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Daisy And Peach Naked


The pairing is Peach and Daisy. Imagine them in the style of either Sigurd von Hosenfeld or lala-kun. The sun was setting on Peach Beach, the shore lines Daisy And Peach Naked clear of vacationeers, all except Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom in a pink bikini and ponytail and Princess Daisy of Sarasaland in an orangish-yellow bikini, who were taking a walk before dinnertime.

Peach breathed in the salty air and let out a relaxing sigh. Daisy gave Peach a wink and exclaimed "No problem, Peachy Pie!

You know how much I love unwinding after doing royal duties, playing sports, and most importantly, beating the lava snot out of big-fat-and-scaly! Daisy then had her hands behind her head as she continued "Plus, being with you is always awesome.

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Just you and me. It's even nice to take a Daisy And Peach Naked from boys too. Speaking of which, how's Luigi? Daisy then held her hands out and placed an index finger over the other one as she explained "Well first, I've just learned that he ventured through a mansion full of ghosts and captured all of them in a single night! My eyes literally almost popped out of my skull when I heard that from a reliable source! Peach waged a finger on her chin and looked up in thought.

How much sense does that make? Daisy looked down at the sand and said "Well, eh I'm just a little confused, that's all. But to tell you the truth I really don't care much about how much of a big coward Luigi can be. He's still a very special guy. He's even a very good brother to go and look for Mario like that. As they walked on the shore line, Daisy couldn't help but stare at Peach from head to toe. Her beautiful long blond hair which flew gracefully through the gentle wind, her sapphire eyes which glimmered by the sun's ray, her adorable smile which brought joy to people's hearts, her soft slender neck, her beautiful shoulders and arms, her natural firm D-cup breasts which drive Daisy And Peach Naked nuts, her flat stomach of which begs fingers to twitch on, her curvy hourglass figure and back that no one can resist, her cute round butt that Daisy And Peach Naked slapable, her lovely chiseled legs, so smooth and soft, and her cute feet that are oh so ticklish.

Daisy smiled lovingly at her as she thought 'Oh Peach Your body is just so hot and cute, how I wish to hold you in my arms forever, but I'll have to get you turned on! Peach then felt a slap on her butt which caused her to yelp. Why did you do that? Peach then lightly pushed Daisy. Peach then looked at Daisy from head to toe as well. Admiring her gorgeous back shoulder length brown hair, her shinny aqua eyes, her cute mischievous smile, her lovely and solid shoulders and arms, her beautiful firm breasts that were the exact same size as her own, her flat lovely stomach, her curvy hourglass figure and back, her irresistible round bottom, her soft and smooth legs, and her cute feet.

Peach let out a quiet sigh so that Daisy couldn't hear as she thought 'Oh Daisy, you have such a cute and gorgeous body How much I want to hold you for life But how would I know you won't feel awkward about it? After walking for three more minutes, Daisy grabbed Peach by the hand so sudden, it surprised Peach. There's a pool over there! Let's get up there!

Peach nearly lost her balance as they walked on up to the steps leading upward. Your making my legs tangle! When they started running up the steps, Peach started to pant with exauhstion.

Daisy rolled her eyes and commented "You "Daisy And Peach Naked" Peach, for a girl that has a fit body, you're really out of shape at the inside! I am a dirty minded bisexual princess! Peach stopped behind Daisy. The girl in yellow noticed as she asked "What's wrong? Are you actually part Daisy And Peach Naked and too afraid of a little water?

Peach shook her head and said "No! I just know that your going to push me in if I went beside you! I'm not as gullible as my Toads let on, you know! Daisy made a raspberry while rolling her eyes as she said "Okay, you Daisy And Peach Naked me!

I won't push you in. I'll pull you in! Peach then tried to run from Daisy but was Daisy And Peach Naked from behind as the tomboy started tickling the sweet princess. Peach let out high pitched yelps as she laughed. Daisy narrowed her eyes at her with a smirk. Peach blushed and was about to object, but was being dragged out of the water as they walked to the water slide. When they reached the stairs, Daisy picked out a little rubber raft that they could ride the slide on and went up to the top.

