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Er misuse complaints wait time assholes


Long-running Medical Drama that redefined the genre. It was the first to show "Er misuse complaints wait time assholes" realistic emergency procedures and reproduce the disorganised clutter of a real metropolitan hospital. Its creator, Michael Crichtonbased many of Season 1's stories on real patients he'd had during his time as a doctor, though he handed the reins to John Wells starting in Season 2 and had little involvement with the show from then on.

Set in Cook County General Hospitalthe show followed an ever-changing, ethnically diverse cast of doctors, nurses, administrators and medical students as they deal with the day-to-day angst of saving lives.

Their personal lives took a back seat to taut scenes of trying to help patients with their various physical and emotional emergencies.

The main character arc was that of John Carter Noah Wylewho evolved throughout the course of the show from an uncertain medical student to the wise and infinitely capable chief resident.

Emergency physician, suburban Northeast; “Your...

Due to its long run 15 seasons it had Loads and Loads of Characters. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Episodes that focused solely on Er misuse complaints wait time assholes character usually meant that others were completely absent. Often, characters were randomly omitted with zero explanation—Susan isn't in "Hell and High Water", Kerry isn't in "Fear of Flying", etc. Many of the doctors working in the ER have screwed up parents. Some of the patients also turn out to be victims of parental abuse. Alan Alda plays Dr. Gabriel Lawrence in Season 6. Anupam Kher plays Neela's father in "Damaged".

Many scenarios feature patients facing job loss due to illness, injury, or simply having to take time off work to come to the ER in the first place. Elderly husbands or wives watch their spouses of many years succumb to stroke, heart attack, or any of the many other ravages of old age. Parents agonize as their sick or injured children are treated; some parents have kids with chronic or terminal illnesses that can never be cured.

The main cast themselves experience all of these and more; specific examples include, but are certainly not limited to: Mark receiving word that his wife and daughter have been involved in a car accident. This leads to yet another Adult Fear —this is how he discovers that Jen's been having an affair and intends to leave him for the other man.

Mark later suffering from a brain tumour twicethe consequences of which lead to Elizabeth losing her husband.

After that we waited less...

Susan losing her niece, whom she'd been raising as her own, in a custody battle—the episode in which this is finalized features several flashbacks which are perhaps deliberately framed in such a way that it looks as though the baby is lost and crying for Susan while Susan, also in tears, demolishes her apartment trying to locate her. Jeanie contracting HIV from her husband. The premature birth of Benton's son, who remains in fragile condition for several weeks. The stabbings of "Er misuse complaints wait time assholes" and Lucy, and Lucy's death.

Mark being violently assaulted and nearly killed in a random attack in the hospital men's room, Er misuse complaints wait time assholes no motive ever given and his assailant never identified or brought to justice. Kerry watching her mentor Dr. Lawrence start to decay in the first stages of Alzheimer's, and both of them coming to realize that Lawrence will eventually succumb to full dementia.

Mark getting word that his daughter overdosed on ecstasy Kerry facing the possibility of ostracization and loss of her position at County when she is outed as a lesbian, and later fighting with her deceased partner's homophobic parents to retain custody of their son. He claims that one of his parents was an agnostic Jew, although which one is not made clear probably his motherand he knows a bit of Yiddish and some Jewish prayer.

However, Mark seems to have no expressed faith. Eriq La Salle, for Seasons Paul McCrane, for Seasons Laura Innes, for Seasons Angela Bassettfor the final season. And the Adventure Continues: Crosses over with Book-Endsas a Greene enters and leaves the hospital with Carter. Benton has shown shades of this. He's initially reluctant to go out with Elizabeth because she's white ; the relationship later ended because Eriq La Salle had a problem with it being shown as "less problematic" than his relationships with black characters.

I recently completed 8 months...

Later he's reluctant to continue a relationship with Cleo because, as a bi-racial woman, she doesn't understand the "needs" of the African-American community, which rings fairly hypocritical considering that Jeanie or at least, Gloria Reuben was also half-white and Benton never considered it an issue, hiring her especially to take care of his mother.

It's a wonder he was ever happy. Dozens, throughout the show's year run. Some to the point of Asshole Victim —when the serial rapist who's been terrorizing the city is brought in, the unhurried atmosphere in the trauma room is in stark contrast to what we've seen hundreds of times. Lucy Knight being stabbed to death in Season 6. Mark Greene succumbing to brain cancer at the end of Season 8. Robert Romano being crushed by a helicopter in Season Michael Gallant being blown up by a roadside bomb in Iraq in the penultimate episode of Season 12 something that was spoiled by a teaser beforehand.

Greg Pratt suffering from wounds due to an explosion in the final season premiere. Several other recurring characters were killed off as well some of them after being involved with the show for many seasonsincluding Raul Melendez, Dennis Gant, Carla Reese, and Sandy Lopez.

A lot of scenes have the ER staff doing things that in Real Life would be done by the nurses or other physicians in other sections of the hospital. Not only is Mark's treatment of the woman woefully incompetent, it went on for hoursenough time to call in an OB-GYN from another hospital or practice or even another city if necessary.

It's eventually discovered that she's a nutcase who never even went to medical school. It's highly unlikely this wouldn't have been discovered beforehand—she would have needed to submit numerous credentials, all of which would have to be verified it's offhandedly explained at one point that she passed the credentials of an actual doctor with a similar name off as her own, but there's no Er misuse complaints wait time assholes on how nobody saw through "Er misuse complaints wait time assholes." Afterwards, there's never any mention of the incident again, even though the hospital would likely be facing massive lawsuits should anyone discover they were treated by a fake physician.

