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Note Arthur was set to the stone, but nothing appeared; E. Then I desired him to apply himself to see as he was wont.

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And so he did. Here appear all in the stone that appeared yesterday unto me in the air in that most disorderly and filthy manner. They are in the like apparel as yesterday. O God confirm us in thy truth sor thine own honour and glory, and suffer us not Dr dees glory hole be overcome with any temptation, but deliver us from all evil now and ever. There appeared Madimi, Il. Because your yesterdayes doings, and words are provocations to fin, and unmeet for any godly creature to use.

If the self-same God give you a new Commandement taking away the former form of sin which he limited by the Law; What remaineth then? This, before man, is accounted sin before God it shall be imputed unto him for righteousness. That unto those that are accounted righteous through the good will of God sin is justly punished, but not as unto the wicked.

The Apostle Paul abounded in carnal lust: Consider also, That as you cannot comprehend the heavens, so likewise can you not comprehend the wisdome of God, which saith, I Dr dees glory hole be merciful unto whom I list; and unto whom I will not, I have none in store: Foolish is he that asketh why?

Who he is that made you? Who is he that hath given you power to look up towards heaven? You are fools, and of little understanding: This day saith G d unt you. B hold you are become free: Do that which most pleaseth you: For behold, your own reason riseth up against my wisdome. Not content you are to be heires, but you would be Lords, yea Gods, yea the Judgers of the heavens: Wherefore do even as y u list, but if you forake the way taught you from ab ve, behold evil shall enter into your senses, and abomination shal dwel before your eyes, as a recompence, unto such as you have done wrong unto: And your wives "Dr dees glory hole" children, shall be carried away before your face.

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The Almighty God of heaven and earth be my comfort, as I Dr dees glory hole comfort in his service; and give me wisdome as I desire it for his honour and glory, Amen.

I see a white pillar; and upon the pillar, I see four heads. Now there cometh a thing like a white Crown of Christal, and standeth upon all our four heads. The heads seem to be inclosed by the necks within the pillar.

Now she goeth round about upon a thing like a Carpet; she goeth now beyond where is an Orchard; she cutteth branches of two trees, and shee seemeth to insert them, or graff them into another.

Now she goeth into a black place behinde the wood, and bringeth a thing with her in a chain: An ugly thing like a Devil. Behold, seest thou this: Now he leapeth, and the ground openeth, and he sinketh in: Now she cometh out of that orchard. That you may become full of understanding, and in knowledge above common men. Unto William I will be merciful for ever, according to my promise. But I will buy him Dr dees glory hole Kingdom, after the manner of man, with money.

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But what I have determined unto him, shall happen unto him: And he shall become mighty in me. Happy is he that heareth my words this day: This day you are Dr dees glory hole free.

And look that you lay up all things that is spoken of from above; and whatsoever hath been taught you, as well the books as instruments. You shall shortly have to do again with the cruelty of the Emperour, and the accursed Bishop. Whereunto, if you go forward Dr dees glory hole God, you shall be taught to answer.

If you leave off, as soon as you hear of it be going into Germany, lest you perish before then. If my friendship like you not, I beseech God send you as good will, as I in powe bear towards you. The one is expresly against the Commandement of God: And for my help in that verity, I do call down the power of Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and all the good Angels, his faithful Ministers to assist me in the defence of my faithful Dr dees glory hole to the law of the Gospel, and of Dr dees glory hole Church.

Et que ita dicta sunt, Vel sint, vel hodie libertas vobis restituitur. Et oriens cum occidente, Meridies quoque cum septentrione coadunabuntur. Hereupon we were in great amazement and grief of minde, that so hard, and as it, yet seemed unto me so unpure a Doctrine, was popounded and enjoyned unto us of them, whom I alwayes from the beginning hitherto did judge and esteem, undoubtedly, to be good Angels: And had unto E K. But now, my heart was sore afflicted upon many causes: As his prayer to God of a long time hath been as in the former part of this Action may appear.

