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Dating site commercial


New gay dating site ManCrunch. The ad was rejected by CBS. But some people watch just for the commercials, and for them, the game should be pretty interesting. This year, CBS is airing an anti-abortion commercial featuring college football star Tim Tebow, with his mother. The ad is sponsored by the conservative group Focus on the Family. Within a few "Dating site commercial" of that ad's approval, CBS turned down a commercial for the Super Bowl produced by a new gay dating site called ManCrunch.

The Tebow and ManCrunch ads raise questions about not just what networks want in Super Bowl advertisements, but also what potential advertisers really want from the Super Bowl. The second ManCrunch ad shows two guys on a couch watching a football game. They're rooting for their respective teams.

Then, they both reach Dating site commercial potato chips at the same time. Dominic Friesen, a spokesman for ManCrunch. He says CBS made his company wait almost two weeks for a decision on airing the commercial, when other companies screening ads for the game received approvals or denials much quicker.

Last week, CBS turned down...

But CBS stands by its decision. As a new corporation, the company has a limited credit history.

Farmers dating site commercial youtube...

But ManCrunch says it offered to pay for the ad in cash. However, when asked by NPR to supply documents verifying that an actual cash advance was offered, nothing was provided.

CBS's statement also said the commercial's creative content is not within its broadcast standards. And they classify the ad as commercial, not advocacy, like the Tim Tebow Dating site commercial ad.

Last week, CBS turned down...

Susan Stasney, of Alexandria, Va. She knows a bit about the ManCrunch controversy, and is not enthused by the ad:. Yet, she thinks there's a double standard at play: When it comes to Super Bowl ads, she might actually have a point.

A Dating site commercial years ago, candy maker Mars ran a Super Bowl commercial in which two men accidentally kiss while trying to eat the same Snickers bar. The kiss disgusted them both so much, that they started doing "manly" things to make up for the lip lock, like ripping off their shirts and violently yanking "Dating site commercial" off their chests.

That ad was denounced as homophobic. But the dating site is not the first business to have an ad denied. In fact, Brad Adgate, an advertising expert at Dating site commercial Media, says that some corporations submit ads they know will be denied for the Super Bowl, just for the publicity of the rejection. But often, it's difficult to ever definitively know what an advertiser's motives really are. Adgate says the big game is one of the last TV shows to reach men and women of all ages.

He expects that upward of million people will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Last week, CBS turned down...

And even a denial, with an audience that big, can be good for business. So, ManCrunch might not have it that bad after all. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Farmers dating site commercial youtube....

The ad raises questions about not just what networks want in Super Bowl advertisements, but what potential advertisers really want from the Super Bowl. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. February 4, 2: Heard on All Things Considered. The Usual Suspects Feb. Last week, CBS turned down a commercial produced by a new gay dating site called The "Dating site commercial" raises questions about not just.

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