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How to know you are being catfished


Technology has been on the rise for years now, improving, full of innovation every day, updates, everything is new and on a fast track to a fully enhanced future. This technology has also allowed many of us to find love around the world, through online dating and various dating apps, many people have found their soulmate, or so they think.

With this new way of finding the people we connect with on a deeper level out in the world, there are people who want to take advantage of the vulnerability of putting yourself out there.

With these tips and tricks we can all be aware of all the red flags that pop up when you start talking to the guy you Super Liked last night on Tinder.

Be cautious and careful before you go meet someone you met online, there are tons of precautions to take before that big step, let's go through them together! These fictional online personas that catfishing individuals use can be brought to light simply by asking them to go on camera with you through Skype, or other means.

Take the necessary steps to deal with this situation, and the most important determining factor of this can be going on video. It is important to get the right information before anything develops, and plus no one likes being lied to! Keeping secrets for someone is never a good way to start a relationship or a friendship, never a good idea!

When you find out someone has been keeping secrets from you, not only can it cause massive distrust for relationships in the future, as well as the current, it can make you become a cynic.

People that can actually do that will twist your emotions around and trap you in a relationship like that, get out while you can, and give them space so they can reflect and work on themselves. It is exhausting to always have to deal with the excuses from someone you love. When a person throws excuse after excuse your way, either a friend, family member or someone you love romantically, it hurts, because it is painfully obvious they are How to know you are being catfished to avoid time spent together and time where there could be bonding developing.

Someone you love, friend or romantically should not be making excuses How to know you are being catfished wanting to see you or spend time with you. It is a major red flag as well, you never know online if someone is constantly making up excuses because they just do not like you and do not want to say anything because they feel bad, which is not right at allor if they are hiding something.

When a person does not include you in their plans ever, it is really hard to forward a relationship and build trust for a future together, it is just not possible.

Asking too many favors right off the bat, they are taking advantage of you. There is no other way about, when someone is constantly asking you to do favors for them, they are simply using you whether they realize it or not, it is not appropriate or fair to you. You should never be involved in a relationship where you How to know you are being catfished doing ninety percent of the work to hold the whole thing together while he is just barely doing the other ten.

There How to know you are being catfished so many options out there, and there are even cheaper options for digital cameras, the quality might not be great, but there are options for people in every price range. When someone tells you that they How to know you are being catfished only call you, like their calling from a fake number from many sites that can generate a fake number to talk on, or whatever the case may be, it's a common occurrence in catfish stories.

People just need to come clean so everyone can move on, or step up and be honest about the situation. Especially when they meet you through a dating site. You can't help but question if they're really being honest about their technology use. Or on the other hand, when you do a reverse image search and social media profiles pop up on Google that have millions of followers, and no connection to what they've been telling you.

When situations like this happen it's obvious that you're talking to a catfish. Social media is the main way people connect today, it's just very hard to believe that someone doesn't have a relevant social media account to communicate with close friends and family.

Use your common sense, if...

Having a lack of equality in a relationship is a bad sign regardless if it's online or in real life. There should always be an aspect of equal partnership in a relationship and that doesn't change just because it's online.

When a partner takes advantage of you just because it's over the phone it's your job to confront them and bring up the discussion of equality.

In most cases when there's a problem with the quality and some of the other options that have already been mentioned in this list, it's a good chance that you're talking to somebody that's not who they How to know you are being catfished they are. All relationships should have an equal partnership, in relationships that do that have a better success of turning an online relationship into a real life partnership.

Are you being catfished? Watch...

The best thing that we can do to make sure that we stay safe when dating online it is to be aware. He's actually a concept of things being too good to be true.

It's perfectly wonderful How to know you are being catfished have an online relationship that's going smoothly and perfect with little to no altercations, but when it's too good, we have to step back from the romantic pink filter over our eyes and try to view the situation from an outsider's perspective.

It's so easy for a catfish to try to hide things and to keep secrets, to make up stories that get you emotionally connected and happy, while they might be doing it without the intent of harm, you have to remember that lying is harmful no matter what.

When you haven't even met somebody face to face it's always a bad sign when every single conversation starts a fight between both of you. "How to know you are being catfished" it's not an online relationship this is a bad sign.

You have to make sure that you take the necessary precautions when moving forward in a situation like this, you need to be able to protect yourself, your online media and most importantly your emotions.

Are you being catfished? Watch...

Like I said before fighting is completely natural and any relationship some might even say that it's healthy. They might not be because of you regardless of whatever he says, it could stem from guilt about lying about who he is, or just simply trying to emotionally get you attached and feel bad about yourself.

Find out how to tell...

Both reasons are very common when catfishing comes up in online relationships. A common habit among catfishing is when the catfish calls only late at night. Regardless of somebody working all day, it's very hard to believe that the only time that they can communicate even if it's just a text message, is at night.

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I know that when I'm deeply in love with someone, I make time for them all day no matter what, even when I'm working I make sure to either call or text them during my breaks. It's, even more, condemning when they won't even answer your phone call during the day or even text you back at that time.

Be aware of what's happening and don't How to know you are being catfished this happen to you because it's manipulative and unfair. An easy way to see if someone is real or not is to check up with the friends on his friend's list! If you have the person that you've met online either through dating apps or organically through the web, on Facebook and you're questioning whether they're really who they say they are, an easy way to find out is to strike up a conversation with some of their friends they have on their social media.

Getting in contact with their friends by just shooting them a message can really clarify some things without a lot of effort on your part, it can save you time and wasted emotions. That's why the tip above about social media is so important, because many catfish lurking out there are very aware of this tactic, so they generally avoid social media where you can easily see their friends or they won't even tell you about their accounts in the first place.

Lying is never okay in any relationship online or in real life, when you meet a person online that has many of these tips in common, it's time to sit down and have a conversation about who they really are.

Giving them a chance to tell their side of the story is key to being able to both move forward. It takes "How to know you are being catfished" strong person to be able to have that conversation and fully listen to what their side of the story is whether that be insecurities How to know you are being catfished issues, or if they were just playing a mean trick.

Regardless of what it is it's never the right way to go about meeting people online, it's unfair to you and it wastes time for everyone involved. Technology is what's propelling us forward, connecting us, and it's keeping our connections in tact no matter where we are, but when we seek out romantic or even friendly relationships it's so important to be able to protect ourselves. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

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Don't worry. Here are 10 ways to tell you're being catfished. Find out how to tell if you're being catfishes with these six signs from people who have been there themselves.

Catfishing can not only have a financial impact on the victim but an emotional one too. Despite this, the imposters who steal others' identities to.

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