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Cable tray penetration details


Firestopping may not be the first thing that comes to mind for an electrical engineer designing a power system. Cable tray penetration details often, the solution to firestopping a bank of conduits is left to the architect or contractor. This can lead to costly construction workarounds and delays in getting a building occupancy permit.

Ideally, the electrical engineer will be working with the architect to understand where the rated assemblies walls and floors are in a building and designing their power system with those assemblies in mind. This consideration taken into Cable tray penetration details early in the design can save a lot of construction cost and angst at the end of the project.

When electrical engineers review the location of rated walls, they should consider the layout of their equipment to avoid the need to firestop.

It means avoiding the penetration of the rated walls in the first place. Figures 1 and 2 showing a rated partition wall separating a transformer and panel board. Because the conduit does not penetrate the rated partition, no firestopping is required. Although Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the simplest of electrical systems, there are some fundamental points that can be extrapolated and applied to a more complex power design. The best way to ensure a rated assembly, such as a wall, maintains its fire rating integrity is to not penetrate the wall.

A firestopping system that would be required in Figure 1 has to be specified, installed, and maintained. The design in Figure 2 will require additional effort by the electrical designer for placement of the gear and "Cable tray penetration details" the proper conduit and wire. When avoiding the rated assembly is not practical or possible, a firestopping system is required.


Selecting a firestopping system for a power system is slightly different than selecting a system for power-limited systems such as data networks, fire alarms, and controls where the cabling is commonly routed exposed not in conduit or enclosed wireway. There are less likely to be changes in the power system distribution than in power-limited systems.

The part of the power system that is most likely to see changes in the life of a facility is from the panel boards to the outlets or lighting. Even then, this amount of change is considerably less than what is typically seen for network cabling.

Therefore, selecting a firestop system that allows for multiple entries is not a priority consideration for a powered system. To properly select a firestopping system, the power system designer should discuss the rated assemblies and their construction with the architect. The rating of the assembly, the construction materials being used, and the thickness and spacing of structural supports can affect the selection of the firestopping system.

The designer also must understand the codes that define the fire and smoke Cable tray penetration details for Cable tray penetration details building. Each authority having jurisdiction AHJ defines the codes applicable to their jurisdiction. When planning for a wall penetration you need to understand three things: The architect can tell you the wall rating and its construction. Common materials for a fire-rated wall type include layers of gypsum board, concrete, or concrete blocks.

Common electrical system components likely to penetrate a wall include conduit, busduct, cable tray, and cable. Concrete and masonry walls require early coordination of the exact size and location of openings where reinforcing is necessary. Timing, flexibility, and access Cable tray penetration details also considered while planning the penetrations.

Depending on the design and construction schedule, the rated wall type may be decided long before the electrical gear is selected and its distribution determined.

Multi-Cable Firestop

This could be due to a fast-track project approach or long-term phasing of the project. When planning a penetration in a concrete or block wall, a certain amount of flexibility may be required depending on the size of a cable tray or manufacturer of a busduct. Not all rated walls have access to both sides of the wall. This may require the selection of a penetration method that can be sealed with one-sided access. Table 1 shows a list of common electrical penetrations along with a list of typical firestopping types.

This is probably the simplest and most common type of electrical penetration. For a gypsum-board constructed, 2-hour rated wall, the common firestop system will be either caulk or composite sheet. As the penetrating hole and annular space get larger, more firestop material and structure are required to hold the firestop material in place. For example, Figures 3 and 4 show that a single 4-in.

This type "Cable tray penetration details" system is good for a gap between the conduit and penetration that is 2 in. If the penetration gap is larger than 2 in. The use of a gauge metal sleeve in the penetration and packing material consisting of mineral wool insulation allows the annulus gap to be up to 3 in. The firestop caulk type is the same for both penetrations, but the larger annulus space around the conduit requires additional firestopping structure.

For firestopping holes with an annulus greater than 3 in. The composite sheet is secured to the wall and is cut to close the annular space around the conduit penetration. The size of the penetration in the rated wall "Cable tray penetration details" limited to the system requirements of the composite sheet. For a gypsum stud wall, the composite sheet requires additional horizontal bracing in the wall to secure the top and the bottom seam.

The composite sheet is often used in conjunction with a firestop sealant. Per Underwriters Laboratories UL system requirements, the fire sealant is used at the seams and around the gap or interface between the conduit penetration and the composite sheet. As shown in Table 1, the available firestop systems for cable tray differ from those for conduit in that cable tray allows for the use of firestopping pillows.

There are systems Cable tray penetration details use caulk to firestop a cable tray penetration; the caulk is used in conjunction with a mineral wool insulation. Although the use of caulk is possible, it is not very flexible. More common are firestop pillows or composite sheeting used with cable tray penetrations.

Figure 5 shows the same type of cable tray being firestopped with pillows. Of the three choices, the composite sheet Cable tray penetration details for the neatest installation while maintaining the integrity of the firestop. This assembly may require a little more labor to fasten the composite sheet in the penetration and to trim the sheet to the profile of the cable in the tray.

However, a neat installation provides for a clear visual inspection of the assembly to see if it has been violated. Busways, also referred to as bus ducts, can be firestopped using any of the three types of penetration sealants shown in Table 1. Smaller busway assemblies can be firestopped with "Cable tray penetration details" the use of a firestop sealant.

Larger busway constructions may require the use of packing material in conjunction with the sealant to fill the annular voids. Firestopping pillows and composite sheet can be used with busways. Either the pillows are packed around the busway or the composite sheet is cut to fit the shape of the busway.

