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For closeted Republicans, the RNC...

Why Blog Gay Republican I let their political opinions interfere with a long-running friendship? Everything in a friendship that might have seemed good suddenly goes sour when I learn that they advocate Trump and his hideousness, which involves attempting to diminish rights for women, LGBTQs, Muslims, immigrants, the arts, and the non-rich, not to mention all those treasonous-sounding doings with Russia.

Andrew Michael Sullivan (born 10...

Naturally, trying to talk sense to these people is a valuable route to go—why not try to have a conversation? Similarly, if a real-life friend—someone who knows my plight, my accomplishments, and my oppressions—decides to trumpet in "Blog Gay Republican" face the alleged glories of the Republican party, I simply have to show them the hand and the door. They are as over to me as a boyfriend who cheated with someone I was cheating with. Am I cutting myself off from meaningful discourse?

There are other icky issues within our own backyard, as longtime performer Penny Arcade astutely points out. Arcade is a bisexual fag hag, who finds that bi people are routinely ignored in the community. Penny honed her craft by improvising with the Theater of Ridiculous, so she now ad libs in front of her collaborator, then lets the audience be her producers as she tweaks and edits the material.

We became friends with people because we liked the way they danced. Class, gender, and race distinctions went out the door, as fringe characters bonded and made their own extraordinary universe. Describing colorful drag queens and trans women on the scene, she talks about finding herself drawn most of all to the older queers, who elevated your IQ level with their very presence.

She decides Blog Gay Republican Jesus has been coopted from us, when in actuality he was a loser, outsider, and activist, just like we are. In fact, Jesus was totally gay—and so was Joseph, who decorated the manger! As it skirts through both her personal evolution and that of our community, the show spans a lot of topics, but Penny keeps it together as a tribute to the LGBTQF experience, especially in the days when there seemed to be even more at Blog Gay Republican.

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Yes, I added the F as a tribute to Penny. The show should be required viewing for anyone who cares about the dangerous magic that emanates from being gay and gifted.

Brad Kutner penned an open...

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20 hours ago Reince Priebus chaired the Republican National Committee from to and left to serve as President This Live Blog Is Taking A Nap. For closeted Republicans, the RNC is a mecca of gay sex.

Democrats Capture Control of House;...

Michael Rogers—the pioneering blogger who outed the worst anti-gay politicians in. And so, drawing on sources within and outside Washington, I began using my blog to expose these congressmen and their high-profile staffers.

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