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Im hookup a man shorter than me


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Undergraduate Full time Part time. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. How does a short guy 5ft 4" get a girlfriend? Find out how to boost your performance with these healthy snacks.

7 Reasons You Should Date...

Start new discussion Closed. It is depressing as it seems impossible. People say go for shorter girls but they don't want us short guys either. I feel like no girl would want me because of my height I don't want to just to work all my life and have no one special. Follow 2 Original post by Anonymous It is depressing as it seems impossible. Follow 3 It's terrible how these are the "problems" in our lives these days. Height shouldn't play a factor man, if a girl likes you, she likes you for you and not your height.

As Corey said, the girl isn't worth your time if she's debating to go on a date with you because of your height. You make it sound like it's the end of the world. I'm Im hookup a man shorter than me but this isn't even a problem, you are who you are, deal with it. To even think you thought about suicide because of your height saddens me. How much effort have you put into girls? Follow 4 I recommend Al Pacino to the short guys.

Short man syndrome is a...

I promise the reason you havent got a girlfriend is not due to your height you just havent met the right person yet no one who cares about height is worth dating hang on in there man im 5'1 and i would date a 5'4 guy.

Original post by corey come on man, if a girl decides whether she'll date you based on your height and nothing else she's not gonna be worth the time. Original post by Loafing. Charizard It's terrible how these are the "problems" in our lives these days. Look at that thread of you think it's just in my head.

What chance does a guy my height have when 5'0" girls think it's a turn off? Follow 9 How old are you?

Original post by MsFahima How old are you? Follow 11 Charizard I'm sorry but this isn't even a Im hookup a man shorter than me, you are who you are, deal with it. Follow 12 Original post by Anonymous Follow 13 Original post by MsFahima Duuuddee!

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You're only 21 and have lots of people to meet in the coming few years! I'm sure you will find a girl who likes you. Being short isn't the worst thing is it? Follow 15 Original post by Anonymous If girls don't like 21 year old short guys why would they like a 28 year old one etc.

When it comes to attracting a girl, being short IS Im hookup a man shorter than me worst thing if you're a guy. Follow 16 Original post by liquid funk Listen, everyone's problems seem small to someone else. Don't be so ignorant. Not everyone can be born with perfect proportions or genetics. If I was you I'd just play on it, make it something you can joke about at your own expense. I've never met a girl who doesn't like a funny guy and it shows a degree of humbleness to make mockery of yourself and it takes away the chance for anyone to be an ass to you about it.

Don't get down on yourself, there are plenty of girls smaller than 5"4 so you can still be the taller one! Original post by karl pilkington do girls often reject you how do you know its due to your height. Follow 19 First of all, 5'4" isn't even that short. Danny devito is 4'11", for example, you are a bit short, but you could be a lot smaller. Secondly, if someone is even worth investing any of your time Im hookup a man shorter than me effort in they will not allow your height to be barrier.

For most people, it is definitely not absolutely essential that their partner has to be taller than them.

People say go for shorter...

Just find people with similar interests to you and I'm sure you'll find a girl who likes you. There are plenty of girls who are under 5'4. Follow 20 Original post by Anonymous Because girls do not find short guys attractive as you can see from the threads about height recently.

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Should Banksy be put in prison? Find your perfect uni place go. How to tell if someone fancies you. Things you need to know if your partner has depression. Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts. You get these gems as you gain rep from other members for making good contributions and giving helpful advice. I'm dating a guy close to 5 inches shorter than me, and it doesn't really bug me. My only advice is to let him still feel big by calling him strong. Many years ago, Im hookup a man shorter than me I fell in love with a short guy, I was one of the many The man is the shorter partner in only four percent of heterosexual pairings.

that there was basically no connection between height and penis size. I am a person with many hobbies and interests, but I will freely admit to you. 7 Reasons You Should Date Guys Who Are Shorter Than You a guy shorter than me until I ended up falling for one — and I'm happy I did.

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