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Strapless dress to a wedding


And strapless is a no-no too? I get the idea of not wearing white and I probably would shy away from most red dresses, but is my little black dress really inappropriate?

It used to be, but I think with the rise in the black bridesmaid dress trend, black has become more acceptable. A little black dress is appropriate for most events.

Sleeveless or strapless dresses to...

Hahaha, no — my butt will be secure. I think you should be fine. You should be fine! Trust me, no one will really notice!

Black USED to be a no-no at weddings, because it was the color associated with funerals and mourning. There was a time when wearing black to a wedding was a show of disapproval, especially when it was Strapless dress to a wedding by either MOB or more typically, MOG. However, now there are really only two ways to go wrong with wearing a black dress at a wedding.

If you can avoid those two extremes, you should be fine. And strapless is usually only an issue if the wedding is in a church. Is it an evening wedding? If so, it sound like it would be fine. I wanted her to stand out more, being the MOB and all. I agree with Melili and the others.

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As long as it is an evening wedding, you will be fine. Weddings, traditionally were held in the moring until recent years. As they are joyous occasions and held early in the day, the traditional dress called for light colors. Also, in the US, and many other western countries, black is a color of mourning. My aunt was not thrilled when my parents married. It was inappropriate to wear black in this instance.

However, black has become a very fashionable color, and if you are attending a wedding that takes place in the evening, and the invitation implies that cocktail attire is encouraged, then black is usually welcomed. Seriously, enough with the medieval double standards for special occasion wear. Strapless is fine in a non-church setting. Wear whatever you want since the dress you are describing is not inappropriate, no matter what time of day or night.

People who are offended by it need to get with the times and realize that fashion rules change all "Strapless dress to a wedding" time. Black dresses are Strapless dress to a wedding formal and our very accepted for weddings these days, because black is classic.

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TxsAggieBride 7 years ago Wedding: Wannabe-diy-bride 7 years ago Wedding: MsBrewer 7 years ago Wedding: April You should be fine!

A dress, nearly every day.

Miss Tattoo 7 years ago Wedding: Neva 7 years ago Wedding: June Black USED to be a no-no at weddings, because it was the color associated with funerals and mourning. Melini 7 years ago Wedding: April Is it an evening wedding? May I agree with Melili and the others.

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UmbrellaMoon 7 years ago Wedding: August Weddings, Strapless dress to a wedding were held in the moring until recent years. Snowball 7 years ago Wedding: Get the best wedding inspiration, advice, and more from Weddingbee.

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2. A Black Tuxedo

She has chosen a strapless, short, very dressy, pale pink dress and I am worried. Weddings these days have fewer and fewer rules, but there are a few things to remember 8 Things You Should Never Wear to a Wedding.

When you aren't sure what to wear to a wedding, you can be pretty a strapless dress or work some bold bangles into your skirt-and-shirt look.

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