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How to prevent hair thinning in males

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Male hair loss is a very common condition, affecting around 6. It usually starts with a little thinning of the hair at the temples.

Going bald is a common...

The hairline will then recede and a sparse patch will appear on the top of the head. The hairline may then meet the patch, revealing the whole scalp. But is there a way to stop or prevent hair loss?

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The hormone testosterone is converted into DHT, which causes hair follicles to shrink. Hair production subsequently slows down or even stops altogether.

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In the last couple of decades there have been several developments in the fight to stop hair loss. Perhaps most notable is the widespread success of Propecia. Propecia is a tablet which is taken once a day.

The finasteride it contains inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thereby slowing or even reversing the hair loss process.

Finasteride helps prevent hair loss and increase "How to prevent hair thinning in males" growth. It is particularly effective among those who show mild to moderate hair loss. While the effectiveness of finasteride often depends on the length of time it is taken, the available evidence suggests that two thirds of men who use it see some hair regrowth.

Although no immediate effect may be seen after your first month of taking finasteride, it is highly recommended that you stick with it for a few months as long as you suffer no adverse reactions.

Going bald is a common...

If you stop taking finasteride, it is likely that any hair you gained will be lost within months. In rare cases finasteride may cause a skin rash, erectile dysfunction, less desire for sex or tenderness in the nipple area. If you do experience these side effects, they may well disappear quickly as your body gets used to finasteride. If you are at all concerned about the side effects you should stop taking the treatment and consult a doctor.

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Going bald is a How to prevent hair thinning in males concern for many guys, and estimates show that roughly two-thirds of men will start losing their hair by their mids.

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Receding hairlines, thinning, bald spots -- learn to prevent further hair loss and make the most of what you've got. WebMD shows you solutions from hair. Like most signs of aging, male pattern baldness doesn't happen overnight. In fact, for most men, going bald is a long and slow process that.

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