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We saw her holes. An orchid bloomed from out of her mouth. She sat on a backwards chair looking into each and every one of our souls, a light emanating from her pelvis. How does a black Beyonce vagina flash pop star—come to be in complete artistic and commercial control of her music and image?

The opening of the Formation tour is all aggression and empowerment. Once everyone was drawn in, the rest of the show could begin. Ultimately, she is all of these things Beyonce vagina flash any given moment, which is what makes her free. She wears a rhinestone muzzle.

Onstage, her backup dancers appear in wire necklaces that extend upwards over their faces like cages. The choreography—muscular and unrelenting—is a powerful throughline of the show. Their arms, echoing West African dance traditions, swirled in circles and also moved with military precision through sharp, wide angles while their legs were often set in wide, powerful stances.

There was a lot of stomping. She sat on a black box. All two hours of Formation are perfectly constructed and edited.

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There are the visuals: How she is able to give us seemingly everything? Her source of inspiration and power—herself, her life as a black woman, a wife, a mother, an artist—is, apparently, endless.

She didn't walk off the stage; she was absorbed by bright lights and vanished through Beyonce vagina flash hole in the floor.

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Beyonce vagina flash she is, undoubtedly, the most powerful cultural force celebrating women. She tells our stories, explores our emotions, embraces our complexities— our glorious, glowing holes. You might also be interested in these: Mine Had a Lot of Ass. Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events. Stranger Tickets Buy tickets to events around Seattle. This Week's Issue Print Archives.

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