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Ghana men


I already contacted "our" local expert Barb, told her my story and she kindly put in her thoughts, but since my situation is getting worse by the minute i decided to post this as a topic where more people can see it and share their opinions with me. We were working together in the states. During 2 months over there we developed a sincere and unforgettable relationship, Ghana men at the time i didnt know all of that is gonna develop to the point where it is now.

Here in Slovenia Europe i had a very good life, doing well in school, had a very good relationship with my parents, had a boyfriend for 7 years, but going to the states in summer 07 changed my life completely. Though it was very hard saying goodbye at the airport when he left back to Ghanai was sure that when i get home everything will get back to normal again and my feelings for him will cool off since it Ghana men crazy to fall inlove with someone who lives so far away.

We stayed in touch trough emails When he was leaving US i promised him i am gonna visit, since i would love to see him again Ghana men i am very curious about life in ghana and africa in general.

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Things worked out the way "Ghana men" i planned my trip to Ghana in early december. Still convinced i am visiting a good friend and do a bit of sightseing. But Ghana men i came there evrything changed for me. I fell inlove with the country which is soooo different than mine, with his friends, family and most important - i fell inlove with him. My month there was the most amazing month in Ghana men life, i felt happy, fulfilled Although he and his family dont have a lot - most people would probably say that they Ghana men very poor if they would compare their life to my life here.

The way i was living there But then after a month i had to go Ghana men home, coz i had two way plain ticket. Saying goodbye at the airport was the hardest thing i have ever done in my life and after sitting down on the "Ghana men" i had a struggle of my life with myself - just so i didnt run out of the plain back in his arms. I cried all the way to Dubai and then also on my connecting flight to Vienna. I missed my mom and my dad, but when i came home i felt completely empty.

I also told my parents and they are My dad is very sad coz that was not what he had in mind for me in life, but he knows its my life and he tries to understand, coz he knows all of this is far away from being easy for me. I am trying to understand her, but honestly Since he would probably had major problems getting a visa to my country, plus my mom doesnt want him even near the only option for us is me going back there - and to tell you the truth - i hate being in my country more and more every day coz i am realizing how intolerant people here really are.

So now i just wanna know I am just about to graduate in sociology - Ghana men usefull i know and then, like in the summer i was thinking of going back.

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Now i wanna know I am basically going with no money - accept a little smth that im gonna save by working till that time, but that is just to get by for like about 3 months. I mean - he goes to school, has one more year to graduate and he does work in between But starting a life Ghana men there - is it possible??? I would really like to think that if you have found someone who you were ment to be with you can be with him if you want it strong enough - no Ghana men how big the distance is.

Oh and just to fill you in I graduate by june, go to ghana around august and stay there for about 4, for months. I am gonna try and contact some people and companies before i go like Barb suggested, but even if i acomplish nothing by doing that i think i should go and see how it is for myself.

And also - he, my love - is very very supportive!!! And he understands my problems and he feels really bad that i have all these problems at home. And he loves me very much! Take care and thank you for all your thoughts. Hi Nataliyaa,after reading all your post's and the replies back to you, it's very clear that you're dead set on doing what you want.

You question if you're doing the right thing,and yet,when people give you good sound advice,you try to rationalize it in one way or another. Sounds like you're looking for everyone to agree with Ghana men plans,"yes N,you're doing the right thing"that way,you wouldn't hold your self accountable for a bad decision because you got permissino from everyone that responded to your original question.

As you stated earlier,you were am only child and always got what you wanted. That's where the key lies to Ghana men dielmma. I agree with teebar 5. No one can help a depressed person. He can only help himself out of the gutter.

Nataliyaa is not depressed but only she can change her mind, no one else here can do it. The fact is a young person's mind is not capable of making certain decision processes psychologists have proven regarding risks. This ability comes with age. Now i have to say that after almost 5 months of intensive thinking i realized that im not ready just to head off and leave everything behind although that was not my intention anyway.

I wont explain how and why i decided this, but "Ghana men" like this:. Whatever advice people are giving you, you have defended your position! I suspect you are waiting for someone to say 'yes just do it, it's the right thing! As Ghana men 30 yr old woman who's grown up in GhanaI do deeply sympathise. I left to go travelling when I was 21 leaving behind a gentleman I was or thought I was "Ghana men" in love with. I only went travelling for one month because I desperately wanted to return to him even though my mother told me I would be better off going for 6 months - 1yr, damn her for always being right!

