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Mistress mind control domination


Goddess Mena and bella Bathory conspire to corrupt the newly elected Senator Hyde. Their end goal is to separate him from his vast fortune and plunge him into a world "Mistress mind control domination" eternal slavery. In unison the diabolical duo "Mistress mind control domination" force Senator Hyde back into total submission…because he was never truly cured of his weaknesses in the first place. Senator Hyde will only be cured when Goddess Mena allows it!

When Mena and Bella are done draining them, both Hyde and Eric will sign their lives away to these magnificent Dominant Goddesses and crawl away broken and destitute. Alexa is back in another epic Edging Salon clip! This slave has been dropped off at the Edging Salon Mistress mind control domination a mind erasing session.

Hot girls know, our asses make boys dumb. So, Alexa uses images of sexy asses to get this slave stupider. The stupider the slave, the more room there is in its brain for the stuff we want to put in. The picture in picture shows what the slave in The Edging Salon is seeing while in virtual reality. The picture in picture is mostly POV images of sexy oiled up asses in thongs and bikinis.

It also includes ass worship segments. The sound is mixed. It includes the meditative music that help relax the slave for its ruining, along with sounds from the PIP and handjob.

Andy was left at the edging salon a while ago. Nobody has any use for andy, so Edyn and Lola decide to use him for a brainwash experiment. Today, Edyn and Lola will attempt to sexually rewire andy to crave big black cocks. Andy is attracted to girls; pretty girls. Edyn and Lola strap andy to a chair and place him into virtual reality headset.

Lola places andy under voice control and selects images for his video feed.

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At first, andy is shown pretty girls. Andy responds very well to the sight of the pretty girls. He gets very hard. Gradually andy falls deeper and deeper under the mind control. Andy is successfully reprogrammed to believe he is seeing a pretty girl when he is in fact looking at a big black cock, but the results are inconsistent. Also, despite suggestion that andy likes big black cock, he keeps verbally "Mistress mind control domination" that he likes girls.

Lola thinks it will take at Mistress mind control domination one brainwash session a day for several months before a full conversion is complete.

His body betrays him; he truly must be aroused by images of big black cocks to have an erection so persistent. This clip has a picture in picture that shows the brainwash images andy is perceiving in virtual reality. The picture in picture is present throughout most of the clip.

At the very end, there are a few minutes of Mistress mind control domination brainwash loop by itself. Amadahy is a very intelligent woman, but it would be a waste for her to use her superior mind to control you. All she has to do is wear a low cut dress. You are so stupid for perfect tits. Become more and more mindless. Feel your dick growing harder as your logic is suspended. Keep looking, keep getting harder and stupider.

This is how women control losers like you. She can get whatever she wants because you are mindless when you are controlled by her tits.

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You are addicted to nice asses in shiny spandex. A nice ass has the ability to control you, control the way you think. Let it control the way you think.

Give in to the rewire. See how the spandex stretches and shines over her curves? Follow it, go deeper. Get yourself right to that edge.

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You are going to cum when Amadahy allows it, on her Mistress mind control domination. Make that pathetic mess when she reaches one. You will do anything for a perfect ass. The slave is edged, then forced and ruined 3 times!

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