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Quidditch on teen


Five balls are in play during Quidditch on teen matches: The Quaffle, which is a volleyball; three Bludgers, or dodgeballs; and the Snitch, a tennis ball. The Snitch is the ball that must be caught to end the game. Each player must have a broom between his or her legs at all times. Quidditch on teen no football helmets, shoulder pads or anything of the sort.

Cups are allowed, as are padded helmets. The brooms cannot be used to contact other players. Meanwhile, my strategy is to hang back and be a quarterback, call out plays, call out what I see on the pitch, tell people Quidditch on teen pick up other Chasers, things like that.

They also have to be able to catch the Bludger so they can avoid being knocked out. Each match has one Snitch, a person dressed in yellow who wears a sock with a tennis ball attached to the back of their waistband. That person is expected to be impartial in preventing Seekers from grabbing the ball. In tournament play, the Snitch is usually a person who is not on either team competing at the time.

There are also certified snitches available through the U. Quidditch, including governing bodies such as U. Quidditch, prides itself on being inclusive. To that end, it employs what is known as the gender maximum rule. Quidditch website, no more than four players per team who identify as the same gender can be on the pitch at a time; that number increases to five when Seekers Quidditch on teen in play.

Teams score points in two ways: The Snitch enters the game at the minute mark of each match. The match ends when the Snitch is caught. Once a goal is scored, the Keeper of the team that was just scored on takes possession, and play resumes from there. The game is hella "Quidditch on teen."

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Players are allowed to tackle each other, stiff arm and do almost anything to dislodge a Quaffle or Bludger from an opponent or to keep the other team from scoring. As far as contact, players are not allowed to tackle an opponent who cannot see them.

You also cannot lift an opposing player off the ground or tackle a player who is Quidditch on teen midair. Players who commit fouls are sent to a penalty box, sometimes resulting in power plays. If the infraction is severe enough, players can be ejected. Even though the sport is based on a fictional wizarding pastime, shorts and jerseys "Quidditch on teen" required. As for the spectators, anything goes with clothing. The scores can get up there. What you can do in middle school to start preparing for….

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Japanese schoolboys, it seems, are now uploading photos of imaginary Quidditch games. Quidditch, of course, is the broomstick-based team.


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