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Wedding makeup for mature brides


So many of my older clients write to me before their big day to express their concern over whether or nor it is possible for them to really love the way they look on their wedding day, but these worries are totally unfounded.

It is true though, the hair and makeup for mature brides is a specialised skill — one that I am very proud to possess! From selecting the right products to showing you the most flattering styles, I know just how to make my mature brides look and feel amazing! As we approach the menopause and beyond, our skin can become dryer and Wedding makeup for mature brides delicate and so it is important that makeup products and application be adjusted to address that.

I love using Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer on my mature brides as it is a lovely, moisturising base layer for dry skin which leaves your skin feeling plump, fresh and hydrated, ready for some flawless foundation! Oily skin tends to form fewer wrinkles and tell-tale signs of ageing. Laura Wedding makeup for mature brides oil free primer is a great product for oily skin and helps to keep the oil at bay whilst diminishing open pores.

A beautifully light, oil absorbing gel that you can use on the t-zone — an essential to avoid looking shiny on camera. Benefit Porefessional is one of my favourite products to use on my mature brides as it makes enlarged pores and fine lines vanish, by literally filling them in and Wedding makeup for mature brides them disappear. Wrinkles around the eyes can be some of the trickiest to deal with, but a great eye primer can go a long way it smoothing out and preventing eyeshadow creases.

I find that Inglot Eyeshadow Keeper is the best eye primer for mature skin as it is light and colourless, yet effective — perfect for very delicate skin. Many Bridal Makeup Artists get this wrong by being way to heavy handed in an attempt to cover up signs of ageing, but this only ever makes things worse!

A very light dusting of powder will help to set the foundation — making sure every thing stays in place — particularly important it you have oily skin.

My Top Tips & Product...

It is colourless and so works on all skin tones. When it comes to blusherI aim for a subtle, dewy flush and I achieve this with a cream blush rather than a powder, which can sometimes look a bit cakey and dry.

Just a touch on the apples of your cheeks or along your cheekbones in all you need. Highlighter should be subtle — not harsh. When correctly positioned it should sit on the upper edge of your cheek bones.

Mature brides might want a...

It can look lovely — but it is dangerously close to the fine laughter lines around our eyes — and too much shimmer here will accentuate those lines and pile on the years — so go easy with the highlighter. A la carte Shine Illuminator is one of my favourites.

is something I hear a...

Mature brides should avoid heavy contouring — as seen on YouTube! A gentle touch goes a long way.

Beautiful Bridal Makeup isn't just...

Preservative-and perfume-free so ideal for sensitive skins. The way that eye makeup is applied might be the thing that requires the closest attention to change on mature skin, as anything too heavy or harsh will really accentuate signs of ageing.

Liquid and pencil eyeliners create a line that is way too harsh for mature brides, so instead, I like the add definition with Wedding makeup for mature brides well blended, dark eyeshadow applied with a small, angled brush, for a soft sultry look that never smudges. I keep eyelids looking youthful by steering clear of shadows that contain too much glitter and shimmer, instead opting for matte or very light shimmer products.

I stick to my favourite, Clinique Lash Power Mascaraand finish the look off with a few individual false lashes. I go easy on the brows, making sure that they are beautifully defined with a brow powder or wax, but never overdone or heavy. Apply just enough to create a flattering frame is what I aim for. Try this one by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Bridal Makeup for Mature Brides Pick your primer.

Bridal Makeup for Mature Brides No more wrinkles! Worried about wrinkles getting in the way of you and you ideal wedding day look? Bridal Makeup for Mature Brides Blushing bride. Bridal Makeup for Mature Brides Contouring. Bridal Makeup for Mature Brides last but not least. Wedding Colour Schemes for Make-up for Older Women: Summer Wedding Make-up, by make-up What could be Wedding makeup for mature brides exciting than being a mature bride, either for the.

Beautiful bridal makeup for mature brides. Expert bridal makeup tips from award winning bridal hair & makeup artist Pam Wrigley! Bridal. Makeup for older forty,fifty, how to wow everybody on your wedding day with flawless,age defying makeup.

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