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I need to get fit fast


Lack of time is one of the top reasons most individuals skip out on their sweat session. Despite the numerous benefits like reduced stress and improved mood, workouts often get moved to the backburner, replaced by chores and errands.

Between packing a bag, driving to the gym, and actually getting moving, workouts seem to take a large chunk of time. Supersets are one of the oldest tricks in the book — because they work.

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By performing two exercises back-to-back, lifters can not only get a workout done in a shorter amount of time, but they can also bump up the amount of calories they burn. To maintain a high intensity and get the most out of pairing exercises back-to-back, alternate between upper and lower body movements. That way, one muscle group is always recovering while the other is working. Your 3-Move Kettlebell Workout.

With so many distractions in the gym — including television, friends and cell phones — it can be hard to stay on task.

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Try bringing a timer to your next session and start it during rest periods. Typically, most gym-goers will want I need to get fit fast limit rest periods to 90 seconds or less, though times should be adjusted up or down depending on specific goals. Determine the appropriate rest time for you and stick to it. When incorporating stretching, focus on targeting areas not incorporated in the current workout.

For instance, during an upper body workout routine, I need to get fit fast the hamstrings and hip flexors during short breaks. Interval training has seen a huge surge in popularity with workouts like the Tabata protocolwhich has users working all-out for 20 seconds with only a second rest in between sets.

By ramping up intensity, they promise huge improvements in cardiovascular health. To get started with interval trainingbegin incorporating some short, intense bursts during a normal cardio session. Push the pace for 20 to 30 seconds before recovering for the same amount of time at a lower intensity.

Start by repeating that sequence three to four times and build up as you get comfortable with the high intensity! Of all the distractions in the gym that compete for attention after a set, perhaps the biggest time-waster is simply wondering what to do next.

Not having a workout planned out can kill efficiency. To solve this problem, jot down a workout in advance. Or, screenshot it on your phone if you promise not to text! If the workout requires special equipment like TRX straps or a stability balltry snatching them up ahead of time to speed up transition time. Particularly during busy hours after work, finding an open machine can be difficult, especially in a smaller gym.

Instead of waiting on a fellow gym member to finish up, have a back-up plan in mind for each exercise. If the squat racks are busy, substitute with dumbbell goblet squats or walking lunges. Both work the same muscle groups but in a slightly different way.

The key is to keep moving rather than stand around waiting!

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Although apps and music can be a key companion when it comes to tracking workouts and pushing through hard sets, technology can also be a major distraction in the gym. Still want to track sets and reps? Try using a pen and paper or switch electronics to airplane mode if they have to come along for the ride. With the right methods in place, lifters can get in and out of the gym in record time so they can tackle the rest of their to-do list feeling refreshed and invigorated!

Your body is made mostly of water, so you better believe you need it! I just wanted to say, this was supposed to help me get fit FAST, but it. 7 Time-Saving Workout Tips to Get Fit Fast Typically, most gym-goers will want to limit rest periods to 90 seconds or less, though times should.

There are fundamentals to achieve your fitness goals faster. Start by I need to get fit fast You Should Consider When You Want to Get Fit. Here are eight.

Your body is made mostly...

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