While they were up there, Peach looked down and felt a bit queasy and her vision was creating three rows of stairs. This slide was a lot bigger than I remembered it Daisy held Peach by the waist and said "Don't faint on me now, princess!

I'll be there to make sure you don't fall off.

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Peach blushed at Daisy's instructions as she did as she "Daisy And Peach Naked" told and hugged Daisy tightly around the waists. Daisy only giggled as she responded "Then in case if we do die, let me give you this.

Peach was in awe of Daisy pecking her, and embarrassed as she started to say "D-Daisy I love you toooooo! The twists and turns made Peach want to throw up, which could be a disaster. Finally, when they splashed to the bottom, things calmed down. You can open your eyes. Peach did so and looked at her surroundings, seeing "Daisy And Peach Naked" they were at the bottom.

With Daisy And Peach Naked relief, she excitingly rejoiced for not being dead. She soon got Daisy And Peach Naked the shock, closed her eyes and kissed Peach back tenderly.

About sixteen seconds had past during the kiss when Peach realized what she was doing and quickly pulled away with a shocked gasp with her mouth co eded by one hand. I didn't know what Peach was surprised to hear her say that and smiled with a modest blush. You liked the kiss? No wonder Mario fell for you.

You're beautiful, you're adorable, and you're super sweet. Plus, it isn't a mystery why Bowser goes after you. Peach cringed at hearing Bowser liking her. You can see the stars from down here. The only Koopa who could tear off a Chain-Chomp's jaw with his bear hands!

He's one awesome dude. Peach smiled at Dasiy as he looked up at the stars again. That is pretty cool. Daisy raised an eyebrow in thought and shrugged saying "Neh, "Daisy And Peach Naked" guess she is kind of cute, if not for her prissy nature. Daisy turned to Peach having her right hand support her head as she teased "Relaxe, Princess Peachy-Pie. I was only kidding. Can't laugh at least a little? No one can take you seriously. Peach blushed and retorted "I beg to differ! My royal servents and guards take me seriously every step of the way!

Beauty, brains and brawn after all! Peach puffed her cheeks as she exclaimed "Well excuse me for not noticing your attractive attitude, face, Daisy And Peach Naked, boobs, curves, and legs! Daisy turned to Peach with a smirk and raised eyebrow as she asked playfully "What about my personality and figure? Peach blushed furiously as she tired to look for something to say.

I'm not at any means jealous of you in anyway! Peach immideatly made a surprised face and looked at Daisy curiously "Y-you were Daisy then made a guilt looking sad face. You see, everybody always favored you, especially when we were ten years old, and I've always envied you and didn't like you. But then my jealousy lessened when you saw me scrape my knee and came over to help me. It was about 11 years ago when a young Daisy was in the forest near Peach's palac riding on her scooter when she suddenly crashed on a small rock and fell off her scooter.

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Another lemon written by me?! This idea just popped up into my head one day while I was playing Super Mario 3D World at some friends slumber party. I was supposed to write this piece of shit some time ago but I was just too damn lazy! Well, anyway enjoy this lemon you perverts and remember if you're under the age of 16 please don't read which I know you're still gonna do it anyway: Characters are owned by Nintendo.

I own the plot in this story. It was a cool night in Mushroom Kingdom, 7: A slumber party was held in Peach's Castle, an event that only the girls of Mushroom Kingdom and other residences can attend to.

The pairing is Peach and Daisy. Imagine them in the style of either Sigurd von Hosenfeld or lala-kun. The sun was setting on Peach Beach, the shore lines were clear of vacationeers, all except Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom in a pink bikini and ponytail and Princess Daisy of Sarasaland in an orangish-yellow bikini, who were taking a walk before dinnertime.

Peach breathed in the salty air and let out a relaxing sigh. Daisy gave Peach a wink and exclaimed "No problem, Peachy Pie! You know how much I love unwinding after doing royal duties, playing sports, and most importantly, beating the lava snot out of big-fat-and-scaly!

Daisy then had her hands behind her head as she continued "Plus, being with you is always awesome. Just you and me. It's even nice to take a vacation from boys too.

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Daisy And Peach Naked

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