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Titanfall retrieving matchmaking list no servers found


I can't think of any games which have sort of reached their end-of-life which didn't have traditional player-avaliable dedicated servers. I mean, I suppose plenty of dead MMO's fall into that category.

Plenty of old games have had their master servers reimplemented by dedicated players an achievable goal, considering the minimum responsibilities of a master serverand some of the more considerate developers have updated their games explicitly to improve longevity removing dependencies on GameSpy, that sort of thing.

anyone having this issue? infinite...

The idea with the Azure servers is that they won't die, their resources will just be dynamically allocated as needed. Honestly its probably just Microsoft Azure server with a few more bells and whistles for processing the AI.

Had no issues. Did you...

The servers use a heavily modified version of Valve's Source engine. Running a Titanfall server would be the same as running any other Source game server, except for where they've modified it specifically for their architecture. I highly doubt the AI logic was offloaded to some "cloud-based" system I suspect Respawn has a way of starting dedicated servers on regular machines for developers and playtesters to use either as a separate program or compiled into the client.

Retrieving matchmaking list Or No...

Same here but It worked after switching to West US. Not the best solution but I guess it's better than nothing. And to think I bought the game a few days ago: Apparently Respawn are looking into it. I've had limited success on mine by basically opening every port going on my router.

Started working later that day for me, you shouldn't need to open any ports, I run titanfall with no defined inbound or Titanfall retrieving matchmaking list no servers found port rules. As far as I know all communications should go directly to the azure servers the servers they are usingnoone should be connecting to your machine directly with titanfall. Are you in the USA? I saw on some messageboard respawn or xbone about it doing this for days on the and maybe even xbone Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Titanfall stuck on retrieving matchmaking...

Log in or sign up in seconds. This subreddit is fan-run and is not an Titanfall retrieving matchmaking list no servers found Titanfall website.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Hey Origin and or Microsoft and or Respawn the servers are rejecting us I am getting flashbacks to.

Want to add to the discussion? Azure may be cheaper than the alternatives, but at some point they will shut them down. Back to the office. I can't believe I wasn't part of this: I regularly see people playing. Some times over a third of the global population is on aus servers. Huge demand for Titanfall combined with Origin's finicky nature means that error Retrieving match making list; No servers found; Retrieving match making list; No it says "retrieving matchmaking list" then "No servers found" repeatedly.

Hi, I just installed titanfall...

Related: I would not recommend that you try cheating in shiny new stomp-o. I' ve never used any cheats in multiplayer and never even been accused of. to the matchmaking system they've implemented ergo I cannot support it. servers, leaving the cheaters to only play on the servers without these lists. anyone having this issue?

infinite retrieving matchmaking list and data get the game downloaded and now "no servers found" this is a joke.

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