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The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide


Published and distributed by Yesterday Once Again, P. BoxHuntington Beach, CA The next pages comprise the heart of the book, containing dating charts and explanatory text for hundreds of labels issued in these three countries between and As it is, he at least gives us a prominent, detailed index which indicates where to look for all the pieces. The reader will use it constantly. It includes all principal catalog series with release dates and matrix series with recording dates for hundreds of labels issued in the "The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide" countries mentioned.

In the case of Victor, for example, the Guide contains charts for approximately 19 popular and 17 Red Seal catalog series. Additionally, the Guide follows major numerical series of its listed labels beyond Of course most labels did not issue or record in strict numerical sequence, as the author explains, so the dates are only approximate.

However The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide should rarely be off by more than a few months. Or is it January 1st and June 30th? For labels with heavy release schedules, this can make a considerable numerical difference. The difference is not always minor, as labels sometimes gathered together past releases into supplements which were then dated with deceptive precision. Hopefully users will keep that admonition in mind when using this data in their own published works.

Finally, the big question: Readers of my previous reviews will know that I seldom go easy on reference books on the matter of accuracy.

The Almost Complete 78 Rpm...

Data from such sources will be incorporated into future works by others, and the danger of propagating misinformation is considerable. Compilers of technical reference books bear a special responsibility to get it right. I looked at January of each year for sample ten year spans of the principal popular series of Columbia and Victor.

The almost complete 78 rpm...

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide results for Columbia were as follows:. Pretty good, in most instances. The major discrepancies are forand especially For example the files say that by January the series had reachedwhile the Guide lists that was actually a March release. To verify matrix series I checked three labels: Basically, the Guide differed from Rust by anywhere from 15 to matrices at the start of each year during this period. The Guide almost exactly matched those reliable sources, indicating that the author had welcome access to this information.

Because of the importance of the Guide, its relatively wide circulation, and the use that will be made of it as a primary source for other work, this review has gone into some detail on its pluses and minuses. I do not apologize for that; I think the serious reader is entitled to a serious evaluation. The shortcomings mentioned should not obscure the fact that the Guide is an exceptionally useful tool, both The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide dating individual discs and for gaining a valuable overview of the numerical series used by a very large number of labels.

Moreover, the author has made every effort to make this fairly technical subject understandable to the beginner.

Even if you have the needed discographies in your field, odd issues can often be identified and the search for more precise data narrowed considerably by reference to it.

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It is highly recommended. The results for Columbia were as follows: LP, 45 and 78 label scans of Wisconsin based record labels. $;ARLD: The American Record Label Directory and Dating Guide, $;The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Guide, Steven C. Barr. Title, The (almost) complete 78 rpm record dating guide. Author, Steven C. Barr.

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Edition, 2. Publisher, S. Barr, Length, 51 pages.

The (almost) complete 78 rpm...

Subjects, Music. The Almost Complete 78 Rpm Record Dating Guide. by Steven C. Barr at - ISBN - ISBN - Yesterday Once.

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