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How to be cupid


Then you probably have an urge to delve into their love lives, too. When are you two seeing each other again? What did you think??

From Genius to Madness

Too many matchmakers forget to tap into that knowledge before setting friends up. So maybe you find a nice guy, but one who will also call your friend on her BS. Because you know that will turn her on.

Before you play Cupid, read...

Maybe they just saw each other and need a little space. Do this completely out of the kindness of your heart, not out of ego. Just create How to be cupid way for them to see each other again. Invite them both to another party. You have to have the foresight to do that without being asked. Everyone has their quirks, flaws or embarrassing qualities.

Start Playing Cupid—It'll Make You...

But part of chemistry is just understanding those things for what they are, and how they fit into the whole person. Too many women do this when they want to ignore the fact they like a guy, and it just ends up biting them in the butt.

If you do, everyone will be How to be cupid them! And nothing ruins the joy of natural flirtation than knowing everyone is counting down the How to be cupid until you exchange numbers. The stories, facts or traits your friend wants hidden may not be so obvious to you. They may not want someone to know what area of town they live in, when their last relationship was, what their parents do—there is just no knowing how this affects the way your friend is perceived.

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Are you the “caretaker” in...

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Matchmaking is a very tricky...

Are you going to try to play Cupid? CAN YOU SEND SOME FUNNY SINGLE DUDES. When Jane met Bobby and asked him that really awkward question, he thought she was being cupid.

Cupid. Let's face it, juggling...

A cupid statement would be something like the capital of. Before you play Cupid, read these tips to make sure the setup goes smoothly and your friendship remains solid. Advertisement - Continue.

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