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33 innocent words turn her on


Download this article in. PDF plain text format. Yep; there you have it! Ok, I can see you going: Really though guys, those 5 words: That is how sexual thoughts and arousal happen: Same concept applies to getting a girl horny and getting her pussy fluttering for you.

Yeah, that may be a...

Ever been engaged in the most tedious of tasks, or perhaps doing some chores or running errands, then SEX just pops into your mind?

It was likely something totally unrelated to sex, outer appearances or a mini skirt on a fine piece of ass! Ninety percent of the times that we do think of sex, it all occurs without us consciously wanting it to 33 innocent words turn her on. No one consciously decides to watch porn.

We were prompted by something within our subconscious which fed us the urge to want to watch porn and masturbate. We hardly ever consciously decide to eat [as crazy as it sounds].

Had we not have these subconscious stimuli, we would hardly ever eat…literally starve ourselves since we would not have gotten an appetite to eat!

So that Taco Bell commercial which you barely even heard since you were busy chatting away on your phone, it festered the commercial within your subconscious to the 33 innocent words turn her on that 6 hours later, you have the urge for Taco Bell, tacos, or something related to ground beef [the main ingredient of an American-style taco]. Deep is a sexualized word.

This occurs on a daily basis during male-female interactions: Both parties are oblivious to the fact that their choice of words is causing sexual arousal within the other.

How 33 innocent words turn her on this works [using the 5 magical words] will depend on how skillful you can be and how fast you can think on your feet to construct some phrases which will turn her on.

Check out the video where I get in depth on how to really use these loaded words within your conversations. You can also purchase my newly released PDF: Di Carlo is interesting personality, his products were always hit or miss for me, I either like it or find it really boring.

But I I knew you were 1 of those guys who would know about this. Since youre an nlp guy, wouldnt you say that weasel phrases fall into the same thing that kenny is speaking of in this article? Weasel phrases used to start directing person attention to whatever direction needed and usually being continued with the process language, but by themselves they do not engage sub consciousness, just maybe direct attention to there. Ambiguities used to engage sub consciousness, and are part of so called confusion techniques in NLP.

This is liable to go over lot of guys head however the video bring a lot of clarity to the routines per se. Socialkenny great website I just fount through technorati website.

50 Phrases That Would Immediately...

What I like to know is how can I use the word long in a few sentenses to give this effect of getting the target girl horny for me? Gimme some examples plz. Ok well here is a good conversation explaining your work day. You can change the words depending on where you live and weather conditions. I live in Chicago and here is what I would say to make her horny and to have empathy for me. Now I am HOT as hell sweating my ass off!! 33 innocent words turn her on now that I am home I feel better.

And go take one. Now she has heard all the words making her feel horny and wet and now she knows you are in the bathroom NAKED taking a shower. That words put me in hard situation just before 2 hours of my flyte. Ahahaha damn it was creazy time.

Ever been frustrated by a...

The 2 examples simple as hell for me to use. Perfect 33 innocent words turn her on from Giacomo. Like Liked by 1 person. Wow man, the greatest article I read in a while without a doubt.

This really opened my 33 innocent words turn her on to a lot of thing that myself struggled with like weight loss and how the food industry target us like guinea pigs. Lol thanks for those Aria. I like those 2. They would work like magic. Which words, the ones you mentioned or the ones I wrote in the article…or any such magical words?

I want to do this and see how it works for me. Im desperate, something has to work. The magic of using individual words or short phrases is it keeps you thinking and evolving, coming up with new ideas for how to use them. Too bad I couldnt understand a word he said because he shot the video in 33 innocent words turn her on echo chamber aka hallway. U got me slapped. Only thing that was wet was the blood running from my nose, then I felt like the pussy for getting my ass kicked by a girl!

I have recently tried these words online on WeChat to my girlfriends. In normal conversation these words worked very well. The ladies had no idea why they became wet and horny. These words went Totally under their Radar. I think maybe best to try this out on girlfriends who like you already. You are turning up the heat in these ladies minds but they has no clue how. I am also in the same boat in the sense that I use my personal experiences with my GF as reference before I even tested them on a wider scale.

My ex have been texting lately and she asked me how my exams went this evening. My first reply was kinda generic. Then i texted her more about it like 20 mins later. But, i had read past Questions and answers i got from a friend which all came out in the Exams. I would end up having a cumulative total of She has exams tomorrow we are college students so i may want to text her good luck in the morning. Besides would she judge me because she thought i cheated in the exam?

I really still suck at texting and tend to over anlayze it sometimes. I was Quite Worried about this class of mine and told her it was a hard engineering class the Night before. She had come around to use my laptop for her online banking Excuse for Sex to happen. I was really not in that mood even when we drank alcohol as i had Final Exams Being today so she left by 11pm yesternight.

Dude, everything takes practice and time. It takes time to finesse things and make it a part of your identity than just a routine. In pickup, we call this calibration. Whats the time frame of seeding words to get the sex? How long does it take for seeds to actually help you get the sex part? Your teachings are great. Iam Kip from Kenya and Iam looking for a loving lady from any part of the world. If you are the one call me on or email me to mwalimumaarufuevans gmail.

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50 Phrases That Would Immediately...

Innocent Words and 33 Secret Phrases are my gift to you, for being a Spartagen Customer so. Net Disclaimer: You should not Ever been frustrated by a woman just because you couldn't turn her ON?

These Innocent Words are my gift to. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File next to you.2 Ever been frustrated by a woman you just couldn't turn on? the word “ball. so.3 These 17 Innocent Words and 33 Secret Phrases are my gift to you.

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