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Not interested in hookup yahoo answers


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I'm really attracted to one of my coworkers, but he's 33 and I'm only I have thought guys were attractive before, but this is WAY stronger. I am not looking for a relationship with him.

The boyfriends I had in the past I had to learn to be attracted to. This is a different This is a different kind of attraction. Besides the fact that I feel drawn to him, I'm worried I'll never be with anyone I'm really that into, because in 19 years he's the first I've come across. My mind is saying it's a bad idea, but my emotions say go ahead Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

I'm not too great at editing myself. Hope this helps though. As far as the age thing goes, in my opinion, age is just a number. I've even got a few serious crushes on some guys that are around that age and I'm the exact same age that you are.

Ignore the age thing, but only if the gap doesn't bother him either. If it does bother him, then move on because it won't turn out good if things start heating up and he suddenly stops them because of his problems with the age issue finally getting to him.

Everyone says listen to your gut and it will never steer Not interested in hookup yahoo answers wrong. Also, if you're that drawn to the guy, that quickly, then maybe giving a relationship or friendship a try, instead of just hooking up, will turn out better than you thought it would.

Ask him out for coffee or something sometime and see what he says. Not interested in hookup yahoo answers worst that can happen is he turns you down. At least then you will know if he's even the slightest bit interested or not.

Hmm this is a tough one. He is a bit older than you. I know the feeling I am 19 and there was an older guy I was interested in. I don't know what to do. Most older men are attracted to younger women, but just be careful, because if something does happen and you get attached the aftermath can suck something quite awful.

I wouldn't recommend you be anything but friend's with "Not interested in hookup yahoo answers" guy. I hope I have helped in some way. First of all, is he married? Second, is he into you as much as you're into him? And, he could be just looking to have sex with a younger woman. How often do you date guys your own age? If you don't do that very often, you have nothing Not interested in hookup yahoo answers go by. The thing with this older guy could be just lust on your part. You want to get with him, but you don't even know if he wants a lasting relationship with you.

Take your time and date other guys your own age first. You are very young, and all you have is time. Sex is so not love. But remember, at 33, he is getting past the having kids and going out partying and being a kid himself age. You on the other hand can not even drink legaly yet. So that would be a problem. But if your just looking for a hook up your not worried about relationship stuff right?

It's real world consequences vs. Only you know the answer. Let me say though that although you are both legal, there may be moral or social consequences. I don't suppose your family, or his family would welcome the idea of hooking up with a guy who is like Also, the workplace awkwardness may be a factor. So up to you. If you are attracted to him, you know that the heart can override the brain in situations like these.

Take your pick - deal with the consequences, or don't hook up.

Dont sweat it. Live your...

Don't go there, cause it's a bad idea. Do you seriously want to hook up with a guy who is 14 years your senior?

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It's not right, unless it's true love. Don't do it kid, plenty of guys out there your age, never trust your emotions because it is something that carries no logic whatsoever and therefore you can't make proper decisions when drowning in it.

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Site thailand the design is not pleasing in terms of dating a middle. If various hookups occur, it's free to hint that you want a relationship. You could If he's not interested than stop giving him what he wants: ***!. You could try discussing this with him, tell him that you were too drunk to think properly and tell him that you have no sexual attraction towards.