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The hookup guy sam and mark


Carrie was easily the fan favorite, but deep down, we all know the real star of "SATC" was Samantha Jones and her exhilarating sex life. She shamelessly slept with man after man, proving herself to possibly be the greatest sex-positive queen in television history. Some of her partners were definitely better than others, so here are 36 of the men Samantha slept with on "SATC," ranked from forgettable to phenomenal. At first, Richard Wright seemed like Mr.

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But he was far too emotionally unpredictable, and Samantha's relationship with him was tumultuous at best. Richard was manipulative, self-obsessed, and even made Samantha cry which is hard to do.

The sex was amazing, but Samantha quickly found herself catching feelings — a huge no-no in her book. Samantha fell in love in season four, but had to walk away from Richard Wrong in season five. It's best that Richard remains forgotten. Samantha met Ed in season two at a swanky cocktail bar. Ed was quite the charmer — the only issue was that he's hella old. But Samantha was more than ready for her close-up.

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She was stoked that Barkley considered her "model-y" enough to bang — but then Barkley told Sam mid-fuck that his hidden camera was turned off because she's "not a model" and therefore not worth filming. In season three, Samantha moved to a new neighborhood in Manhattan.

You'd think she'd want to break in her new apartment with a sexy suitor — but nope, the queen was distracted The hookup guy sam and mark her missing period. But just before they were about to do the deed, Aunt Flo suddenly made her return.

But the sexiness of servitude??? A total season-two sleazeball, William carelessly threw around the "we" word to get Samantha into bed. Samantha definitely wanted to go to the Hamptons as a "we" couple — but William only wanted to take a trip to pound town. He stood her up at a restaurant after sleeping with her, and as a result, Samantha found herself desperately kissing her waiter.

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Viewers met Dominic for the first time in season two, but Carrie and the gang had known Dominic for The hookup guy sam and mark long while. Samantha decided to teach Dominic a "lesson" for leaving her, but it backfired.

In season one, Samantha was perfectly content with her role as "the other woman" Sam was probably more turned on by that honker of a cell phone than the thought of Ken's unhappy wife joining them in the sack. He earned the coveted title of Samantha's young lover, but he blew the honor by commenting on her neck wrinkles.

Actually, yes — The only thing tackier than being a taxi thief is rudely asking your intimate partner to shave her pubes. Dick Cranwell was a fun season-two hookup for Samantha — until his wife found out about their affair. His pissed-off wife set out to ruin The hookup guy sam and mark reputation, and Dick didn't really do anything about it. Although they were a committed gay couple, David and David asked Samantha to have sex with them in season two so they could experience a vagina for the first time.

Don loved his New York teams — a little too much. He would only sleep with Samantha when his teams won. Sam quickly learned that sex was the only sport she actually cared about.

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And since she couldn't score, Don was officially taken off of her sex roster. Unfortunately, Siddhartha played a little too hard to get. Total waste of Samantha's time. Harrison was definitely the Christian Grey of season two. Samantha's hookup was a lawyer by day, but a total sex freak by night. Even Samantha was a bit "freaked" by Harrison. Cocky had every right to be cocky — The hookup guy sam and mark was the only dude on this planet who was "too big" for Samantha.

Even though he happened to be a college student at NYU, there was something cool about Samantha fucking a dude with the same name as her. Except for the fact that she took his virginity. Adam Ball of season three better known as the guy with the funky spunk was a decent hookup, but he didn't want to admit that his aftertaste was less than appetizing.

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Unfortunately, Garth lived across the country — but Samantha could easily buy a Garth West model pretty much anywhere in the world if she really missed Garth's girth that bad. Nick the Wrestling Coach of season four didn't leave much of a lasting impression — but he did help Samantha find her orgasm again. Season three got a heavy dose of Viagra-fueled sex. Raskin had to take it upon himself to remind Samantha that drugs aren't sex toys.