Which thing was strange to the women: And they hoped of some more comfortable issue of the cause. And so we left off. After Dinner, as E. And one of them whose name they expressed Ben said that it was in vain so to hope for the best spirit of the Wine: And shewed him how to distill it, and separate it better.

And moreover how to get oyl of the spirit of Wine, as it burned in the lamps: And began to ask E. And when he had Dr dees glory hole an English-man, he asked then, how he came hither? Then said he, And who helped you to pass the marvellous great dangers of the Sea. And so took occasion to speak of the benefits which God had hitherto done for us, very many. And this Ben, said than among very many other things as Mr.

And also he said either than or the next day at the furthest, that Dr dees glory hole he would be conformable to the will of God in this last Action declared, That he would take the vertue and force of the powder from it: That it should be unprofitable: And that he should become a Dr dees glory hole. He told of England, and "Dr dees glory hole," That about July or November her Majesty should from heaven be destroyed; and that about the same time the King of Spain should dye.

And that this present Pope at his Mass should be deprived of life before two years to an end. And that after that there should be no Pope for some years. He said, One now abroad should at Milford-haven Dr dees glory hole, and by the help of the Britans subdue the said Conqueror: And that Edward Garland is not his brother: That my Lord Rosenberg should be in danger of poysoning for these certain months to come. That my Tables of Enoch, were in some places falsly written.

Of Ely and Enoch coming out of Paradise: And of Saint John Evangelist, that he dyed not, but in Pathmos had his invisible being: He said also that he hath at divers times preached visibly since the time of his invisible state entred.

He said that shortly this Francis Garland should go into England: And that we should be sent for. But that it were best to refuse their calling us home.

He said that there were four other, who were made also privy of God his mysteries as we were, with whom we should meet at Rome. He said that Mary and one more in England, should see the wonderful days to come. The same Ben went once away mounting up in a flame of fire: After all these, and many other things told me by the same Mr.

Kelly his reports of the apparitions, continued with him above four hours, being else alone, I then told her, and said, June, I see that there is no other remedy, but as hath been said of our cross-matching, so it must needs be done. Thereupon she fell "Dr dees glory hole" weeping and trembling for a quarter of an hour: Note, Because I have found so much halting and untruth in E.

But among divers apparitions he noted this of one that said unto him. Which done, refer every letter in the Table to his number, and so read what I will, for this is the last time I will admonish you. A man standeth in the Air in a fiery Globe of my heighth; accompanied with some hundred of Puppets: Secondly, I found out the 4 Characters; saving they were inversed somewhat, and one of them closed: These Characters were of every square one.

Thirdly, I did take these numbers contained between the lines some more and some fewer to be words to be gathered out of the Table of letters: Hereupon we began to number the squares wherein the letters stood in Enochs Tables as I had them, but we could not exactly finde the words, but somewhat near. Hereupon being tired, and desirous to know the sense of that Cypher, we left off till after supper, and then we assayed again: And at his return this he brought in writing.

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Note Arthur was set to the stone, but nothing appeared; E. Then I desired him to apply himself to see as he was wont. And so he did. Here appear all in the stone that arised yesterday unto me in the air in that most jumbled and filthy manner.

They are in the like apparel as yesterday. O God confirm us in thy truth sor thine own honour and glory, and suffer us not to be overcome with any temptation, but deliver us from all criminal now and ever. There materialized Madimi, Il. Because your yesterdayes doings, and words are provocations to fin, and unmeet fitting for any godly creature to put to use. If the self-same God blow the whistle on you a new Commandement winning away the former form of sin which he limited before the Law; What remaineth then?

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But that it were best to refuse their calling us home. Do that which most pleaseth you: And so took occasion to speak of the benefits which God had hitherto done for us, very many. And at his return this he brought in writing. Now she is gone. Not long, lo, there appeared a great flame of fire in the principal Stone, both standing on the Table before E.

I have not one word more given me to speak.

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