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Marrying a non christian


I have a girlfriend that I have been with for over two years. We live together and we both want to get married…. If Jesus came back right now before we got married or even after would I still be saved? So before I answer your question I just want to ask if you are this confident in your own salvation?

Could there be any circumstances...

Because you can be! This faith in Jesus gives us confidence because we know that not only can God save us through Jesus but that he has. Is this the sort of faith you have in Jesus? Is this the basis on which you say you are a Christian? Come back to me if you ave questions about this and have a look at http: The Christian life then becomes not a question of being good enough for God but being the person God wants you to be - confidently living your life in obedience to Jesus.

Now at this point I need to be quite frank with you - dating a non-christian and living with a woman you are not married to And by this I mean having sex Marrying a non christian is NOT living obediently under Christ. The Bible teaches that Christian are free Marrying a non christian marry whoever they wish, but they ought to be believers 1 Corinthians 7: It also is not right for you to be living together without being married, because we are meant to reserve sex for our marriage partner.

The Bible teaches us to flee from sexual immorality 1 Corinthians 6: By living with her, you will have sent a message to her that Jesus is not really all that important to you.

Normally I would say you should not marry a non-Christian 1 Corinthians 7: My advice is that you should tell her that if you get married, she has to understand that you are going to be serious about Jesus - you will be at church regularly, you will give away money to church and to those in need, and that you will want to raise your children as Christians.

If she agrees to that, then get married, and pray for her every day that she will come to know the Lord. If she agrees Marrying a non christian get married, then schedule the wedding soon, and one of you move back to your parents while you wait. That might sound like a big cost, but it will make your honeymoon much more special. Thank you for asking a question which affects you so much.

It shows that Jesus is important to you. I have prayed for you that you will do what is right, though it is not easy. Home Does God Make Sense? Would I still be saved if I married a non-believer?

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When you're married to a non-Christian, you sing: “I want this song to be about Jesus,” while your spouse sings, “It's just you and me.” There. I have a girlfriend that I have been with for over two years. We live together and we both want to get married.

I'm a believer in Christ but she isn't. If Jesus came .

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