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A guy losing virginity


Be that their most memorable experience, their favourite position, or their go-to sex toy.

From your high school sweetheart...

This article comes as the first of our new series, We Asked Guys. After months of dating, kissing and heavy petting we decided that the time was right. We decided to do it at my house as her mother was at home as she was a teacher and it was the summer holidays.

Were you nervous the first...

Me and my girlfriend were upstairs in my room and the moment just felt right. I think she had some issues and just did it for a laugh.

The most nervous part of the experience was buying condoms for the first time rather then actually having sex as I was sure someone would find out and tell me off as if it was wrong to do it.

This was both our first time with anybody and it felt that extra more special, as I decided to wait until I would find someone worthy to give myself to. As it was my first time I had no idea what to expect sensation-wise and not much clue as to what I was doing. As a man, I also felt pressure to last as long as possible. I did it with someone I loved when it felt right.

I went to a mixed boarding school, however the boarding houses were single sex. Not overly cautious, but just to think about what you really want for yourself. For some reason, A guy losing virginity girlfriend and others assumed that I had lost my virginity a long time ago.

I never lied about past conquests but at the same time I never denied peoples assumptions either. I was confident, a little full of myself, was sporty and flirtatious. That was a long way from the truth, I had kissed numerous girls, and a little more, but never had full A guy losing virginity. This revelation came out after we slept together during pillow talk. My girlfriend revealed that she was relieved as she had been nervous as well, thinking I would be critical of her performance compared to others I had apparently experienced.

I believe the person I lost it with fitted that description. Being a young man full of bravado I was desperate to experience sex for the first time, both out of interest and as a bragging right. As it worked out, more by luck than judgement, it was also with the right person who I stayed with for years afterwards.

I think the media, especially social media, still portrays things this way. To certain women, A guy losing virginity may feel it is not as big of a deal as they can see men as only interested A guy losing virginity one thing, however in my own personal opinion, in an equal society, everything is the same for everyone.

I try to live my life thinking and acting as equally and respectfully as I can and treating virginities with equal importance was a big factor for me growing up.

Each person has control and rights over their bodies, and everyone should feel comfortable as they can be, otherwise it can lead to potential complications or problems. I believe as a man, we should A guy losing virginity to help nurture our partner much as we can and also ourselves. Like if a guy sleeps with lots of women he tends to be celebrated by his friends, but if a women sleeps with lots of guys she tends to be degraded in our current society.

It was the right time with the right person. I would not have changed a thing. If they love you and care for you they will enjoy just being close to you and being with you. Enjoy it and be happy.

Wait for a time that is right for you and someone special. Get to understand your partner first and make the effort for them, because it could be a big moment for them too.

Here's Everything You Need To...

Guys do care about who they sleep with for the first time. They do care about making it memorable. They do get nervous, and believe it or not, the majority vote seems to be that sex for the first time really is a big deal. Who are we talking to? So, what "A guy losing virginity" we learn from this?

No matter how long ago...

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Virginity generally tends to be a big deal for most people. Presumably because society dictates that, pre-sex, you are a hairless fawn crawling. Apparently, guys are way more concerned about their own performance the first time than anything you're doing. asked No matter how long ago it happened, every guy on the A guy losing virginity can tell you the vivid details about how they lost their virginity. Of all the firsts.

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