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Glory hole sex stories


Wrong Gloryhole — Consequences of the wrong gloryholesex Glory hole sex stories, loving wife. Me Faye and my husband Dave regularly frequent the porn shop about 10 miles away and make use of the video booths in the back. Neither of us were to bothered about kids so Dave had the snip a couple of weeks before our latest trip to the glory hole.

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This way we never have to use condoms anymore. Dave is average build with a decent size cock which satisfies my needs, I am tall slim and busty, natural blonde hair and completely shaved downstairs. Enough people to get us excited about public sex, I could feel myself getting wet already.

The owner recognised us Glory hole sex stories before heading off to go say hi and pay for the booths Dave turned to me. I headed off for the back of the shop, passing a couple of browsing shoppers on my way past. I entered the booth, went to turn on the light but it flashed and the bulb went. I proceeded to put my handbag down, remove my underwear and pull my top off exposing my breasts.

Suddenly there was a knock on the trap to my left, strange as Dave had said he would go in the one on the right but it was Glory hole sex stories same 2 taps as he always did. Maybe the Glory hole sex stories had gone next door as well. I switched sides of the room and started to stroke the penis poking through the trap, it immediately was hard and ready so I turned around and backed up against the hole, I was so wet that after a few thrusts he was all the way In.

My nipples were erect as I alternated between rubbing them and playing with my clit, my hand occasionally grazing the shaft pumping in and out of me. It felt amazing, bareback sex without having to worry about condoms or pregnancy, I could hear grunting from the other side of the wall as well.

After a minute or so he started to really pound into me, which set off my first orgasm, I closed my eyes and had to put my hand out to steady my balance just as I heard a tap from the other wall. As I came down from my orgasm I risked opening the other trap, out popped another cock, this one definitely white, as this processed in my head I felt the penis inside me push deep and stiffen and before I could do anything it emptied the entire contents from his balls into my awaiting womb.

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I panicked, pulled my top on and my underwear up as the cum started to run out of Glory hole sex stories, fully dressed I grabbed my bag and went out the booth, Dave was waiting for me with a look of concern on his face. Once in the car I explained what happened, every detail, angry at myself I expected him to be angry as well.

We got into bed and then had mind blowing sex. I felt better after this and stopped worrying so much. I would just go and get a pregnancy test kit and find out.


Nine months later to the day I was being rushed into hospital, my waters having just broke. Husband invites stranger over to fuck his wife. Wife tries to get her hubby to swing.

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Husband shares wife's sexy Polaroids with friends. Gave me at least a ghost of a chance with my mother Family taboo. There were men and women, at 'THE GLORY HOLE', who were taught to share.

Fantasy and kinky exploration of our sex life quickly escalated from light anal. glory hole mom - Sex Stories - german-rosi: I was on my way home from my 6 month gynecologist visit and had to Pee so bad, I knew I. Cara Delevingne tells a tale about Taylor and a gloryhole.

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Divorcee Group Sex 10/27/ 13k. 2 A story about my first experience at a gloryhole.

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