This may seem irrelevant to you, but my point is is that at 23 and pls don't think I'm being patronising! To make such a huge sacrifice at such an early stage, means you could potentially miss out on many many other opportunites. I know when you meet someone and enjoy a wonderful albeit short time with them, it is easy to not be able to think of anything else but "Ghana men," but the truth is you're probably seeing it through rose-tinted spectacles, and the gloss will wear off once you've spent 6 months 'roughing it' in Ghana men. In the meantime, just get on with your life and continue as you are.

I promise you, time is a great healer, and in a few years you will meet someone else who you will have more in common with. We all know a good relationship has 2 people with similar backgrounds, education, interests, language etc because that way you can always relate to each other. I hope I haven't offended you by writing all this - I am only expressing an opinion Ghana men whether you choose to take it on board is of course up to you.

Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck! I see this time and time again in Gambia and most of westen Africa if im honest and sadly very few end up as happily ever afters.

That said some do work out. Ive been to Ghana a few times and I have to say the Gambian guys win hands down when it comes to charm. My name is Natalie Ghana men your situation sounds somewhat similar to mine.

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I am 27 yrs old, soon to be 28 this month and I'm also in school, majoring in Crimianl Justice. I too, am in love with a man from Ghana. But the Ghana men is, I have never meet this man in person, but we have been in a long- distance relationship for about 9 months now. He and I Ghana men disgusted me coming there to see him since him coming to me would be so hard. I agreed to come to him in July, because I want to meet him so badly.

His family has been wanting to meet me Ghana men. But my family and friends are not ok with the fact of me going over 5, miles away to meet a man that I have never seen and don't really Ghana men. We have even disgusted marriage and Ghana men family knows all about it. But I'm a little afraid to go since I've never been out of the United States or ever road on a plane for that matter.

But I've always had the dream of going to Africa and Paris one day ,and I felt like this is my destiny to make my wildest dreams come true I get to go to Africa and meet the man of my dreams And I know Africa is the most beautiful country in the world, and I wouldn't mind giving up what I had here to live there with the man of my dreams. The only sound advice that I can give to u from a friend is to follow your heart and believe in love. Ghana men would really love to hear back from you.

Just in case I'm never on here again, which I'm never on here.

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Hope to hear from you soon Best wishes to you and him! To Nataliyaa and Natalie You are a foreigner and, therefore, wealthy. You WILL support his family.

Your love will charm you like you never dreamed possible Do not expect a Ghanaiian man to be faithful. If you move to Ghana you will endure a life of hardship compared to a Western Ghana men. Can you live on your daily chop money?

You will not find a "Ghana men" that pays well. Hot water for a luxuriating bath or shower -- hahaha. Don't expect your man to help out with household chores, nor ever even offer to do so. Forget about your Western diet -- it just ain't gonna happen, so get used to fish stew cooked in a base of oil, jollof rice, light soup, fufu, deep fried plantain and yams.

There is a certain odor to Accra that takes time to get accustomed to, as does the rampant poverty. Traffic and noise are two more irritants. Having said that, I love Ghana. Plan 'A' is to retire to Ghana with my Ghanaiian wife, who, by the way, loves Canada, even the 40 below winter.

Good luck in whatever "Ghana men" decide, but don't do it with blinders on. I am from Ghana. I lived in Ghana all my life and moved to Canada last year. This is what Ghanaian men are like. In Ghana, he will tell you the name of his. What you must know about Ghanaian men. John Boakye-The Mirror. What you must know about Ghanaian men. For a woman romance is very. In Ghana, sex is a taboo Ghana men in most homes. Even though that is gradually changing, it's quite unusual to see sex being discussed openly.


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About ME: I would like to see your pictures before me meet. On the other hand i can blow your mind away. I love to party. Full tim job.

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What are the things Ghanaian guys look out for whenever they sight a lady? For the maidens looking for the check of their dream, the responses to the question would collapse a long way in facilitating a focus on the attributes that matter in term of attracting the perfect mate.

You can learn them today, stir on them and be counted among the blessed and big end admired! The more you beam, the deeper he falls in love with you. And consistent more, he loves to be the source of that There is a general epigram that the hair is the glory and beauty of a woman. Ghanaian guys can in reality tell if a lady has the right hairstyle.

You may not know this, but you can get any man you want just with your eyes. We may not need to emphasize so much on that as we believe every lady here in Ghana knows the role her figure plays when it comes to being noticed by a guy. Thin waists and broader hips are all things considered associated with fertility as soundly as sexual pleasure and gallantry, which are among the attributes every guy desires.

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Why is he acting this way? I am from Ghana. I lived in Ghana all my life and moved to Canada last year. This is what Ghanaian men are like. In Ghana, he will tell you the name of his. What you must know about Ghanaian men. John Boakye-The Mirror. What you must know about Ghanaian men. For a woman romance is very..

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Moving to Ghana for love - Accra Forum

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