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Legs and assholes


Or browse results titled:. Mommy Long Legs Seattle, Washington. Contact Legs and assholes Long Legs. Legs and assholes and Download help. If you like Mommy Long Legs, you may also like:. This is totally not suitable for the toddler crowd, and my Grandma prob'ly woulda washed out my ears with soap for listening to it, even at low volume Maybe your Gran is way cooler than mine and she turned you on to it.

For maximum fun you'll probably want to crank it up a little Sometimes the words are kinda hard to catch. Time to Go Home by Chastity Belt.

Assholes EP

I love the reverb heavy Legs and assholes and blissfully relaxed singer. The whole sound is welcoming and warm, with the blunt lyrics just offering the right amount of edge.

Absolutely from the future! Trans femme power forever. Garbage People by wimps. Seattle's Wimps return with a new full-length of catchy, witty punk tracks that showcase a slightly fuller sound for the trio.

Say yes to ramshackle lo-fi pop-punk played breathlessly fast; hilarious lyrics are a plus. Authentic Living by Nail Polish. Legs and assholes punks from Seattle push back against lifestyle choice as identity on their scratchy full-length.

ORG presents Mommy Long Legs...

Ananya Pandya They make me want to start a band Favorite track: Godfather Assholes is a great song and sums up how I feel about the depressing change Seattle. Went from grunge to football! Techies replacing the punks. You guys are rad! Purchasable with gift card. Our second release, our first EP.

Time to get freaky. Mixed and mastered by Martin Selasco. Cover photo by Melissa Kagerer. Trophy by Avalon Willows. Tape layout by Michael Heck. Tags punk assholes barf core brat punk bratpunk fartcore fashioncore pop rocks seattle vomit garage Seattle.

Assholes by Mommy Long Legs,...

If you like Mommy Long Legs, you may also like: R go to album. Erik Lutsch Legs and assholes to album. MxAshlynn go to album. presents Mommy Long Legs performing "Assholes" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded June 24, Photo by Greg Stonebraker. Plus, when her legs are over your shoulders, you control everything going on, and I'm a big fan of dominance.

After a few minutes of missionary, I moved to throw. Post with votes and views.

Tagged with funny, animals, emu, storytime, murder birds; Shared by GalaxyGrace. big bag of.

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