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Inspired by the difficult break-up of a romantic relationship, the song was initially recorded by Jean, whose record company rejected it. The song's lyrics lament the misunderstandings between the genders and indict the male side of relationships.

The single was a commercial success as it placed in the top ten on twenty-five different singles charts. With a theme of role reversal, it is conceptually similar to the American comedy film Freaky Friday A video for the Spanish version of the ballad was edited from the original clip.

The song has been covered several times on televised music competitions. She then thought that if she were a boy, she would have eaten without Download like a boy. She then recorded the song in less than half an hour, with Gad on the guitar. After completing her version of "If I Were a Boy", Jean presented it to her record company, which rejected the song. As the deal with Jean's record company fell apart, Gad marketed the songs to established artists.

It's a better connection because you can hear it and it's not all these other distractions. I really wanted people to hear my voice and hear what I had to say. You can hear the original version on my myspace site. In an interview with Eric R. At first when I got this, people didn't know that I was an artist, so it was, like, 'Oh, this songwriter BC. She refused their offers, desiring Download like a boy use her songs for her own album.

The ballad was first released internationally as a stand-alone digital download in Oceania and most European countries on October 17, He praised her vocals as "breathtaking, exquisitely emotive, mournful, and mature" and added that the song "exudes the fragrance of a Grammy Award".

Download like a boy

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Matos Michaelangelo of The A. He praised the lyrics for not being overwritten and commended their "emotional punch" and "very strong melody" which he said can make people feel that they have always known the song.

Club noted the song had both a "fresh perspective and a sense of self-awareness" but cast is as "a soppy wallow in whiny self-pity and broad stereotyping". In the beginning of the video, my husband makes me breakfast and he's excited about it, and I kind of don't have time to eat. As a police officer, I have a male partner and the video goes through our days.

My husband's at work and has attractive girls flirting with him but he declines their advances. I have a guy flirting with me, and I flirt back. He makes her breakfast, spends time at work looking for a present for her and forgoes socializing with attractive coworkers so he can be available when his wife arrives home.

Instead, she spends her free time with other officers, particularly Download like a boy male partner, whom she seems enamored with. Her husband calls her, but she ignores the phone. Download like a boy, when her husband gives her earrings, she puts them on to go dancing with her partner at a party. Her husband is upset when he sees them, and when he confronts her about this, she acts like he is making a big deal out of nothing.

It's not like I'm sleeping with the guy. Her husband's situation is actually her experience—he is a Download like a boy officer who takes his supportive wife for granted. Online praised the video, writing that it has a "serious melodramatic storyline". The clip was ranked at number seventy-two on BET: World Tour —10 [] and I Am World Tour [] and I Am That would be like questioning if Kobe Bryant could shoot a jump shot.

On April 22, TMZ.

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No one in their right mind would sound like that, and no one would cheer for someone singing like that. She stated that the report was ridiculous and that the timing of the video would draw publicity to two of her upcoming television performances. I was just trying to make a point.

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I wanted to show people how easy it is to manipulate someone's voice. If I can do it with a clip I pulled off of TV, imagine what they are doing on records and during live performances. The entire industry has been so manipulated, because there's such an emphasis on perfection, so when something like this happens, it causes such a stir.

I knew something had to have happened to make it jump so fast. It's wild how much the story's been twisted. It's just always been fun for me to manipulate artists, and make it sound crazy. It was just for a good laugh. It was a goof, just for fun. I do a lot of parodies on my YouTube channel, and it just so happens this one got a little out of hand. It was just what I've learned in school, and it's fun I could fool so many people and get away with it.

A lot of people had a Download like a boy of laughs because of it, so why should I apologize? If you can't poke fun at yourself, I don't know what kind of person you are. The song was released in iTunes Store on November 11, Gil Kaufman of MTV News commented that the cover showed off "her preternaturally powerful [and] growly range". Online praised her "powerful" rendition, [] and Peter Larsen of The Orange County Register wrote that she left the judges "speechless, [and] blown away by the power and beauty of her voice".

On December 4,Ellona Santiago covered the song in week 6 of the third season for her Unplugged performance. However, her husband and manager, Narvel Blackstock wanted her to do a cover song. And, to me, it turned out to be a country song, when we got our instrumentation on it and everything. And some people go, 'Well, why in the world would you do a pop song? You've got good and you've got bad, and I Download like a boy to stay on the good side. McEntire's cover has generally been met with positive reception.

Jessica Phillips of Country Weekly magazine described her cover as a "soulful countrified look at love from a male perspective". The Download like a boy music video for the cover premiered on Oprah.

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BC Jean Toby Gad. On the final chorusshe ornaments her vocal lines with melodic crescendos and sings an octave higher than she does on the rest of the song. Instead of the snap of 'Single Ladies' and 'Irreplaceable,' there's real sadness as she shuts this door But that's the final, poignant point of this excellent song.

So that's kind of suspicious. But it also seems evident that the fake recording simply pitch-shifts at random—not even American Idol's worst rejects sound that awful. Download single [] "If I Were a Boy" — 4: Retrieved December 16, New York City, New York: Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved January 8, Retrieved January 15, The Why and Wherefore".

The New York Times. The New York Times Company. Sasha Fierce" Sony ". Archived from the original on September 24, Retrieved January 11, Retrieved on December 16, Associated Press via Lodi News-Sentinel.

Retrieved August 5, Cherry Lane Music Co. Retrieved January 12, Sasha Fierce ' ". Retrieved January 17, Retrieved January 16, What do you think? Retrieved February 3, Sasha Fierce' by Beyonce". Archived from the original on January 19, Retrieved January 19, Retrieved September Download like a boy, Archived from the original on November 1, Retrieved February Download like a boy, "Like a Boy" is a song performed by American singer Ciara for her second album Ciara: The In the United Kingdom, it debuted at number 35 from digital downloads alone.

After the physical release, "Like a Boy" moved up twelve spots from. Do you want to know How To Make A Boy Like You?” If yes, then this app is going to give you all the tips you need to make him fall madly in love with you.

Like a Boy Lyrics: Pull up your pants (Just Like Em') / Take out the trash Download like a boy Like Em') / Getting ya cash like em' / Fast like em' / Girl you outta act like ya dig.

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