.

Don't worry about it too much. I tend to treat all men the same. I don't really change up my style just to get a man. It's more about me finding someone with the same type of swag. So it allows me to be myself which is blunt, witty, and a huge flirt. That works with more aggressive dominant men in every ethnicity. I do find that each ethnicity picks up on traits that fit well within their culture. Black men notice my attitude first while white men notice my intellect.

Edited on July 11, at JadeCapri Send a private message. I have learned that white male love it just as much as Do white guys like big butts Americans or Latin men. Trust me, I am Brazilian and I do have a booty on me too. Do you think men might feel intimidated by you? Men can be shy approaching a woman. Make sure you show that you are open to meet, talk or Do white guys like big butts. Supervillain Send a private message.

LOL How did I know you'd be here? You're everywhere I want to be. Can you hear me now? Dan Send a private message. I'm a white man and I dated a lb. You slender black women are truly blessed. I'm no longer with her, but I would date a black woman again on a moments notice.

Do all men go crazy...

I think the slender black woman is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. There are surely millions of guys out there attracted to your butt, you just need to find them, but remember no matter how you look no one is attractive to every guy.

Thanks you all the replies, I know sounded a bit off. Bombtastic Send a private message. I personally don't like big butts, I like smaller butts. It all Do white guys like big butts though on proportions and how they curve their lower back. Ask a New Question expand. Anonymous He likes me, but his actions tell me otherwise Is he not interested?? Anonymous My name is Do white guys like big butts. Any divorced female or a lonely girl can contact me.

What's wrong with this question? As a woman who definitely does not have "back," this always sort of. "I feel that some guys feel obligated to like big butts because that's the cool thing My understanding is that white dudes were generally ho-hum about the.

Butts are a bit like those cards. Very rarely do any of us, male or female, leave respect and affirmation shown to us Men would stay post toyhood, and still do.

Bethenny Frankel asked her guy panel the hard-hitting questions that women want men to answer.

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She also got to the bottom of the Black vs. White size myths! .

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