A business example—when Romano was under consideration for the chief of staff position in Season 6, a meeting of department heads is set up to discuss it, with Romano present. Mark and Kerry agree beforehand that they need to try to prevent Romano's promotion because they both hate him. At the meeting, none of the department heads raise an objection to Romano getting promoted until Mark speaks up and says that Romano rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Kerry, who had not spoken before then, is asked if she agrees, and she says no, that she's fine with Romano getting the job.

Mark is understandably furious that she threw him under the bus, but she tells him later that she could tell from the mood of the room that Romano was going to get the job and if they both spoke against him it would just poison him against the entire ER. But in reality, it never would have happened like that; there's no way Romano would have been present during a meeting discussing his promotion, so that people would be able to speak freely without fear of retribution.

As well, such a decision would never have been made so rapidly. Quite glaring when you recall that only a season earlier, Er misuse complaints wait time assholes search for an ER chief took over a year but was ultimately unsuccessful. Yet within one day, Romano is made Chief of Staff, appoints Kerry ER Chief at the same time, and a few years later, the two switch positions within roughly the same time frame.

Its creator, Michael Crichton, based...

When Abby reports to Mark that she witnessed Carter injecting himself with pain medication, Mark calls Carter into the lounge with himself, Kerry If Carter had been so inclined, he could have given her a poor evaluation as payback. Aside from the fact that Kerry would have no authority to do this—as stated, such moves would be handled by the nursing supervisor—as an OB nurse, Abby would likely be out of her element in the ER.

In fact, this had been a plot point earlier in the series, as management intentionally assigned senior nurses approaching retirement to departments they were unfamiliar with, in the hopes that they'd screw up and get disciplined, so that they could be fired before maxing out their pensions. Carol in particular was actually supposed to succeed in her suicide attempt in the Pilotbut Michael Crichton and John Wells were impressed with Julianna Margulies as were test audiences, who were also intrigued at the hints of her past with Doug Er misuse complaints wait time assholes kept her on, making her a Breakout Character.

Unfortunately, this makes her suicide attempt something of an Out-of-Character Moment. This evolved into pretty much being the producers' official means of auditioning new cast members in the last several years: Bring a bunch of new people on as recurring characters each season and promote the best ones to the main cast later on.

"Er misuse complaints wait time assholes" never actually "ascended" to the main cast, but she appeared in more episodes than any other main or recurring cast member after Noah Wyle and Laura Innes. Averted with Maggie Doyle. Doyle got a lot of air-time, consistent with the guest stars that become main cast members, and she was an ER resident. But before she could ascend Jorja Fox was offered more substantial roles in other shows, beginning with The West Wing and culminating in CSIso instead Doyle just disappeared.

Tellingly, Doyle's the only character on the wall of locker tags seen in the final season not to have been a main cast member. Any of the "Doctors Without Borders" episodes. Not even the cast liked those episodes very much, and in interviews have said they would have preferred it had the show just stuck to Chicago. Unlike the MSF episodes, however, these were rarely so heavy handed. Back for the Finale: For the final season, every living main cast member from Season 1 popped up once or twice.

Most appear in the series finale itself: John Carter takes on a primary role again in the last few episodes of the show, returning to Chicago and potentially joining back up with County for good.

This comes after getting a life-saving kidney transplant and opening up a medical clinic for the underprivileged. Mark Greene and Robert Romano were seen on a video Mark made to try and teach new doctors about ER situations, and additionally appeared in the episode Er misuse complaints wait time assholes Thyself" as part of a flashback had by Catherine Banfield.

Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway return in "Old Times" their first appearance since Season 6 and inadvertently save Carter's life by getting the right kidney needed for his transplant they were not made aware the name of the patient it was going to.

Additionally, that season, Benton had appeared in "Old Times" to help oversee Carter's surgery, Elizabeth had returned in "Dream Runner" to interview Neela for a position at Duke University, and Kerry had shown up in the flashback from "Heal Thyself". Ray Barnett comes back in a recurring role, finally uniting with Neela romantically after she decides to leave County and work with him at a Medical Center in Baton Rouge. Jerry Markovic returns in the final season to fill in at his old job after having been away in Alaska for a few years reflecting Abraham Benrubi's decision to leave ER for the ABC series Men in Trees and Er misuse complaints wait time assholes return after it had been cancelled.

David Morgenstern returned in "A Long, Strange Trip" his first appearance since Season 4providing information about the work that his mentor, Dr. Kosten, had done to help the hospital. Nurse Lydia Wright had been absent since the start of Season 10, but returned in the series finale to wake up Morris so that he could assist with an emergency, serving as a Call-Back to the way she woke Mark Greene up in the Pilot.

Rachel Greene appears in the series finale, having grown into a prospective medical student. The ending implies that Carter will serve as a mentor for her just as her father Er misuse complaints wait time assholes for him at the start of the series. There was a backwards-running episode which "began" with a defenestration from a hospital window.

Subsequent scenes showing earlier and earlier events revealed the reason for the suicidal character's desperation. I have this lump on the top of my Butt crack, and I can't sit, get up, or turn with out being in pain. it hurts so bad. I was on Google Less wait time and probably will be cheaper for ya. Not trying to sound rude here, buts ER's are completely misused. If your dr It doesn't necessarily mean the complaint is an emergency. Private offices/physicians can just tell jerks to take a hike.

Abuse by other doctors. The result is that most hospitals actually encourage BS complaints to ERs around my area have even started posting their wait times. Its creator, Michael Crichton, based many of Season 1's stories on real patients he'd had during his time as a doctor, though he handed the reins to John Wells.

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