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Social penetration theory in relationship formation


Relationships are important to every one of us, from our first relationships in our families, to the friendships, romances, and work relationships we develop throughout our lives.

Communication Studies

SPT helps us better understand how these relationships grow and progress. Social Penetration Theory has become part of the academic curriculum in Communication Studies in general, and the study of Interpersonal Communication in particular. Most undergraduate communication theory textbooks explain the theory in much the same way we do here. Although SPT was conceptualized before social media became common, the theory is still relevant today.

Edited By Kathleen Glenister Roberts

The changes in self-disclosure, and the relational benefits that come with it, can be seen in online relationships, as well as offline face-to-face relationships. You are not authenticated to view the full text of this chapter or article.

Social penetration theory was developed...

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Extract. CHAPTER Social Penetration Theory...

Peter Lang on Facebook. User Account Sign In Not registered? My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 Show Less Restricted access. Theories help to troubleshoot gaps in our understanding, and to make sense of a world that is constantly changing. In the following chapters, contributors build upon what both parties Social penetration theory in relationship formation know. Using this book, students will become familiar with key theories in communication while developing creative and critical thinking.

By experiencing familiar popular culture artifacts through the lens of critical and interpretive theories, a new generation of communication professionals and scholars will hone their skills of observation and interpretation — pointing not just toward better communication production, but better social understanding. Media and Communication Formats: Currency depends on your shipping address. Media and Technology Part IV: Interpersonal Communication About the Contributors. Do you have any questions?

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Or login to access all content. Have an access token? Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. Sign in to annotate. Using Social Penetration Theory to Explore Communication through Social past research has found that relationships formed and maintained online with no.

Social penetration theory describes the role of disclosure in relationship development, focusing specifically on how self-disclosure functions in developing.

Social Penetration Theory and Relationship Development.

The social penetration theory (SPT)...

Formation and development of personal relationships via CMC appears to be.

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