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Samantha literally cried over his tiny wiener in two separate seasons. He was a good man, but he couldn't give Sam what she needed. Matt was Samantha's assistant until she fired him in season three for being an egotistical asshole. But once Matt was finally off her payroll, Samantha was able to go ahead and have sex with him. She even delivered this classic zinger: The good news is, now I can fuck you. After the Worldwide Express guy dropped off Samantha's package, Samantha dropped to her knees and gave him a special thank you.

Unfortunately, Carrie walked in and ruined the porn-worthy moment. In season two, Charlotte's brother, Wesley, was looking for a rebound after separating from his wife — and Samantha was his girl. Unfortunately, sleeping with her bestie's brother wasn't exactly the best move. Samantha and Charlotte got into a fight over it.

Wesley and Samantha had great sexual chemistry, but boning Charlotte's bro was definitely not worth risking a friendship over. Maria of season four deserved a round of applause. Not only did she convince Samantha to ditch the D, she enticed The hookup guy sam and mark woman who once referred to love as a "motherfucker" into a full-blown relationship. At first, their sex was as fiery as Maria's temper and involved lots of baths. But unfortunately, the The hookup guy sam and mark artist needed more commitment than Samantha could give her.

Thor was Samantha's personal trainer in season two, and he was talented enough to shave her pubes into the shape of a lightning bolt. At Charlotte's season-three wedding, Samantha met the Scottish cousin of Charlotte's husband-to-be. Sam couldn't understand a single word that came out of cousin Caleb's mouth — so she just let his dick do the talking.

Their chemistry was totally smoking Unfortunately, his insanely smart and reasonable request for Samantha to get an HIV test put Sam on too much of an emotional rollercoaster for her to continue sleeping with the man.

Their relationship would never work IRL, but Luke was a nice fuck buddy for Samantha when Aiden would whisk away Carrie and consequently, Samantha to his woodsy cabin. Samantha initially just wanted to bone Smith Jared originally "Jerry Jared," yuck and turn him into a star. But the hot-waiter-turned-hot-actor was committed to winning Sam's heart. He even stayed by Samantha's side as she underwent chemo for breast cancer and shaved his glorious mane in solidarity.

Mar 29, Samantha fucked many many, many guys throughout the show's six-year run. Jones had the occasional fuck buddy fuck-up. Oh, and he's business buddies with Donald Trump.

Barkley was the season one modelizer who enjoyed filming women The hookup guy sam and mark sex. And once Samantha got her period, she bolted. Len was thankfully a failed fuck. Samantha was smitten by the fact that Harvey Terkell had a "servant. Harvey" can stay in season two where he belongs. His claim to fame? Breaking Sam's not-so-fragile heart. Samantha needed to say goodbye to Dominic and never look back. Twentysomething Jon was the type of loser fans could only tolerate in season one.

Brad the Taxi Thief. Is there anything more sleazy than stealing a Manhattanite's cab? Brad of season four did both. Warren "The hookup guy sam and mark" Baby Talker. Season four's Wittle Warren wanted a wittle baby tawk in bed. Don from the sports bar. Samantha met Don in season two at a sports bar. Samantha's season-three fling with Chivon Williams hit every racist stereotype. No, no, and no. Samantha's relationship with Chivon was a total disaster. Sam just couldn't swallow the drink of the day.

One thing she definitely didn't miss? Nick the Wrestling Coach. Ah, good ol' James. Great guy, small penis. How to Find Love as a Queer Man in the Hookup Generation. How to Find Love as Grindr is not the right way to meet a guy if you're trying to date. OkCupid and even. Thumbnail for Sam Smith comes out as gender-nonconforming. Sam Smith comes Like · Reply · Mark as spam · 1y. Carlos Hernández.

Measure of a Man is a song written by Cathy Dennis, produced by Stephen Lipson and recorded by Pop Idol contestants Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes. photo: HBO. Samantha fucked many (many, many) guys throughout the show's six-year run. photo: HBO. Dick Cranwell was a fun season-two hookup for Samantha — until his wife found out about their affair.

Sam quickly learned that sex was the only sport she actually cared about. Dr. Mark Raskin.

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