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How fast do red eared sliders grow


It's been a while since I posted last When do red eared sliders stop growing? I have a male turtle that was a hatchling in My aunt bought 2 hatchlings from someone selling them. I know it's illegal for people to sell hatchlings on the street but I didn't know in She bought the turtles when I was recovering from a hospital stay and walking was painful for me then.

I eventually had to give the 2nd turtle away. Will he grow more?

'' is a fantastic site...

I need to upgrade his enclosure desperately. I want to get a 65g aquarium for him. Has he grown over the last year at all? If not then it's safe to say he's full grown. RES typically stop growing around years of age, but they can stop growing soon or later depending on whether or not they had correct husbandry. Odds are he's full grown or close to it.

I'm sure he'd be happy with as much leg room as you can offer. Agree he is probably fully grown. Do you know the gender?

Red eared slider turtles are...

Females can keep growing as large as a dinner plate so just wondering if he is male or female. To tell, check the tail. They generally have longer front claws to grip the female while mating.

Females have very small tails with the cloaca very close to the edge of the shell. They have longer claws on the back legs to dig egg nests. Don't trim the nails. This should be left to an expert as it is very easy to cut them too short which is extremely painful and can cause infections.

The key here is to feed one kind of pellet one day, the next kind the next day, and so forth. This rotation delivers a great variety of minerals and vitamins to the turtle. Feed the wheat How fast do red eared sliders grow pellets as a regular feeding once a week.

It really helps with scute shedding. Google to see what this normal process looks like. Or you can split the amount for a half-meal in morning and night. ZooMed makes a great hatchling pellet that contains more protein. Too much food, especially protein, can cause a condition called shell pyramiding, not a good thing.

Google to see what this condition looks like. Be sure to keep it fresh. You can get a clip at the pet store to keep the lettuce from getting into the filter. Avoid iceberg lettuce, spinach and kale. Avoid goldfish and any red colored fish as they can cause a vitamin B deficiency. Be careful as it is very sharp. It can cut a turtle and also cause them to choke.

They may or may not eat the cuttlebone but it is there for them to munch on if they want to. There is a great discussion on this website on the home page about tank size under the equipment heading. I knew he was male around His nails got longer and his tail got longer and thicker. And I did some research back then and saw he was male and also got him and the other "How fast do red eared sliders grow" a 30 gallon rubbermaid, an Aquaclear filter, heater, cork bark for basking, UV light and an incandescent bulb for heat.

Shell Health

I couldn't keep the other turtle. Charlie has been there since. I want to upgrade so badly. But How fast do red eared sliders grow mother is giving me a hard time about it. I was able to buy a pond pump, a 20 ft tubing hose for water changer and a large turtle ramp. I changed the water with the pond pump and the hose.

This will help when I get the bigger tank. No more carrying How fast do red eared sliders grow or hand pumping with the gravel cleaner. But- the turtle ramp won't stick to the rubbermaid. I tried and tried but it seems that suction cups are better with glass.

You have done great progress with your tank equipment! And, it's probably a good thing in the end that you were able to rehome the other turtle. Charlie will be fine by himself. Turtles really prefer staying alone as they often develop aggressive tendencies and attach the other turtle, making you have to separate them anyway. Since Charlie's front nails are longer now than this back ones and his tail is thicker and longer, I would consider him a sub-adult or near adult.

It's hard to say exactly because you cannot go by shell length. So many things figure into the "adult" status of a turtle. But when he started showing secondary sex characteristics the claws and the tail then he was nearing adulthood. Suction cups won't hold against plastic.

Maybe you could get some waterproof tape to secure the basking dock? Charley really needs a basking dock where he can completely dry off and enjoy his UVB lamp. I'm sure he is loving the extra room! You might want to put in some fake plants for him to rest on. He can stand on the plants and then poke his head out of the water without having to swim all the time.

Juvenile red-eared sliders can grow...

Get some fake vines and secure one end to the bottom and then let the vine go diagonally up the tank. Just How fast do red eared sliders grow make it so high that Charley can use it to get out of the tank.

He might even like sleeping in the vine near the surface of the water. Hope you find a good solution for the suction cups and the rubermaid. Do make another specific post to find better ideas than mine! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Big Pond Search In. When do Red Eared Sliders become full grown? Posted August 18, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted September 14, Here's a great care sheet full of things you probably know but it never hurts to review: Always, write with any questions. Great that you are back. And I hope you are better, too! And to post How fast do red eared sliders grow here use imgur. Posted September 25, TucsonTurtleGirl I knew he was male around Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Sign In Sign Up. '' is a fantastic site for all turtles care and info. I have been blessed with 2 slider girls that will be 37 yrs old next month!. The red-eared slider is a large turtle that should be kept only by hobbyists There are rare instances of adult red-eared sliders growing larger than 12 inches.

At the slightest sound or movement, they will quickly slide into the water for cover. She bought the turtles when I was recovering from a hospital stay and growing around years of age, but they can stop growing soon or.

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