In both applications, a small amount of sealant is required to fill any voids around the busway. Unlike cable tray, the firestop system does not impose a fill percent limitation Cable tray penetration details the busway.

The bus bars are completely contained on the inside of Cable tray penetration details busway, and the firestop material is applied to the outside of the busway enclosure. It is important to work with the manufacturer of the busway product to specify the correct type of busway segment that will pass through the rated wall.

Cablebus is a unique power distribution method consisting of an enclosure that is similar to a ventilated cable tray system with a cover, insulated conductors, and cable separators. The cablebus is manufactured with cable support blocks to maintain separation between the conductors to take advantage of the free air rating of the conductors.

Product Description

Unlike busway, where a solid enclosure is provided by the manufacturer to penetrate walls assemblies, the cablebus system maintains its open ventilation. A cablebus penetration will require firestop components inside the cablebus enclosure in addition to firestop sealant on the outside of the cablebus.

In laying out the cablebus system to be manufactured, the electrical engineer needs to provide the cablebus manufacturer with the specific location and the rating of the rated assemblies the cablebus will be passing through. While the power distribution methods using conduit and cable tray allow for a selection of firestopping methods, the firestop for cablebus is integral to the cable and cablebus manufacturer.

Special areas require special assemblies. The firestopping systems considered Cable tray penetration details to this "Cable tray penetration details" are primarily intended to stop fire and smoke. In some industrial environments, the assembly may also have to serve as a seal against liquids or vapors, or be exposed to hazardous materials. This requires a unique type of firestopping product. These specialty products consist of a frame with block inserts.

The block inserts come in a variety of sizes to adapt to a range of diameters for conduit or cable penetrations. Each block is made of concentric laminations that can be removed in small increments to allow for a tight seal around a conduit or cable.

When cable or conduits Cable tray penetration details fully assembled in the penetration frame, a compression block is used to lock the sealing blocks in place. There are some trade-offs in specifying this type of assembly. When penetrating concrete floors or walls, the engineer needs to plan the size of the opening so that the firestopping mounting frame can be either cast or bolted into place afterward.

However, this type of firestop is designed for a more challenging environment. In addition, it provides flexibility to add or delete cables in the penetration after the initial installation. For example, in the case of a microelectronic manufacturing environment, the manufacturing tools will be increased or swapped out as the Cable tray penetration details ramps up in yield. The microelectronics environment, an H5 occupancy, may require a firestopping assembly for the power conductors connected to the manufacturing tools coming from the power Cable tray penetration details panels supplied from outside of the fabrication area.

Microelectronic manufacturing plants use a variety of hazardous production materials to which the firestop could be exposed. The specialty firestop block inserts can be opened to allow new cables to pass through, or blocks can be added to seal unused openings. This system is designed for ease of assembly and disassembly. A system like this that is designed for easy re-entry is less likely to be compromised and therefore more likely to maintain its firestop and sealing integrity.

For a variety of reasons, it will be necessary to seal off a penetration through a rated wall that does not have a power conductor going through it. Regardless of the reason, if there is an unused penetration in a rated wall, then it will need to be repaired or firestopped. Smaller holes in a rated wall may be sealed with a firestop sealant or putty. UL system requirements apply to unused penetrations holes just as they apply to penetrating items.

Depending on the firestop caulk or putty used, the UL system application description will prescribe the size of the hole that can be sealed. For caulking-type firestopping the limit is approximately 2 in. Larger penetrations can be sealed with pillows or composite sheet materials. As with caulking, the UL system will prescribe the maximum size penetration that can Cable tray penetration details sealed.

B-Line series Cable Tray Systems...

This is usually given in a maximum square inch area and the "Cable tray penetration details" length for one side of the penetration. The book also provides details of the proposed EN test methods. Designers of products such as pipe closure devices, cable supporting systems (trays and. Firestop Detail was tested by Warrington Research Labs. F fire rated. Even complex firestop installations—like cable bundles, conduit banks and cable trays—can be finished more than 3X faster, saving time and money.

Product Description

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XHAMSTER FEMDOM TGP Firestopping may not be the first thing that comes to mind for an electrical engineer designing a power system. Too... Cable tray penetration details Once cured, Cable Spray forms a flexible, water and weather resistance seal adhering to virtually all... Cable tray penetration details

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Firestop Point Detail:Passive Fire Protection...

When installed in conjunction with restraining steel, SSW Wrap Strips are able to collapse non-metallic piping of up to 12 in. The block inserts come in a variety of sizes to adapt to a range of diameters for conduit or cable penetrations.

The composite sheet is secured to the wall and is cut to close the annular space around the conduit penetration. UL Certificate of Compliance. It is necessary to work with the architect to understand the rated assemblies throughout the facility. The firestop construction specification is typically owned by the project architect. For a gypsum-board constructed, 2-hour rated wall, the common firestop system will be either caulk or composite sheet.

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Cable Spray

Use our firestop system search to find the right product for your application. A high quality acrylic latex sealant designed for sealing through-penetrations such as pipes, conduits, cabling, busways and openings and membrane penetrations such as p-traps and outlet boxes in smoke resistant walls.

Click here to generate a custom Detail Sheet. Product Description Cable Spray. This type of system is good for a gap between the conduit and penetration that is 2 in. For a gypsum stud wall, the composite sheet requires additional horizontal bracing in the wall to secure the top and the bottom seam. This course focuses on climate analysis, appropriateness of cooling system selection, and combining cooling systems.

Multi-Cable Firestop

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