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How to set foundation without looking cakey


By Lauren Hubbard March 30, She reaches into her dainty, perfectly matched purse and pulls out an ornate compact, pops it open, dabbing lightly at her nose with a pristine powder puff. So how does one use setting powder the right way? There are four things to remember. Despite what cartoons might have you believe, taking a giant powder puff to your whole face is not a good idea.

Like its name suggests, the primary purpose of setting powder is to shocker! Prime Primer Finishing Powder and, say, your powder bronzer. Powder puffs are a classic for a reason: While puffs can offer a good targeted concentration of powder, brushes will give you a diffuse, How to set foundation without looking cakey application. For that matter, not all setting powders are created equal either; at least not for all skin tones. Nothing combats that like a quick spritz, which hydrates any remaining traces of powder and gets rid of that dusty effect.

How to Stop Your Foundation...

Well brace yourself, because setting powder is the Swiss Army knife of the makeup world, and you never even noticed. For example, ever sweep on a new bronzer and realize, oh no, orange. Instead of nabbing the makeup wipes and starting over, try buffing that business out with a powder-loaded puff; the soft texture and absorbent properties help it lift away unwanted product.

The new conditioner left your hair looking greasy post-lunch?

You spend all this time...

A dab of setting powder at the roots makes a perfect emergency replacement for dry shampoo. And nothing saves you from painful chafing like an invisible coat of setting powder. See, those silver screen mavens knew what was up.

Always give your moisturizer (and...

While we love all things skin care here at The Klog, we also adore makeup. Use different brushes to apply setting powder Powder puffs are a classic for a reason: Let us know in the comments below! Shop Peripera Oil Capture Pact.

Always give your moisturizer (and...

Sign up to get all things K-beauty delivered straight to your inbox:. You spend all this time perfecting your skin with foundation and concealer, and it looks great – awesome! Now you don't want that to move, so you set it with. Powder foundation formulas can look dry and cakey. Just make sure to set it with powder—see my application tips here!

. for hour and minimizes shine— without looking or feeling like you've got anything on your skin. How to Stop Your Foundation from Getting Cakey. Foundation is a This gives your primer a chance to set before you apply your foundation.

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