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How to attract the right guy


Dating is hard for everyone, but there is a particular type of girl who attracts the wrong type of guy over and over again. If you constantly find yourself claiming that your single status is due to the lack of good men around, it is time to reevaluate why that may be. Of course it is easier to lay blame on the opposite sex for their inability to commit, but it is often your own behavior that results in you dating one bad boy after another. We may not How to attract the right guy able to change our environment and the douchebags that surround us.

However, we do have the ability to change our behavior, our choices, and the ways we react. Here are "How to attract the right guy" ways to attract a good guy and keep him.

If you want a good guy to stick around, you have to let him know that. Between Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder, we all have endless access to see what else is out there. But if you want a new relationship to flourish, put down your phone and focus on one man at a time.

Unless your job requires you to be in lingerie and post about it on Instagram, then posting private, provocative images could make you come across as insecure. If you were in a loving relationship, chances are those images would be saved for private conversations with your man.

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However, it does mean that you should see how things progress naturally before deciding where you want the relationship to go. A good guy will value your feelings and it will only bring the two of you closer together. If he goes out, do you also have to? A relationship will never move along smoothly if you play the dating game like an ego-driven chess match.

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If you really want to be in a meaningful relationship then it is important to be open and honest without competing with your man. He went out of his way to ask you out, so follow through. Unless there is a real emergency you should always make an effort for the guy that makes an effort for you.

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Most people have been hurt in the past, but carrying that baggage into your new relationship can sabotage it. For example, if your ex cheated on you and you start projecting your trust issues onto your new guy because of it, you will drive him away.

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Embrace your individuality instead of changing yourself to meet the expectations of a guy that you just met. A good guy will love the person that you truly are "How to attract the right guy" not the carefully constructed version of yourself that you have represented to him.

If you lie about yourself to appear more desirable, remember the truth always has a way of coming out. If you have an event and invite the guy as your Plus One, make sure you act like you want him there.

Ditching a guy at a party where you invited him is a quick way to lose a good guy. Being nice goes a long way.

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If your new man is having a rough day, show your support instead of acting disinterested. Sure, we all have ex boyfriends that meant a lot to us, but constantly bringing them up will only make the new man in your life uncomfortable. Having your own life is an incredibly attractive quality that will have the good guys flocking to you. But the good guy loves the woman that is totally fine on her own and content with her life whether she is single or in a relationship.

Any bad boy you meet will most likely be frightened by your confidence, whereas a good guy will be drawn to you and admire it. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our How to attract the right guy to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

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Dedicated to your stories and ideas. A website by Thought. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! Where are all of the great guys? I'm here to tell you there are still men out there who want to be your knight in shining armor. The trick? Finding and attracting. Even if you're relentlessly attracted to bad-boys, bad girls, or to unavailable the right person to trigger whatever emotional circuitry we need to work through.

Here are fifteen ways to attract a good guy and keep him. If this scares How to attract the right guy guy offthen he wasn't right for you in the first place. A good guy will.

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