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Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish


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What kind of makeup does your so like on you? Does your SO have an opinion at all, are there things they don't like but you do anyway, or things that they love? My fiance loves dark red lipstick and the excessive amounts of highlighter. He also is the one who tries to push me into wearing purple lips of all kinds.

Want to add to the...

Cats with hyperthyroid also tend to get cold very easily, so they like to burrow under blankets although some cats do that anyways and aren't hyperthyroid. They also might start throwing up without hairballs. Raging bitch she's normally a bit temperamental and opinionated, but this was overkill for her. We have pale princess twins! My cat likes me barefaced, then it's less likely I will be going out, and she prefers when I'm available for snuggles. My kittens like any look that involves my expensive fluffy brushes.

Nice try kitkats, you're not getting your greedy little paws on my Chikuhodo. Whenever I ask my husband what color lipstick Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish should wear, he always says black.

I feel like he probably had a thing for early s emo kids. I love wearing black lipstick so I'm always up for it. My husband wants me to have purple and black 's emo hair too. In his world I should wear green, blue, or yellow lipsticks. Also, red is a terrible color of lipstick to him.

My boyfriend does this too! My SO doesn't like any lipstick because I leave kissy marks. For eyes, she likes long fluffy Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish with kitten eyeliner. Very neutral, ultra girly looks. I actually dumped a guy last year because he was so mean about my makeup and skincare routine. He wanted to date a pretty girl but didn't like that I spent time on my makeup, as if it was an affront to the world that I liked to sit down on a Saturday with a cup of coffee and do my makeup.

He also thought I took too long to wash my face at night. But of course his hobbies vintage guitars were A-okay. My boyfriend likes KVD liquid lip in melancholia specifically. Whenever I wear it, he says it's his fave. He's sweet and always says my makeup is Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish, but that's what he always points out! He thinks winged liner is "sick", but I don't do it much. Whenever I ask my husband how I look he says the same thing "you look great!

I think he thinks it is a trick question. The only other people in my house are my cat and dog and they don't care as long as meals are served on time. So I take photographs and critique my own makeup. In the past I've preferred a neutral monochromatic look or a conventionally pretty look but lately I've been favoring a very grungy look. I think mine's the same! When I have date night makeup on he always says I look pretty, and on one memorable occasion when I was deciding which lipstick would be best for the night, he said after every single one "this is nicer than the last one.

I try to tell him that he can actually say if he doesn't like something when I directly ask him if it is good or not, but I guess he's still a bit wary. I wear highlighter and bronzer on my jawline, so I could see that. He also kisses my forehead a lot, so beard and cheek line up.

Makeup Fetish - Guys Who...

My ex always preferred me without makeup, always bitched whenever my highlighter left glitter on his face, never liked my stiletto nails or when I wore fake eyelashes. My boyfriend likes anything that's colorful and bright. I'm pretty sure he'd rather I Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish like a rainbow. He refers to my natural makeup as boring. He doesn't have much of an opinion on things that aren't colorful.

I do a matte neutral eye and he tells me to use color. Um, babe, I have to go to work. I can't exactly put blue eyeshadow up to my browbone. My boyfriend doesn't even pay attention to what makeup I have on my face. Most days he won't even notice my makeup unless I point it out to him, even if I'm wearing obvious stuff like red lipstick. My boyfriend likes the fierce goth bitch look.

Dark stiletto nails, dark lipstick and winged eyeliner. He also never complains about lipstick marks which I think is cute, he just says "no, give me some lipstick" when I say I shouldn't kiss him because it'll smear.

My ex girlfriend is a total makeup nerd too, and it was really exciting for me since most of my friends don't wear much aside from winged liner and mascara. She really liked when I did heavy smokey eyes, especially in purple tones. She even set up a little space for me at her vanity which I thought was adorable. She likes bold red and pink lipstick, apart from that anything goes.

She once told me I do makeup better than her exes which pleased me. My husband doesn't like lipstick in general. He feels like he can't kiss me because he doesn't want it on himself. He really likes winged eyeliner. He never explicitly mentions it or overtly notices, but the days I wear winged liner he grabs my but like 5x as often. As for the rest, he's never said he disliked something, and very rarely seems to prefer something.

He's very much of the opinion that "you do you" and doesn't care as much what I'm doing. Now, I'm sure if I were to show up looking like a juggalo he'd be a bit unhappy, but barring something that drastic he doesn't "Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish" care. This is pretty much my situation, though I don't know if he cares about eyeliner.

If I wear an unusual lipstick, he might comment on how "intense" it is or something, and he tries to get away if I try to kiss him when I'm wearing lipstick, but otherwise he's fine with whatever. Sometimes he says, "You're very good at makeup! He likes dark lips and eyes, together. He's had a thing for more "alt" looks that he never really shook since high school. He doesn't really comment on my makeup unless it's super dramatic or if I wear an unflattering lipstick color haha.

My Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish loves me in super dark lipsticks.

And she's not afraid to...

She also loves a strongish natural highlight. And bless her, she gifts me with makeup things that I will use and that match my coloring and taste. Just asked her, she said everything and my face in general. I rarely hear guys talk about makeup, but anytime I have, it's always to mention how much they like eyeliner. Matte, transfer proof lipstick, he seems to like MLBB, pinky brown nudes and slightly darker reds like nyx mary jane.

He thinks pink gloss is pretty but hates the feeling of anything but liquid lipsticks. That's all he's said on the makeup front. He seems to prefer no makeup makeup or subtle looks tho. According to my boyfriend, "all makeup is red. In his defense, I'm pretty sure I was asking him directly which colors he thought suited me. Orange is one of my least favorite colors for makeup anyway, so no harm done. He's always really liked heavy kohl eyeliner on me. If I asked him to choose what I should wear, he'd always choose that.

Meet Kira Star, an erotic fetish model who has made quite the splash in Star notes, “For some girls, it may not be practical to do strong and heavy makeup, as it can look unrealistic. that it's best to apply light eye shadow so not to overwhelm the entire "Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish." “I feel comfortable wearing this all day long.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips - For a Catchy and Impressive Look. Find this Pin Who has the longest Wearing heavy eye makeup fetish reapplied % heavy at all times make up all over. I He rocked motorcycle boots, heavy black eye shadow, and several studded midseventies and were also wearing some kind of motorcycleinspired fetish gear .


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