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Butt implant sluts


I dislike the idea of a woman doing so but who am I to judge? If they are really insecure about their looks or their body shape and have the money, no one can't tell them they can't do it. If they want to change themselves, they are only hiding their insecurities with money instead of tackling head on.

Big breasts and butts will get her the attention wantsbut with that attention you will attract pervs and etc. In my opinion its a waste of money and only making the people around you more shallow and probably yourself too in a way.

If she already has implants that's fine with me. If she's considering getting them I would probably discourage it. I think most girls' natural breasts and butts look fine the way they are. However, I believe a person has every right Butt implant sluts do what they want with their body and if she wants to do it I can't do anything about it. "Butt implant sluts" have never cared for them.

Be happy with what God gave you. Take care of yourself, exercise and help maintain what you have.

Most Helpful Guy

Somebody else is always going to have bigger boobs, a better butt, etc. In the end, everybody is going to get older, a bit less tone, a wrinkle here and there, etc. Trying to beat it will only end you up looking like Butt implant sluts Rivers - and she looks totally ridiculous. I don't believe in God and like Kim Kardashian Girls who are curvier look more appealing imo, but girls that I've had crushes on were flat in both areas but I still liked them, so I can't say I like certain things as there's always exceptions I wouldn't like that she had an op just for attention, getting bigger boobs for confidence is more understandable but still not necessary imo.

A "fake", by definition, is something that is Butt implant sluts, and is something that usually copies or resembles a "real" object.

So, I'm against anything that is fake, not just implants. But, it's her choice after all. I am only interested in real boobs and ass, small boobs and a small ass easily beats a fake one. And do people get butt-implants? For the love of god, why would you do that?

Horrified by the very idea. I didn't even know there was such a thing as butt implants I c you met my Friend Pixie We have every right to do it since it's our body. However, I do tend to associate it with insecurity. As Evangelina pointed out, there are exceptions, but still, I associate it with insecurity. And I believe those insecurities would manifest themselves in other ways that would add lots of stress to our relationship as well.

I think they are completely unnecessary and vain. But you shouldn't make stupid remarks like "god made us who we are, and we have no right to change that about ourselves.

We have no right. I totally "Butt implant sluts" with body piercings, but I'm not gonna make a big deal about it. I wouldn't want to date someone who has implants unless it was to correct some medical thing.

Like one fake Butt implant sluts to repair what was lost during cancer removal, or a butt implant to repair what a shark bit. Isn't that Kardashian slut just famous for being famous? And people actually find that ass attractive?

But the reason's pretty shocking

Me, I hate implants as much if not more than I hate girls with wigs and weaves imitation white women. Natural all the way. They fascinate me endlessly, I love this technological earth. I feel like I'm part of a sci-fi Butt implant sluts, man. And I sure do dig the look of them too.

I dislike the idea of...

Not a huge fan. Ain't nothing like the real thing! I get the boob implants at least, but butt implants just seem like a bad idea all around. I want cosmetic surgery, albeit not implants of any sort. I personally want an areola reduction obviously not implants so in a way, I can sympathize with those who are so insecure they feel the need to change their body, but in a way, I feel that there's like.

If a girl is an A-cup, going up to a D cup would look ridiculous because chances are, her frame is meant to be smaller or petite. Although, don't get me wrong, there are girls like me who are petite but have big breasts and girls who are chubby and have small breasts. I do, for some reason, think butt implants are beyond ridiculous though. Squats and lunges can work wonders lol But I can't degrade someone for getting surgery or wanting surgery because I don't know their reasoning.

Because it turns out the woman was a breast cancer survivor and got implants due to having her breasts removed. Stories like that make it hard to judge, cause you never know their story. I've considered them at some point, but I was fairly uncomfortable with myself not too long ago. I don't think they're dumb; I don't think anyone should ever feel the need to change themselves, but in todays world, I can't blame them.

If we want to change ourselves we should be able to without the fear that we still wouldn't be good enough. People should just be more considerate and compassionate. Not many people even know what compassion is anymore.

It frustrates me that people are so eager to dramatically change themselves, because I happen to like all the diversity in how people look. But I try not to judge anyone who Butt implant sluts them, because it's easy to understand the pressure in the culture we live in.

Whatever makes them happy. Breast cancer runs in the family. I personally want to have my breast tissue scrapped out and get implants that are the same size as my boobs now. I still want them to look naturalbut I know people are going to look at me and know their fake. I have a natural D cup, girls already hate that I have real boobs. Butt implants on the other "Butt implant sluts" I do not need.

I have the ass the curves and the boobs. If it weren't for me being concerned with breast cancer I Butt implant sluts be more than happy to stay all natural. It's issues like this that make people so ignorant.

Why are people so quick to assume insecurity and lack of self confidence with implants. You never know WHY someone get surgery or implants. My friends agree with me. They never knew you could get your breast tissue scrapped and when I told them what I was planning on doing they thought it was a smart idea.

I'm fine the way I am: I also wonder why some girls would want to get fake boobs and butts. Personally, I would never get them. But if she wants to do it to feel more comfortable about herself then why not?

If it gives her more self confidence then I don't see the problem. I mean, I would never do it, but I'm not going to judge a girl who wants to. Everyone changes their bodies in some Butt implant sluts not just plastic surgery. But working out changes our body, braces straightens our teeth, etc. Yes God gave us these bodies but if someone isn't comfortable with something, they have every right to change it to make themselves feel better.

And I see nothing wrong with that. I don't really think it's anybody's business who got what but I myself wouldn't get anything done. Personally I think girls should stop being lazy with the butt lifts surgery shit and do good old fashioned squats.

Better results and a lot cheaper!! I might even have considered it myself a few times. Butt implant sluts they do look good in most cases if its not over the top, I know plenty of girls with fake boobs and one with fake boobs and ass Did they need it?

In my opinion no Have I thought about it? Yes, I think I would love to have nice c cups boobs but I have wide hips so I think I might look fatter with bigger boobs But since I know many girls that have it and Omg they changed so much after the boobs like they were finaly happy I am all for the changes if they are for the Butt implant sluts If you want it and feel better you should do it. Its not about God. Everyone wants to look your best So the problem is that is not real boobs and it is really hard Butt implant sluts the touch and I hate to hug a girl with fake boobs The ass again it looks good as it seems like there is no celullite but is very very odd.

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