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Indian slave sex stories


This is story of a girl who got married to a sadistic man forcefully. Then her life becomes hell day by day and then she became complete submissive slave wife for the evil man. This is the story in 1st person.

I am 23 years old. I just want to narrate my story that how I become slave wife for my Indian slave sex stories. I dont Indian slave sex stories after how many years I am talking his name. This story started when I was 17 years old. My family belongs to the small village from south India.

We wear Thakur of the village. We had so much of respect in the village. My father is well known person from the village. I had just completed my school. As per village rituals girls should not go to school.

Girls should learn household work rather than learning books. But my father was really Nobel man. He said now time is changing girls should get knowledge of world. Though there was opposing of all my relatives and people from village my father send me to the big collage in the city which is nearby the village.

So Paul was sitting on...

I was very bright student in study. When I got admission at collage I decided that I will become good successful person in my life that everybody from will should see to me as idol. This will helps further generation girls to get better education and which leads to development of the village.

So Paul was sitting on...

I got many friends at collage and hostel. All were girls off Indian slave sex stories. I was really shy type girl moreover its been almost Indian slave sex stories to talk to any other guy in the village. So I was following that rules in collage as well. I forget to tell you about how I look n all. I am 57 high With very much slim body. My boobs have started to develop day by day. Right now its almost 32B. I have very long "Indian slave sex stories" hair till my waist.

When I was at village I used to braid my hair with oil daily. My mother daily used to oil my hair before going to bed. In village I used to wear salwar kamiz.

No jeans and skirts allowed in village as people were orthodox thinking. After marriage I only wear saree that is too when I am going out but when I home I am not allowed to wear cloths. That I will describe you as the story proceeds. I started to wear jeans and skirts in collage. I used to oil my hair very less. Rather than braiding it I started keeping my hair open, Many of my suggested me to have trendy haircut.

But I was not able to dare to cut my hair. Means when I go home for vacation I can change my dressing as per village concern.

So Paul was sitting on...

But I would I face to my parents with haircut. All women in the village have long n beautiful hair so cutting hair was not at all question. In those collage days I hardly used to wear salwar kamiz. I started to visit parlor one in a week regularly. I went to home immediately.

Slutty women and horny men...

When i reach home i was shocked. There were many people around my house. I heard my mother was crying vary loudly. I went rushed inside. There was dead body of my father. My mother was crying and sobbing. I couldnt even cry due to shock.

There was anty which living in Indian slave sex stories. She told me my father is dead due to hart attack.

Women were not allowed to go there so all women stayed at home. They also removed the red tika from mothers forehead.

In this part of the...

As Indian tradition woman is not supposed to wear bangles and red Indian slave sex stories after death of his husband from now on my mother is allowed to wear white saree only. She was not supposed to wear any kind of ornaments. As a woman i cant do the farm work. So i am very sorry to say you have to leave your collage. I could understand the financial position. We have to sell our farm. One day i got a proposal from nearby village for marriage.

My Maid Servant – Our...

As i was very young i told my mother that i need some more time. But my mother was not in position to listen to me because she knew its very hard to raise money for my marriage without my father.

I could have agreed for marriage but the groom was too elder for me. It was almost Indian slave sex stories due to my situation i could have adjusted that but this is not the first marriage for him.

His first wife was passed away while delivering child. They also ready to contribute for the expenses of marriage. I literally pleaded to my mother to reject this proposal but she was firm on his decision.

His mother was looking very horrified. She was having three piercing at nose. One at each side and one at middle at septum. She was wearing too many ornaments.

There was almost piercing on each ear lobe. Three rings in each figures of hand. Indian slave sex stories rings at foot figures. She was also having long hair which was plaited in braid tightly with lot of oil. Her septum ring was so big that it was almost reaching to her upper figure.

It was heavy was well. A guy was black in colour with moustache. He was not good looking at all. When i saw him first time i couldnt imagine him as my life partner. He was wearing white shirt and plant at least his dressing sense was good. His father was looking fully traditional. He was wearing dhoti. He was having big white moustache. My mother carried out some initial talk. Then she called me. I was at kitchen. As per tradition when groom family come to see bride for first time girl is supposed to serve tea.

As per tradition i serve tea to them. I Indian slave sex stories wearing salwar kamiz because it Indian slave sex stories my daily dressing. Before saying anything her mother asks me to go and change in saree. My mother was also stunned by hearing this order though marriage was not yet fixed. These salwar kamiz and all are western culture. Our family believe in following tradition. Before i came back in saree Manju told my mother that if marriage is fixed then Neelveni have to wear saree no western dressage is allowed after marriage.

I just want to narrate my story that how I become slave wife for my as per Indian culture wife should not call his husband my his name) He is. An alleged Indian human-trafficking victim (R) is hugged by her sister into begging rackets, sexual exploitation and manual labour such as. Indian slave sex stories. Thompson becomes Tina's lesbian slave.

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