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When I retired from the army I had purchased a restaurant in south Florida. It was a small place that had carry out, delivery, and 12 tables for dine in. When the original staff found out of the ownership change, I had 4 people quit. A cook, a Spread pics tumblr and 2 waitress. Expected when the host was a niece of the last owners and the cook was a family friend.

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I had already posted for help wanted. The positions filled fast without disruption to business. One interview I had scheduled was set for 1pm on a Tuesday. Two hours before we open and when no other staff is there. Her application was poorly written and had no experience in the restaurant business.

But everyone deserves a chance right? She showed up with a black halter top and black shorts and flip flops. She had dark hair and very dark eyes. Tanned like most of the women in Florida. And please forgive my attire. I had a late night. I went through with the normal interview questions and she answered each one of them and a professional way.

I admit, this made me hard almost instantly. I stood up from my chair as she dropped to her knees. As she unbuckled my belt I reach down and I ended my pants and drop them to the floor. She looked Spread pics tumblr at me she reached with her other hand and Spread pics tumblr a hold my dick.

Never losing eye contact with me. Then she took it into her mouth. I grabbed a fistful of hair in the back of her head and slammed my dick is deep into your mouth as I could and continuously thrusted. Hearing her gag only wanted me to push deeper.

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As I was about to Spread pics tumblr I started to moan loudly and she "Spread pics tumblr" to look right into my eyes. I blew my whole load right down her throat. She then rub my dick all over her face well staring straight at me.

She stood up and asked if I had something that Spread pics tumblr could wipe up her face was. I showed her where the bathroom was. I clean myself off and straighten myself out and then she came out. My girlfriend took me to a music festival in Brazil. We stayed in upscale tents and used shared facilities.

When we showered one morning I could hear her chatting to two boys who were in cublices on either side of her. It turned me on that she was fully naked just a few feet away from other naked men and that she was chatting to them and laughing. They started arguing about who had the biggest cock. They asked my girlfriend jokingly to judge.

She said yes and opened the door to her shower cubicle. Nothing happened but she saw them naked and vice versa. We had great sex that night and I asked her if it had turned her on. She said that she would love to have sex with two random guys in a public shower and that the fact that she turned them on and have them hard ons made her want them. Posts Submit a post Archive. Sleeping sister wake up….

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Restaurant slut When I retired from the army I had purchased a restaurant in south Florida. She kissed me on the cheek and walked out. She work for me for three years and this was almost a regular occurrence. Judging cock - Anonymous submission My girlfriend took me to a music festival in Brazil. mature spread pussy tumblr porn-porno Galleries, Found Most Popular mature spread pussy tumblr videos Displaying best mature spread pussy tumblr xxx.

18 year old baby pansexual & single. This is the replacement blog for Spread pics tumblr which was closed down by Tumblr! Feel free to reblog and comment on this pic(s). Spread the word!.

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