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Hypno Sex Stories


Being a young spotty youth, with his hormones ranging, I wanted sex, sex and more sex. I dreamed of young girls under my control doing all sorts of sexy things to me. I saw this film once where the butler hypnotises all the staff of a big house for his sexual pleasure. I wanked over this thought for weeks. Then I thought, perhaps I could learn to do that.

I spent a fruitless week in the local library looking for a good book. Then I was at this Car Boot sale where I found an old medical volume on psychiatry, it had a whole chapter on clinical hypnotises. This was the real stuff, not Hollywood fiction.

I studied this book for weeks, saying out loud the words as I road my bike to school. There was, however, one area of hope, a passage in the book said that it was easier to hypnotise a patient if a light sedative was administered or if the patient Hypno Sex Stories naturally tired or drowsy.

If I can find someone almost asleep perhaps I could hypnotise her. As it happens, no sooner than I read this, the perfect opportunity pops up. I Hypno Sex Stories home from school one day, where I find my younger sister half-asleep Hypno Sex Stories the sofa.

Now my sister is a year younger than me but is a knock out, with a body to die for. The only problem is she keeps it well hidden. When I started to talk to her but all I got was a mumble in reply. Oh my god I had done it, what do I do now, my mind goes blank. I decided to give myself some time to think. You will remember nothing of what has happened, but you will "Hypno Sex Stories" all instructions you have been given.

I notice a immediately change Hypno Sex Stories her attitude towards me, as over the next few days, I must have seen her in her underwear 3 or 4 times, when she going to the bathroom. The following Saturday, Mum and dad have gone shopping, leaving my sister and I alone all morning. This was my chance. I had re-read my book on what I Hypno Sex Stories do now.

At night when you sleep, you will dream about having sex with me. I retreat to my room to got my digital camera out and change the batteries. I left my bedroom door open on purpose so that I could see what I was going on. It just took time. I go down stairs and wait. After a few minutes later she reappears dressed in a pair of bikini bottoms and a leather waistcoat.

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She really has a great body. She does, so off we go back to my room. I connect the leads and the pictures start to appear on the computer screen. As I down load these pictures I look Hypno Sex Stories at her lying on my bed. One of her hands has gone between her legs, rubbing her pussy and while the other is squeezing her left tit.

Being a young spotty youth,...

As she touches herself she looking directly at me with lust Hypno Sex Stories her eyes. I pick up the camera again, with the memory card now empty and start to record her masturbating.

Her tits are beautiful, firm and feels like silk.

Reuploading this fic, due to...

My hand travel over her body at will. One hand moves between her legs, a moan escapes from her lips. God would I, my cock is straining to get out of my pants. She reaches over and undoes my belt to release it. She now straddles me and impales herself on my newly hard cock. She rides me as I watch her beautiful body move. She is getting closer and closer Hypno Sex Stories orgasm, her tempo increases and then she collapses on top of me. I pull out and push my still hard cock between her tits.

An arrogant woman becomes a...

This archive contains the original stories with the original text intact, except for the insertion of HTML markup. All spelling and grammar errors Hypno Sex Stories the fault of the.

Reuploading this fic, due to encouraging by others. Just a rape-hypnosis-sex slave story. All characters aged up to legal age. I apologize to any. Being a young spotty youth, with his hormones ranging, I wanted sex, sex and more sex. In fact I wasn't getting any. I dreamed of young girls.

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