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Dating divas white elephant gift ideas


Christmas day might have passed, but holiday parties are still taking place for many people. These involve food, small talk and caroling. Perhaps the best part, however, is the white elephant gift exchange. In a white elephant gift exchange, people can choose to bring hilarious items such as talking toilets, turnip earrings or mugs with cheeky sayings.

Or people might get rid of an unwanted thing that was previously given to them.

Still others might bring the surprisingly classy or desirable present like chocolates, candles or a gift card. Now, this definition for a game of exchanging goofy objects is a normal part of many social events especially around Christmas.

If you are still wondering what to wrap up for your Christmas party, here are a few white elephant ideas. They are a mixture of funny and actually useful but are fairly simple and inexpensive.

Want to have a good laugh? Mad Libs are a great, cheap way to have fun with friends or family. Each page asks for articles of language like nouns, verbs or adjectives. These are then inserted into a scripted story to make a hilarious tale. Crazy Suspenders and Bow Ties ] 9.

Gift Baskets. 50 Themed Christmas...

Crazy Suspenders and Bow Ties from eBay. Doctor Who has made bow ties more popular. However, suspenders and bow ties can still be a bit doofy looking.

Giving silly accessories like this can be a great white elephant gift idea. With so many people enjoying coffee and tea, mugs are popular gift ideas. This little sweater for a mug is not only silly but also useful.

50 Hilarious and Creative White...

If you are crafty, you can even try to make one of these for the white elephant gift exchange. Cheers for Beers Growler ] 7. Cheers for Beers Growler from West Elm. Looking for a clever white elephant gift that people will want to steal from others? This growler makes transporting beer easy. Not only does it keep the drink fresh, it also holds up to 64 ounces which makes it great for tailgating or other parties.

Some people like the idea of getting tattoos but do not want to have a permanent marking or go through "Dating divas white elephant gift ideas" pain. These metallic tattoos are a great alternative to ink tattoos. Plus, this gift is only 10 dollars.

Bringing a gift related to a popular fandom is another great idea. Find a funny gift related to these books or movies, and you will be sure to make someone happy to bring your present home. Giving clothing is difficult enough when you know the person.

Thus, using clothing for a white elephant gift might seem silly at first. However, a medium or large shirt with a witty saying like the one above can be a wonderful present that the receiver will enjoy wearing.

Rainbow Christmas Tree ] 3.

The funniest White Elephant gifts...

Since most white elephant gift exchanges take place around Christmas, bringing a wacky holiday decoration can be a great option. Now that Christmas is over, buying one of these items on sale makes the gift even cheaper. A talking animal figure or creepy china creature is sure to get laughs. These are very simple to find at thrift stores for cheap prices.

Otherwise, you might have some in your attic or basement that no one wants anymore. If you still need more ideas for white elephant gifts, here are a bunch of witty ideas based on puns or jokes.

For example, you can get cups that look like you are picking your nose or bacon-flavored toothpaste. All of these will bring laughter and show that you know how to pick out Dating divas white elephant gift ideas white elephant presents.

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Hollywood, make more movies like this. Which leaves us with one burning question: 50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas - The Dating Divas White Elephant Gift Ideas UNDER $15 that you'll want to keep- perfect for. 50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas - The Dating Divas.

50 HILARIOUS White Elephant Gift Ideas- the perfect gag gifts for Christmas! I'm dying at. Dating divas white elephant gift ideas face it, the White Elephant Christmas party is a favorite season tradition!

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