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Does ignoring a leo man work


Forums Leo forum Ignoring Leo boy, what would happen? AquaAngel — June 22, 9: You are on page 1 2 out of 2. I think all of us non-leo people have more of less read about the worst attempt to a Leo man is Ignoring. In return they will come back. What and how exactly a Leo man feels?

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Or 2 Feeling tremendously mad and angry internally, and swore to himself he will never contact you again even you does? Like ignoring you suddenly in future. Posted by Ssupes Posted by AquaAngel I think all of us non-leo people have more of less read about the worst attempt to a Leo man is Ignoring.

Like ignoring you suddenly in future LOL!!!

What and how exactly a...

Him returning will totally depend on if he really does like you as much as you think he does. Ignore him and if hes not really into you then dont expect a reply. Tremendously mad and angry? Not unless you piss his ass off, then you might see it.

Ignoring someone is just plain rude in my book. Its disrespectful and if you choose to play petty games then you should get some backlash. Dude ignore cuz you are done not to win back a player! I'm an aqua, and I attempted that with my leo ex when we first "Does ignoring a leo man work" up. It just left me brokenhearted in the end, and didn't really ever seem to affect him at all. Just walk away completely. If he wants you, I mean really wants you, he will be back. But it will take time for him to come back.

Just make sure he's sincere when he comes back, and just playing with you. Relax people, I've read enough to know how people would comment of such. Obviously I wouldn't ask what's the obvious. I have no intention to want anything to happen. I just don't see how i want to entertain someone who was trying make use of you.

Why people have to get so personal and be so concern without asking why? Again, assumptions, jumping conclusion. There are already enough tell tale signs that he only wanted sex. You know as Aquarius we can be slow in realising a motives, but after analysing we would know.

If anything i still don't want his existence. And reason for this post was just I saw many people asks that at Yahoo and I guess they would be curious for this and for myself curiosity. No hidden agenda i secretly hoping i want a hypocrite Does ignoring a leo man work. And as Aquarius we always do ask question out of curiousity, we mostly are detached right?

So it doesn't even be as if we are concern just curious.

WELLL Leo man????? if you...

Aquarius ppl would know what i mean And as I sort of for a second did thought of there would def be some people would just give a piece of their mind base on what they Imagined and Assumed.

But since i just wanted for some information I just go ahead with a question straight to the point. It was just for informative purpose, thinking will benefit some other people who are here to read. I guess you guys also need to understand well first before jumping head in and make comments uncalled for and seems barbaric. Posted by Ssupes Basically You asked how a Leo male would react to being ignored.

I gave you my take on it. I'm not gonna read some other post that pertains to this post Good luck finding someone to validate your treating someone like butter just to see if hes into you or not. That is what your trying to do, see if he just wants you as a booty call or not, right? Since Does ignoring a leo man work voiced the concern above.

If the Leo treated you the same you would be posting about him withdrawing and being an marker. See, I can assume too! Posted by AquaAngel And as Does ignoring a leo man work we always do ask question out of curiousity, we mostly are detached right?

The Leo man I know...

Posted by busyeyes88 Posted by AquaAngel And as Aquarius we always do ask question out of curiousity, we mostly are detached right? You are so strange!!! Now I know why I could never get on with my aquarius ex husband or Aquarians in general.

He lived in his own existence which made no sense as does this para makes no sense!!! Reverse Order Return to Leo Forum. Aries and Leo Compatibility - New. Cancer Leo Cusp Woman - New. How to keep a leo man interested - 1 year. How to make a leo man miss you - New. Leo Men - 3 months.

Leo Moon - 2 years. Leo Women - 1 year. The Leo man I know (once knew?) was a very close colleague of mine. lots of emails and phone calls daily, half the time about work, have the time about life in. I have finally accepted that I didn't Does ignoring a leo man work anything wrong to be ignored like this.

I am in a long term relationship with a Leo man (I am a Taurus woman). are not just going to fall into their laps so easily without them putting any work into it. Ignoring a Leo is not exactly what you should do, but you're in the right direction. Even when they are put in a team, they work well but will generally lead the way.

They are always What does a Leo man expect from his lover? Leos have a.

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