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How to know if someone blocked you on match


Big community funding update! Online dating question-what could have happened? I'm confused and bummed February 3, 2: I can send him an email BUT can not click to view his profile ; This guy and I have been emailing bac and fourth - would have How to know if someone blocked you on match 3rd email from him When I went to check my emails.

Saw his default photo was taken off. I tried clicking on his profile Also, I can send him an email, as I drafted something and the email setting had no issue letting me do so. What is going on with his profile? He had added me to his favorites Also, I saw he viewed my profile so I sent him a message.

He responded a few hours later He loved my creativeness in choosing a nameand asked me all sorts of questions. After another email he replied. So I don't know what happened. Could he be married? He hasn't filled out his profile, if I understand that correctly. And he sounds like a mess, there's no question about that.

But, truly, let us spare...

Email with someone else. What could have happened? If he's into you he'll write back. Try not to dwell. Anyone who sounds that erratic on a dating site is bad news. Either they have no idea what the expectations of courtship are, or aren't interested in them, or "How to know if someone blocked you on match" no idea what they really want. Sadly, these people are often ridiculously charismatic and good for a short time at making others feel special.

You've met your first Match scammer. Bullet dodged, and thank your stars. Telling me he had 3 favorites and I was one of them he said he didn't want to talk about himselfhe wanted to know about me. Find someone else to talk to. I'd run away as fast as I could. You don't need to worry about anything else.

I'm also laughing at the one in three favorites. What is he, running his own dating game show with himself as the bachelor? It doesn't work that way, dude. There is no getting "bummed" during the email phase of online dating! Nthing that he sounds flaky at best, married or a scammer at worst. If he were really interested in you, he'd have asked you out on a real live coffee date or other appropriate first-time meeting date.

That's what you do to get around problems with an online site.

Don't take it personally and...

You don't tell one of your so-called "favorites" that you aren't reading all your messages. Btw, my criticism is firmly aimed at him, you're fine. It stinks that there are people on dating sites that do this. I've had better luck on OKCupid. Not saying it's perfect. Telling me he had 3 favorites and I was one of themand told me he wanted to hear more from me This dude is bad news bears. Good, decent men don't make you compete for their affection like you're on a game show.

If he wants to pursue something, you'll hear from him. On dating sites, limit your trust.


Maximize your understanding that you are wonderful, and should be treated wonderfully. Maybe he's a noob, or whatever, who can tell? But don't cater to him. This thread is closed to new comments. Don't take it personally and if you think she's interesting why not contact her? .

Bottom line, if you want...

Hey Curious – I believe when you block someone you'll be. But, truly, let us spare a moment for the person who was dismissed with a simple, The League, the elite dating app which matches you based on your IRL meetup, "He invited two dates to the same event and didn't tell us. is going on with his profile? I don't know if the profile thing means he's blocked you, Find someone else to talk to.

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